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Chapter 808 - The Earth Was Terrified

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     808 The Earth Was TerrifiedIn space.

    Many battleships exploded one after another and became pieces of metal floating around. The castles a few kilometers large were also split in half. The entire universe had become a battlefield.

    A Kun Peng was at the center of the battlefield.

    He spread his wings with golden light running on his feathers. There were three flames in his eyes and he seemed to be able to swallow the world once he opened his mouth. He was fierce and terrifying.

    Meanwhile, the entire Earth was shocked.

    The superpowers, the survivors of the secret lands and Chen Fan's enemies were terrified after such a display.

    "That was an entire Mayan fleet… they had the power to conquer a planet, but he destroyed it alone. How powerful is he?" Many Immortal State Warriors were astonished.

    Everyone was speechless.

    Chen Fan would have been seen as invincible even in the ancient times when there were many True Gods.

    The senior officials of the United States were frightened. They had tried to suppress China with the power of Kolin before, but after that, Kolin and the Mayan fleet behind him had been defeated. How could they not be afraid?

    "Impossible… It's impossible."

    Kolin turned pale.

    He couldn't believe that the first fleet, which could dominate the universe, had been annihilated. Even Edlin the God-killing Warrior might not be able to do such a feat.

    "The power of a battleship isn't something a normal person can resist! Am I wrong?" Kolin had lost his soul. He saw Chen Fan flap his wings and fly to the moon instead of returning to Earth. He was stunned.

    "Oh no, he's going after Lord Edlin…"

    Evils had to be completely exterminated.

    It wouldn't be regarded as a success without killing their leader, Edlin!

    "You claim that you're a God-killing Warrior. I wonder how powerful you are," Chen Fan said.

    The Kun Peng sped forward; 380,000 kilometers were like dozens of jumps for it. In half an hour, Chen Fan had reached the moon.


    A super battleship rose from the moon.

    It was especially large, with a length of ten miles, just like a space fort. It was apparently the core of the first fleet, the most powerful battleship called the "Titan," and the ride of Edlin the God-killing Warrior.

    "Human, you offended us. Go to hell!"

    The two of them were a hundred kilometers away from each other. Soul Energy with endless rage was sent out from the Titan and the nearby space was burning. This Soul Energy had become concrete.

    Chen Fan's eyes were glittering; he saw through the super battleships. There was a man sitting on a chair, wearing a golden outfit and holding a scepter. There was also a Divine Core surrounded by electric flashes in front of his chest.

    The Soul Core.

    Edlin the God-killing Warrior had apparently formed a Soul Core and entered the Golden Core Level. It was harder for Soul Cultivators to become Golden Core Cultivators than it was for Immortal Cultivators, but once they made it, they would be much stronger in comparison. For example, Edlin was able to control the entire battle fort all by himself.

    Edlin's eyes were full of anger.

    Apparently, he had been briefed about the battle outside the atmosphere.


    The two enemies didn't have time to talk much.

    Chen Fan turned into a sword which created an azure blade aura dozens of miles long and he went towards Edlin. The Titan let out flashes of blue electric light and the energy shield was endlessly fortified by extra layers.

    There were almost a hundred layers of shields around the battle fort.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    Layers of energy shields cracked. The power of the Kun Peng could collapse mountains and drain oceans. At the same time, the Titan was a super battleship, which was able to conquer planets on its own. The two were like Mars clashing against Earth.

    "Bang, bang!"

    Countless energy waves appeared on the moon.

    The energy was shot from the sky onto the surface of the moon and created many enormous pits, but Chen Fan and Edlin were small like ants there.


    Titan's main cannon was fired.

    Its barrel was several times thicker than the ones on the castles and was a thousand meters long. The muzzle was glimmering; a large lightning dragon flew around the battle fort with a terrifying energy.


    Edlin attacked.

    The shot was like a sword that could split the world.

    A blue energy ray sped through a thousand miles. Even those on Earth could see the beam of light.


    This shot startled Chen Fan.

    The most advanced technology of the Mayans was indeed powerful. Even Golden Core Cultivators would be unable to withstand it. No wonder it could be used to kill True Gods. And yet, the Kun Peng could fly across the universe with amazing speed; the main cannon of the Titan was unable to hit it.


