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Chapter 315 - A Mysterious Power that Nobody Understands!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 315: A Mysterious Power that Nobody Understands!

    “I’m sorry to have made you guys wait!”

    Upon hearing that, Di Jing, Dai Wei, and the rest looked over by instinct. They saw a skinny young man walking over. He had mediocre features and was dressed averagely.

    Meanwhile, there was a man who was over 1.8 meters tall following behind him. Since he was wearing a hat, they could not see his face clearly.

    At that moment, Di Jing and Dai Wei were stunned. So, was this the person that they had been waiting for?

    Old Shen got out of the car immediately and welcomed him while smiling, “Are you Mr. Ye?”

    Ye Chen nodded and smiled in an apologetic manner. “You must be Old Shen. I’m sorry. I ran into something along the way, so it took some time.”

    “Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing.” Old Shen waved and led Ye Chen over in a friendly manner. He pointed at Di Jing and Dai Wei by way of introduction. “Mr. Ye, let me introduce you. This is the beauty of our team, Di Jing. She’s an expert too.”

    Old Shen was humorous as he spoke to this point, “Don’t underestimate her just because she’s a lady. Di Jing has a double doctorate degree.”

    “Hi, I’m Di Jing.” Di Jing nodded in a neutral manner.

    However, her disappointment was growing. Before that, she thought that Ye Chen would be someone from a wealthy family who was here to show off. Now that they had met, she did not think that Ye Chen was from a wealthy family. He was extremely mediocre.

    ‘Sigh! What is the boss thinking?’ She secretly sighed.

    Ye Chen smiled lightly, “Ye Chen!”

    “Mr. Ye, this is Dai Wei. He’s currently one of the members of our expedition team. He’s also the security advisor.” Old Shen continued, “Dai Wei is a retired soldier. He’s got a great physique, but he’s just a little arrogant.”

    Compared to Di Jing’s courteous manner, Dai Wei was much colder. He merely nodded at Ye Chen by way of greeting. He then looked at the Medicine Man who was standing next to Ye Chen and frowned. “Who’s this?”

    “This is my bodyguard. You guys can call him Iron Tower,” Ye Chen gave a short introduction. After fixing the giant, he gave him a new name.

    Disdain appeared in Dai Wei’s eyes after hearing that he had brought a bodyguard along. He said, “Mr. Ye, we’re here for an expedition, not a vacation. Don’t you think it’s inappropriate for you to do this?”

    Di Jing secretly raised her sharp brows.

    Old Shen changed the subject immediately, “Xiaodai, Xiaodi, since everyone is here, let’s go.”

    He went to the back of the vehicle after saying that. Ye Chen led Iron Tower and sat in the back too. Iron Tower fit right in. It was fortunate that Ye Chen had intentionally shrunk his body before.

    Dai Wei sat in the driver’s seat and drove onto the highway after turning on the engine. Perhaps because the atmosphere was rather gloomy, Old Shen took the initiative to ask, “Why are you going to Huludao, Mr. Ye?”

    “To meet a friend,” Ye Chen smiled as he replied. He did not tell them the story of Yang Tian offending a  family as he did not want to scare them.

    Old Shen was slightly stunned while Di Jing, who was sitting in the passenger seat, secretly shook her head. ‘You’re just meeting a friend. Why can’t you take the train or a plane? Why must you follow us and make us wait for you?’

    Dai Wei was listening closely as he drove. He scoffed, “So, we’re just a free ride to you.”

    Ye Chen smiled and said noting.

    Sensing that the atmosphere was rather suppressive, Old Shen mediated immediately, “It’s alright. It’s going to be quite boring along the journey anyway. We’ll have one more person to talk to.”

    Ye Chen said good-naturedly, “Oh, yeah, Old Shen, is there anyone in your team who speaks the shamanic language?”

    From the passenger seat, Di Jing turned her head to look at him. She seemed to be a little shocked. “Why are you asking?”

    “Just asking,” Ye Chen said.

    Di Jing glanced deeply at him and said, “Mr. Ye, if it’s not necessary, I’d advise you not to learn those stuff.”

    “Why not?” Ye Chen was curious now.

    She took a deep breath and said, “The shamanic language comes from Shamanism. The language came from the Tungusic people, which translates to witches.”

    “I’ve heard of that too.” Old Shen nodded and took over the conversation. “It’s said that Shamanism originated from long ago. It was a folk religion whereby people worship nature and creatures. I heard that they have the power to control the weather, languages, dream interpretations, astrology, and even control one going to heaven and hell.”

    “That’s right,” Di Jing said in all seriousness, “The dancers of the great gods in some areas came from Shamanism. This cult is strange. They can kill you by performing witchcraft. All they need is your name and age.”

    “What else?” Ye Chen said while looking nonchalant.

    Di Jing said, “Until now, there are still many Shamanism believers in many places. They’re mainly in the northeast. That’s why I’m advising you not to offend them when you get there. Otherwise, your life will be at risk.”

    Ye Chen gave a short response, not minding that. After all, those things could not threaten him.

    Di Jing was secretly angry when she noticed that he was not surprised at all. She scoffed and turned her head around. The reason why she had told Ye Chen so much was that her ancestors came from the tribe people of Shamanism. Therefore, she knew how scary exactly Shamanism was.

    ‘Hmph! It’s up to you whether you want to believe me! Don’t blame me if something happened to you by then!’ she thought to herself.

    Dai Wei said without even turning his head, “Di Jing, it’s useless for us to say more since Mr. Ye doesn’t believe in all those mumbo-jumbo. Well, as long as he doesn’t drag us into any trouble, that’s fine.”

    “Mr. Ye, Di Jing is right. There are many mysterious powers in the world that we don’t understand. Our lack of knowledge doesn’t mean they don’t exist,” Old Shen advised.

    Ye Chen was secretly laughing. He glanced at him and said, “It seems like you know a little bit about it, Old Shen.”

    ‘Can any mysterious power be more mysterious than cultivation?’

    “I do!” Old Shen sighed lightly. “China has existing for thousands of years, and there are many things that science can’t explain such as Laozi riding the green ox, going out of Hangu Pass in the west, whereby the purple gas spread almost 500 kilometers. He died after leaving half of Tao Te Ching.”

    “That’s just a rumor,” Ye Chen replied while smiling. Even a cultivator like him was not sure if China had such mythical civilizations such as the Three Pristine Ones, the Jade Emperor, and the Heavenly Queen Mother.

    “How about the Tao Te Ching and the Book of Changes left behind by King Wen? How do you explain them? These two books are just too mysterious.”

    Old Shen shook his head and said, “Let’s not talk about the old stuff. Let’s talk about the incidents that happened not too long ago. The Yangtze River drought in 1954? Chengdu zombie incident in 1995? Yingkou dragon falling incident in 1934? And the rumor about the 30th parallel north?”

    “The 30th parallel north?” Ye Chen was stunned. Indeed, he had heard of those incidents.

    Especially after the Chengdu zombie incident, the entire southwest area was stirred back then as it spanned across a couple of provinces. Ye Chen had just started going to primary school back then. Since that incident happened, he hid at home, not daring to go to school because he was worried the zombies would suck his blood dry.

    However, it was his first time hearing about the 30th parallel north.