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Chapter 805 - One Against a Hundred

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
805 One Against a Hundred"How is that possible? How can he go into space before becoming a True God?"

    Kolin looked at the sky dumbfoundedly.

    Not only him, all the humans were stunned! Earth Level Deities and Entities dominated the Earth and the atmosphere was like a wall that trapped all the Overlords inside the planet.

    This was the first time someone had left the Earth with his body alone in several thousand years.

    In the deserted and silent space.

    On one side, there were many Mayan battleships flying from the moon. Each of them was four times the size of an aircraft carrier and the five at the front were even a few kilometers long. And on the other side, there was only one person.

    That man was covered in golden fire like the sun and was standing between Earth and the fleet.

    This scene was deeply imprinted in the hearts of countless people on Earth.

    Someone standing in the first battleship narrowed his eyes and asked, "Who is he?"

    There were two flashes of blue lightning spinning in his eyes and his Soul Energy almost surged. He was half a step away from forming a Soul Core.

    There were two stars on his chest which meant that he had a higher status than Kolin; he was a viscount.

    Glars, the deputy commander of the first Mayan fleet and the captain of the Arlington.

    "Being able to travel across the universe with a mortal body is a sign of a True God! I can't believe there's still a True God on this planet after declining for thousands of years," Glars said.

    "According to the intel from the Nokstar, this man is the most powerful person on Earth, a cultivator called Chen Beixuan. He's strange. Even though he hasn't become a Sky Immortal, he managed to kill Anubis the God of Death," his assistant said.

    The Mayans communicated using Soul Energy. The entire fleet was connected through a Soul Energy network; everyone could immediately get all the information being exchanged.

    Glars laughed and said, "This man wants to fight with our entire fleet, by himself?"

    "No matter who he is, we should kill him and shatter the last hope of people on Earth," another viscount yelled.

    Edlin the God-killing Warrior had the highest status among the Mayan fleet, followed by the five viscounts, the ordinary nobles and the rest of their crew.

    Viscounts like Glars controlled the five castles respectively. They were powerful and were called the Messengers, who could defeat True Gods. When Edlin wasn't present, all decisions were made by the five Messengers.

    "Even if he's a True God, so what? We've killed True Gods before," many Mayan Overlords said with coldness in their eyes.

    The two parties got closer and were only ten kilometers away from each other. This was like fighting face to face in space.


    Many energy cannons protruded from the battleships.

    Every battleship had dozens of energy cannons targeting Chen Fan. There were a hundred battleships, which meant there were several thousand cannons. Once they fired, even a True God would be killed.


    "Surrender or die!"

    The Soul Energy of the Mayans resounded. A few hundred Connate Mayans spoke at the same time and the energy waves swept across space.

    A few satellites happened to be near the area and they were shattered into pieces.

    The cannons were targeting Chen Fan.

    At this point, billions of people in the world held their breath. The powerful masters were also frightened. A Mayan battleship could defeat the secret lands, let alone a hundred of them. Even a True God would be terrified.

    Chen Huaian and Ye Qincang were looking at the screen anxiously. The battle was taking place in space, so no one could help Chen Fan.


    Chen Fan didn't reply. He reached out and pulled a golden blade aura in the air. The blade aura was formed with countless tiny runes and was extremely sharp. Once it appeared, the entire dimension seemed to be overwhelmed; cracks appeared everywhere.

    The True Martial's Dharmic Blade!

    This art of the True Martial Celestial Sect was really powerful, especially when Chen Fan used it with energy of the Core Formation Level. It was earth-shattering, able to crush Spirit Treasures.

    Chen Fan didn't say a word, but his attitude had shown his stance.

    Glars issued an order, "Fire!"


    Thousands of cannons shot out electric light at the same time. A few thousand rays of blue light flashed towards Chen Fan like arrows.

    The attack from each of the energy cannons was comparable to that from a Connate Cultivator; thousands of them were like thousands of Connate Overlords attacking at the same time. They could crack space and shatter a planet. Even people six thousand kilometers away on the ground could see the beams of light like shooting stars.

    The energy cannons almost reached the speed of light. Not even Chen Fan could escape from them.

    But Chen Fan wasn't running at all. He pulled his blade and formed a perfect golden sword realm.

    "True Martial Dharma Realm."

    Chen Fan had once resisted dozens of spell casters of the Medicine God Valley Sect at the Foundation Establishment Level. He was as powerful as a Golden Core Cultivator at the moment, the art was much more terrifying with his current might.


    A bright golden halo appeared in space.

    The halo was a hundred feet large and it floated in the air like the sun. All Essence Qi, energy and Dharma Spells inside the halo were frozen as if there were another world.

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    In a blink, countless energy light rays hit the sword realm, producing many explosions in the sky like fireworks, turning into the purest energy waves.

    Three hundred, five hundred, eight hundred…

    Chen Fan blocked thousands of attacks from the energy cannons and the True Martial Sword Realm finally broke. More energy light rays were flashing towards him.


    The golden Blood Qi rose from Chen Fan's body, then turned into an azure aura. A giant tree appeared behind Chen Fan which sent down some airstreams.

    The Azure Thearch Longevity Body was fully initiated!

    But there were too many energy cannons. The Azure Thearch Longevity Body and the Chaotic Divine Tree also broke after blocking two thousand energy light rays. The Divine Tree even let out a cry and turned back into a shadow.

    There were no barriers anymore in front of the last two thousand light rays.

    Many Mayans smiled.

    "No creature can single handedly resist the Mayan fleet, not even a True God!" Glars said confidently.

    Then, Chen Fan raised his fist.

    First, a thin layer of golden aura appeared around him. Then, all the light gathered on his right hand, and the beams of golden light he sent out were pure, tough, able to destroy everything.

    Chen Fan was enveloped in a golden aura; a giant golden wheel rose from his back.

    True Martial Divine Fist!


    Chen Fan threw a punch!

    A ray of golden light shot out from his body and turned into a golden dragon, howling in space. It crushed all the energy cannons and created an enormous black hole.

    A punch destroyed a thousand cannons!

    At that moment, all the Mayans were stunned and Glars' smile froze.

    Nobody had thought that Chen Fan could survive under such an attacks.

    "It's my turn!"

    Three flames burned in Chen Fan's eyes. His body was covered in golden fire and the golden wheel was shining bright. He flashed across the sky like a fearless warrior toward the Mayan fleet.

    Even though there were ten million of them, he wasn't afraid at all!