    Then, Edlin shot three times in a row.

    Each shot was extremely powerful. One of them even passed through the moon and cut off a mountain ten thousand meters tall. However, Chen Fan was out of sight.

    He used his claws and slashed with his wings, breaking twenty layers of energy shields.

    "Great Chaos Art!"

    Chen Fan used this Divine Power again. The black and white power of chaos covered his left wing and he slashed, which broke dozens of layers of energy shields at once and struck the Titan.

    Even the super battleship was unable to withstand such an attack.

    A crack of a few hundred meters long appeared on the battle fort covered in metal, as if it had been slashed by a knife.


    Edlin was enraged.

    His body let out beams of light as if he were an energy core. Many electric currents went from Edlin to the battle fort. Then, the Titan was alive again. The enormous black metals started to regroup and the cube-shaped battle fort transformed into a ten thousand meters tall metal giant.

    "F**k, is it a transformer?"

    Jaws fell open among the people who were watching the battle through space telescopes.

    "This is the most advanced technology of the Mayans, the real ‘Titan!' We developed super warriors to resist True Gods and Perfected Cultivators," Kolin said calmly and his eyes were filled with confidence again.

    Edlin had the God-killing Warrior title among the Mayans, and his battling power was on top of the list. For Kolin, Chen Fan was no match to Edlin; as long as Edlin survived, he could make a run for it and the Mayans would return sooner or later.

    "Chen Beixuan, just wait and see. When more of our fleets arrive, you and the Earth will be torn into pieces."

    He sneered.

    "Stop resisting!"

    Chen Fan snorted.

    A huge ten-kilometer battle fort like the Titan needed at least a hundred thousand people to control manually, which wasn't quite enough. A hundred thousand people were required to control its normal form and more than a million to operate in the transformed form.

    The Mayans had actually let this cultivator who had a strong Soul Core to control it on his own.

    The Soul Energy of Soul Cultivators was strong but their body was weak. The Titan might be powerful but it was clumsy and slow. The two complemented each other which made them more powerful.

    "There are also Artifact-crafting Sects like you in the Realm of Cultivation. The Heavenly Artifact Sect developed a real dragon puppet controlled by a Void Returning Cultivator back then. It was said to be able to fight with Perfected Immortals, but…" Chen Fan snickered.

    "Such an artifact isn't as controllable as your own power. Let me show you!"

    Chen Fan attacked again.

    Edlin also controlled the Titan to throw a punch.


    The two of them fought in space like ancient beasts.

    On one side, there was the Kun Peng Dharma Form with a phenomenal-success Divine Body. On the other was a top Soul Cultivator who was controlling a super battleship. They fought from space to the surface of the moon, destroying mountains and creating many giant pits. They even fell on craters together.


    Chen Fan let out a cry.

    His claws were sharp like Divine Swords, able to pierce through the energy shields effortlessly. They left some visible marks on the Titan's metal surface.

    But the Titan didn't fall back. It sent out an electric whip a dozen miles long from its hand. Each lash created cracks on the ground. Chen Fan's Kun Peng Body and phenomenal-success Divine Body were also a bit overwhelmed when hit.

    In the end.

    Chen Fan proved once again that he was more powerful.

    "Go!" Chen Fan yelled.

    His azure aura became brighter and the Swallowing Divine Power was pushed to the maximum level. Then, a black and a white giant swirl appeared behind him.

    The swirls were like a black sun and a white sun floating in the sky, which carried a horrifying suction force. As Chen Fan moved, the two of them combined into a large hole. He controlled it to rush forward and smack down the Titan, producing clanging sounds with the effort.

    Chen Fan was drenched in the power of the summoned vortex; he reached out with his claws to pierce the Titan. He tore the armor a few hundred meters of the structure to catch Edlin.


    Edlin screamed.

    His body exploded into a blood mist once he was in space and only his blue soul was left floating. Chen Fan grabbed it with his claw; it was unable to escape.

    After losing the controller, the Titan fell onto the moon, making a thunderous noise. Even the moon shook slightly.

    Chen Fan held Edlin with one claw and stepped on the wreckage of the Titan with the other, then spread his wings and cried to the sky.

    Everyone was deeply awed.

    It was a scene they would never forget!