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Chapter 807 - Fierce!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     807 Fierce!Under the attention of billions of people on Earth and the Mayan Overlords…

    Chen Fan rushed toward the group of battleships and started attacking. The Kun Peng Dharma Form carried a powerful energy, like an adult entering a kindergarten. Those Mayan battleships were vulnerable before him.


    Chen Fan's claw, which was a few hundred meters large, grabbed one of the resisting battleships.

    He didn't budge, no matter how many energy rays hit him. Every feather of the Kun Peng was harder than the toughest armor; not even nuclear bombs could do the least damage.


    Chen Fan slightly tore the thousand-meter Mayan battleship into two pieces like tearing a piece of bread.

    The Mayan Overlords flew out of the battleship. They were enveloped in a blue aura and their silver spacesuits wrapped them in a mercury-like substance to help them survive in space. However, only Golden Core Cultivators could travel across the universe after all. If the other battleships weren't there, some of them would have already died.


    Chen Fan only grunted and refrained from attacking.

    An energy wave swept by a few miles in a heartbeat. The Kun Peng Dharma Form at the moment had several times the True Essence a normal Golden Core Cultivator had. Even if he just grunted, dozens of Mayan Overlords would explode. Only the captain, a peak-stage Connate Cultivator, escaped in time and never looked back.

    "You can't get away!"

    Once Chen Fan opened his mouth, a powerful suction force was manifested.

    The captain, who had escaped a few thousand meters, was sucked in right away. That peak-stage Connate Overlord disappeared once he went into the Kun Peng's stomach.

    The Kun Peng Dharma Form initiated with the Core Formation level was too horrifying. Even Anubis would have been swallowed immediately; normal Golden Core Cultivators would never be able to resist, not to mention Connate Overlords.

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    Then, Chen Fan kept attacking.

    Many pyramid-shaped battleships exploded, broke and were captured.

    The Mayan Overlords who managed to escape from the battleships were still in danger. In the vast universe, they would definitely not be fast enough to run away from the claws of the Kun Peng.


    A lot of Mayan Overlords died.

    Those Mayan Overlords were at least early-stage Connate Beings, considered superior among their people. The captains of the battleships were even nobles of the clan, who were also members of the Parliament. And yet, they were as weak as ants in front of Chen Fan; they could be killed with one move.

    This was Chen Fan's true power!

    Three years back, Chen Fan could already fight against Golden Core Cultivators and swallow predators. Three years later, no one could imagine how powerful he was right then.


    In the end, Chen Fan used the Swallowing Divine Power.

    A massive black hole—which covered a hundred mile area like a passage to Hell—appeared on the battlefield. An endless suction force came of from the black hole which dragged the battleships in. Only the five castles were unaffected.

    "F**k this human!" Glars yelled.

    Every battleship was important to the first Mayan fleet. They could travel across the universe, conquer the Earth and their members were all elites. He felt as if his heart were bleeding, since Chen Fan had killed so many of them.

    "Kill him! We can't let him go," the five Messengers shouted at the same time.

    Five castles several kilometers long immediately sped towards Chen Fan. The shape of the castles was different when compared to the normal pyramid-shaped battleships. They were like giant eyes floating in space. The Mayans thought that all kinds of energies could be released through the pupils, so they chose to make their most powerful battle castles based on this shape.

    "Swish, swish."

    They fired the main cannons!

    Beams of white light sped towards Chen Fan; each of them was comparable to an attack from a True God.

    Chen Fan didn't hide anymore this time. He flapped his wings and the azure aura around his body turned into a sword, to slash at the five light rays.

    "Boom, boom!"

    A massive explosion made the world shake.

    How powerful was it when five True Gods clashed against Chen Fan? A crack a few hundred meters long appeared. Then, a terrifying light ball exploded like a hundred hydrogen bombs detonated at the same time.

    The energy filled an area with a hundred mile radius. The battleships were like small boats in the raging sea of light, as if they were going to sink.

    At this moment, billions of people on Earth looked up at the same time and saw a strange sight.

    Another sun rose next to the original sun.

    "This is a battle between Gods!" many old Martial Arts Overlords said with trembling hands.

    Even Connate Overlords like Ye Qincang, Chen Huaian and the Ancestral Dragon remained silent. The battle in outer space had gone beyond their imagination. If they had involved themselves in it, they would probably be dead by then.

