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Chapter 806 - The Troops Were Frightened!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     806 The Troops Were Frightened!The golden wheel ran across the sky like the chariot of an ancient Entity, letting out thunderous sounds.

    That was the strongest, purest fist aura! The True Martial Celestial Sect used this art to dominate the world; it could be used to break any Divine Power.

    "Fire all our weapons and kill him!" Glars said.

    The other Mayan Overlords were also furious. Another five thousand black cannons stuck out of the battleships; there were ten thousand of them altogether.

    One energy cannon might not be threatening to a Connate Being, but ten thousand of them were many times more powerful.

    "Soul Energy locked!"

    "Turn on the Fire Radar."


    Since Glars' voice had been transmitted in the Soul Energy network, the energy cannons fired at the same time. The battleships were covered in blue electric light; countless beams of light were shot, completely enveloping Chen Fan.

    Not even the Mayan Overlords had seen such an attack.

    "We used seven thousand energy cannons when we were hunting down a True God. That invincible True God had lived more than a thousand years, and yet he wasn't even able to survive one second. He was immediately shattered together with its soul. I wonder how long Chen Beixuan can stay alive," Glars said.

    The Mayans around him also smiled.

    They thought that even ten True Gods would have died with so many cannons attacking, not to mention Chen Fan.

    In fact, the sea of energy was as powerful as ten nuclear bombs exploding at the same time; the energy rays had a much better piercing ability than nuclear weapons.

    But Chen Fan didn't yield.

    His golden wheel shone even brighter.

    There were faces of warriors on the wheel, men and women. Some of them were humans and some were aliens that had dragon horns and a human body. Some looked old; they rode a dragon like the demons of the ancient times. As the wheel spinned, the golden fist aura became more powerful.

    After entering the Core Formation realm, he could finally show the true power of this art.


    Chen Fan threw a punch.

    The golden wheel was immediately covered in countless beams of light and a sea of energy was formed. The horrific energy even cracked the dimension.

    No matter how powerful the incoming energy rays were, the golden wheel was still standing and shining.

    "Keep going!" Glars said coldly.

    Thousands of energy cannons fired again. This time, the five space castles also started attacking. There were many black and long cannons that were much larger than the normal ones.

    "Retribution Cannons!"

    Those were the main cannons of the battleships. They could be used to fight with Entities, since each of them was as powerful as a True God. Five main cannons were like five True Gods attacking together.

    "Let's see if you can survive this time!"

    Many nobles sneered.


    Many blue electric lights flashed on the castles; they gathered on the five main cannons, then turned into five flashes of white light!

    These five beams of white light created five long straight lines.

    Each of them shot across space while creating sizzling sounds. The dimension seemed to be overwhelmed by the energy level. The white light rays hit Chen Fan dead on.


    A crisp sound was heard.

    The golden wheel couldn't bear it anymore. Even the toughest, purest True Martial Divine Fist was unable to withstand an attack from five True Gods, not to mention there were still thousands of energy cannons! Chen Fan was drowned in the sea of energy light, which was formed by the purest energy; there was enough power to level cities the size of New York.

    At that moment, the entire Earth was in silence.

    Even those who were seeing this happen through the satellites and space telescopes were terrified; their bodies were completely frozen.

    Chen Fan was the last hope of mankind. If he died, humans would be doomed.


    Even the most confident Hua Yunfeng was anxious.

    Wang Xiaoyun, Fang Qiong and An Ya also held each other's hands as their hearts fell.

    "Chen Beixuan is probably dead."

    Glars cracked a smile.

    The chipping sound of a bird was heard. There was no air in space so no sounds could be transmitted, but this sound clearly resounded in everyone's Divine Soul.

    A scene came to everyone's mind.

    In a vast sea of energy, an unbelievably enormous fish jumped to the air and became a weird giant bird. It could cover a solar system and the planets were like tiny balls in front of it.

    Every time the giant bird flapped its wings, it quickly traversed space, passing by different planets and worlds.

    "The Kun Peng!"

    They named the bird.

    Then, an azure aura came out of the sea of energy. When the light dissipated, the Kun Peng Dharma Form appeared. Although it wasn't as massive as everyone expected, it was ten kilometers wide when it spread its wings, which was double the size of the five castles and ten times larger than the normal battleships.

    "This… this is?"

    Not only the humans, many Mayan Overlords were stunned.


    The Kun Peng let out a cry.

    It sent out terrifying energy ripples which immediately turned into raging waves. Even the battleships a few kilometers away couldn't hold still; almost everyone could sense the anger of the Kun Peng's cry.

    Chen Fan was enraged.

    This was the most difficult battle he had fought since his rebirth and his enemies were much more powerful than the Cloud Heaven Thearch and Perfected Cultivator Yunxiao.

    Every castle was like a True God and every battleship was like a secret land. Even Chen Fan was a bit overwhelmed when five True Gods and a hundred secret lands worked together. He almost had no chance of fighting back and was forced to let out the Kun Peng Dharma Form.

    He had reached the Core Formation Level.

    The Twelve Sky Art Paintings started to show their powers since he was finally in this realm. The Kun Peng Dharma Form was one of Chen Fan's trump cards, following the Thunder Loch Dharma Form and the Five Thunder Seal. He wanted to save those for the Path of Heaven to hunt down the predators.

    "Fine, I'll show you how terrifying the predator on the top of the universe is."

    Chen Fan's eyes were full of coldness and his body was enveloped by fire. The azure Kun Peng flapped its wings and turned into a flash of azure light, shooting towards the Mayan fleet.

    Chen Fan could sense it.

    Once the Kun Peng Dharma Form appeared, it resonated with the energy in space. Every cell in his body was excited. The Kun Peng apparently belonged to the universe; it couldn't really show its true power while on Earth, as if a tiger were trapped in a cage.


    The beam of light shot across space like a shooting star. It zoomed towards the Mayan fleet with an unbeatable energy; even Glars was startled by its power.

    "Fire! Stop it!" Glars shouted.

    Even though the Mayans had always fought with different creatures deep in space and had killed quite a number of beasts which were as powerful as True Gods, they had never seen such a large and swift beast like the Kun Peng. Glars knew that they would be in danger if it got close to them.

    "Swish, swish."

    The energy cannons fired again.

    Many energy rays traversed ten kilometers toward Chen Fan.

    As everyone's frightened faces witnessed this, Chen Fan opened his mouth and a giant black swirl appeared. The swirl covered ten miles like a black hole, silently swallowing the light rays.


    All the Mayan Overlords were dumbfounded.

    That was an energy comparable to ten nuclear bombs with a yield of ten millions tons. Who could swallow that?

    However, they didn't know that the Kun Peng was the most powerful Divine Beast, which had unlimited space in its body. It could swallow things that were dozens of times larger, so a few nuclear bombs weren't much!


    The five main cannons also attacked.

    This time, Chen Fan didn't go head to head with them. He created a crack in the air with his claws and went outside the dimension. The cannons failed to hit him. Then, Chen Fan flashed ten kilometers in the next second and suddenly appeared before the Mayan fleet.

    "Oh no!"

    Glars was about to warn the others.

    But it was too late. Chen Fan slashed with his left wing and split a thousand-meter battleship in half. The five layers of energy shields and the mysterious metal armor were as vulnerable as pieces of paper in front of the Kun Peng.

    Then, Chen Fan stretched out the two claws and crushed two pyramids, then swayed his body and smashed a few other battleships.

    The Mayan battleships were like chicks in front of the Kun Peng Dharma Form.

    Chen Fan went after the fleet like an eagle!

    He was more powerful than hundreds of battleships!