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Chapter 314 - Geographical Expedition Team!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 314: Geographical Expedition Team!

    Ye Chen was puzzled after studying the  ritual’s document. He called Yang Tian directly, but nobody picked up. His heart could not help but sink.

    At that moment, Old Chen called and asked directly, “Kid, have you decided to go northeast?”

    “That’s right,” Ye Chen said. He had to go northeast. Yang Tian was his brother, and he could not ignore him.

    Old Chen said while smiling, “We happen to have a geographical expedition team that’s going. Why don’t you guys go together?”

    “An expedition team?” Ye Chen frowned. “Old Chen, there’s something that I need to handle in the northeast. I can’t be leading a team.”

    “Don’t reject me just yet!” Old Chen said, “There’s someone from the northeast in the expedition team. That person is well-versed in the local shamanic language. The  ritual is an extension of Shamanism. If you go with them, they might be helpful to you.”

    “Sure, get them to wait for me. I’ll go to Beijing right away,” Ye Chen agreed to that after thinking about it for a moment.


    At noon, Ye Chen left the Spiritual Medicine Mountain with Su Yuhan, his daughter, and Ye Wushuang. Before leaving, he fixed the sect’s Mountain Barrier Formation besides bringing the giant Medicine Man with him!

    They headed straight to the provincial capital in the armored vehicle.

    This time, Su Yuhan sat in the passenger side while carrying Mengmeng. She peered at the Medicine Man who was wearing a hat behind her in fear. She asked in confusion, “Ye Chen, why did you bring this big guy along?”

    She had witnessed how powerful the Medicine Man was. Moreover, he was so tall and big. Therefore, she dared not sit with him by instinct.

    “This is a puppet, and he’s powerful. He makes a great fighter,” Ye Chen said while smiling as he drove.

    The Medicine Man had a cultivation base of a Martial Dao master. Although he had no consciousness, that did not affect his combat strength. He also did not have human emotions and urges.

    Ye Chen had almost killed him earlier, but he healed him at the Spiritual Medicine Mountain and performed the sacrificial refinement again, so now he followed all of Ye Chen’s orders willingly.

    He thought of leaving the Medicine Man behind for Su Yuhan to be her bodyguard. However, judging by Su Yuhan’s reaction, she did not seem to like it. He thought he would keep him to himself instead.

    Su Yuhan nodded and pursed her lips as she spoke, “How long will you be gone to the northeast this time?”

    “Seven to eight days, I think.” Ye Chen chuckled softly. “Don’t worry. I’ll come back as soon as I’m done handling Yang Tian’s crisis. Well, stay at home and wait for me with your clean body.”

    “Tsk, you’re annoying,” Su Yuhan’s pretty face blushed. She slapped him softly, feeling annoyed.

    Ye Chen drove very fast. They got from Longnan to Ganzhou’s provincial capital in approximately three hours. He then bought their air tickets himself.

    Before he left, Ye Chen called out to Su Yuhan. He opened his arms wide and said shamelessly, “Your husband will be gone for a couple of days. Aren’t you going to give me a souvenir before we part?”

    How could Su Yuhan not understand what he meant? Her cheeks blushed as she walked over after some hesitation and kissed his cheek. She said fiercely while clenching her teeth, “You fool, are you happy now?”

    “Happy, I’m very happy. Don’t worry. I won’t wipe the kiss away,” Ye Chen said while smiling as he touched the lipstick mark on his cheek.

    “Daddy, I want to kiss you too!” Mengmeng scuttled closer and kissed his cheek.

    Ye Wushuang, who was standing far away, looked rather unnatural. He mumbled, “Are they showing off their love?”

    After sending them off, Ye Chen put away the armored vehicle into his storage ring when nobody was looking. He rode on a sword gleam straight to Beijing.


    At the same time at the entrance of Beijing’s Yanshan Geographical Survey Agency, an off-road vehicle was parked by the road. There was a pretty lady with cold charisma sitting in the passenger seat. She wore black-framed glasses and was approximately 28 years old.

    The lady was Di Jing. She had graduated from the University of London with a double doctorate degree in Geographical Science and Humanity & Nature Studies. She was currently a lecturer in a famous local geographical survey agency.

    However, impatience filled her face at the moment.

    Meanwhile, an old man in hiking wear sat next to her. He had a gray beard, but he looked high in spirits.

    At that moment, a tall young man in black martial arts attire walked out of the geographical survey agency. He asked after checking the time, “Di Jing, isn’t that man here yet?”

    “No.” Di Jing’s sharp brows lifted slightly.

    The tall young man frowned. He was rather upset, so he looked at the old man in hiking wear at the side. “Old Shen, is that man still coming? It’s already 5 p.m. Don’t waste our time.”

    “Dai Wei, let’s wait for a little bit more.” The old man in hiking wear named Old Shen took a puff of his cigarette and chuckled.

    “We’re still waiting? Isn’t the sun setting?” Dai Wei was getting more upset. “What is the boss thinking? Why did he send a man to us last minute? Is he going to drag us down?”

    “Easy there, Dai Wei. Stop complaining. There’s nothing that Old Shen can do for a man who’s suddenly joining us,” Di Jing said in a rather annoyed tone.

    They were doing an expedition in Huludao’s Thunder Valley because there was a curious case waiting to be solved at the Thunder Valley. It was said that there would be thunder when it was sunny and peaceful. When it rained, the sunken rocks in the Thunder Valley would form a stunning scene of a water curtain cave.

    They had been preparing for a few months for the expedition. When they were going to depart, their boss had suddenly said there was someone who was going to Huludao with them. They were even ordered to serve him.

    She was getting more upset as she thought to this point.

    Dai Wei looked at Di Jing’s curvy body that was presented before him with a burning desire in his eyes. He smiled while explaining, “Di Jing, I’m not complaining. I’m just a little annoyed. We’re bringing a noob with us. Isn’t he going to drag us down?”

    Old Shen, who had been smoking, suddenly stopped and said, “That Mr. Ye isn’t a drag. I heard from the boss that he’s pretty powerful. He even asked us to listen to his suggestion during the journey.”

    “Powerful? Can he be an experienced geography expert?” Di Jing looked at Old Shen by instinct. If that was the case, she still could accept it.

    Old Shen shook his head. “I don’t think so. I heard this Mr. Ye is very young. He’s only 30…”


    Dai Wei before Old Shen was done speaking. “He dares to say that he’s powerful when he’s only 30? Among us, Di Jing and I aside, Old Shen is the most experienced and most knowledgeable. Why do we have to listen to that brat?”

    There was something that he did not say, which was his displeasure about Ye Chen.

    Di Jing shook her head lightly, utterly disappointed.

    It seemed to be someone who wanted to take the shortcut by depending on the connection. He just wanted to follow the expedition team and show off later on.

    “Let me just be clear now. If that brat dares to drag us, I’ll teach him a good lesson!” Dai Wei scoffed.

    At that moment, a calm voice came, “I’m sorry to have made you guys wait!”