    Ye Nantian lowered his head and said, "You've grown so much in just ten years. Chen Beixuan, who exactly are you?"

    The same idea came to everyone's minds.

    Meanwhile, the battle in space was still raging. Chen Fan spread his wings and flashed out of the sea of light, heading towards the five castles.

    The five Messengers had cold looks. As Viscounts and senior members of the Mayans, this wasn't the first time they controlled the castles to fight with True Gods, but their enemy this time was way more powerful than ordinary True Gods.


    Chen Fan clashed against one of the castles and knocked it away.

    His body was as large as a mountain; not even a castle with the length of a few kilometers was able to resist him.

    But the other four castles seized the chance to attack. They sent out energy beams, which even the Kun Peng Dharma Form would not dare to directly go against.

    Thunderous sounds were heard in the sky.

    The five castles worked together with the dozens of battleships that had been regrouped, to back Chen Fan into a corner.

    "Boom, boom!"

    The main cannons of the castles fired.

    The battleships outside took the opportunity to interfere with Chen Fan. The few hundred Connate Overlords of the Mayans even connected their Soul Energy into a large net to trap him.


    Electric whips, which were dozens of thousand meters long, came out of the five castles and twined themselves around Chen Fan. Those blue electric whips then became five dragons, trying to chain Chen Fan.

    "Losers!" Chen Fan yelled.

    The azure aura on his body became brighter and he turned into a sword, then broke the five electric dragons and cracked the dimension. He flashed to the front of a battleship and reached with his claws toward the castle.

    "Watch out!" Glars shouted.

    But it was too late. Twenty layers of energy shields broke one after another like pieces of paper.

    "Get out of here."

    Viscount Warbeck was the one who controlled the Castle of the Sun.

    Warbeck was known for his bad temper among the Mayans. He cultivated the "Starry Sun Art" and his Soul Energy could burn everything, just like the sun. Indeed, fire formed with the purest blue electric light started burning in the castle.

    Unfortunately, those blue flames were like raindrops to Chen Fan.

    His claws broke the energy shields easily and scratched on the surface of the Castle of the Sun, letting out screeching sounds. The reinforced exterior blocked the claws; it was made with the hardest mysterious metal. Not even True Gods could break the metal; it was the strongest defense in the world.

    Even so, Chen Fan immediately shouted, "Great Chaos Art!"

    An endless energy came out of his claws which immediately cracked the air. They were enveloped in the power of chaos and the nails penetrated into the Castle of the Sun.


    Under everyone's attention…

    Chen Fan tore the Castle of the Sun apart and countless metals, wreckage and debris fell from the castle. Many Mayan Overlords, including Viscount Warbeck, were swallowed.

    The world went silent.

    Even the Mayan Overlords were dumbfounded. A castle that could defeat True Gods was destroyed by Chen Fan?

    But this was only the beginning.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    After a few seconds, Chen Fan slashed with his wing and the blade aura swept across a thousand feet, splitting the second castle in half.

    One minute later, Chen Fan swallowed the third castle using his Divine Power.

    Three minutes later, Chen Fan's body plunged down like a sword and split the fourth battleship in half.

    People all over the planet were speechless.

    In just a few minutes, Chen Fan had destroyed four castles and killed four True Gods. Only Glars was left on his last legs.


    Glars had lost his soul; he even forgot to escape.

    "It might be impossible for you, but it's a piece of cake for me! Don't ever offend humans again in your next life." Chen Fan shot out three flames from his eyes; they formed an enormous fireball, which burnt Glars and the last castle into ashes.

    After that, he kept going after the others.

    Many battleships had been caught; Chen Fan either grabbed them or destroyed them. Dozens of the battleships escaped in all directions, but space was the Kun Peng's battlefield.

    The Kun Peng Dharma Form spread its wings again and flew a hundred miles. The dimension cracked easily in front of it like a piece of paper.

    Chen Fan destroyed all the battleships in a blink! The entire Mayan fleet, including five castles and ninety nine battleships, had been annihilated!

    After such a scene took place…

    Everyone was at a loss for words. Kolin was rooted on the spot, with eyes about to pop out.

    Chen Fan was too fierce. The universe was astonished!