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Chapter 804 - Coming Fast!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     804 Coming Fast!At NASA in the United States.

    Being the organization that had the most advanced aeronautic technology on Earth, NASA was responsible for detecting all abnormal conditions in the entire solar system throughout the year, but nothing had really happened in the last few decades, except when the Nokstar landed three years prior.

    Some had even claimed that there were no other beings in the universe; there were only humans on Earth.

    "Lawrence, do you wanna grab a drink after work? Those dumb Mayans were finally killed by Chen Beixuan. Why don't we go celebrate a bit?" Rod in the Planetary Observation Office said with a cup of coffee in his hand.

    Lawrence rested his legs on top of the desk while he watched the broadcasts on his iPhone. In front of him were many large screens connected to the space telescopes which constantly monitored space activity.

    "Sure!" Lawrence replied and glanced at a screen.

    He appeared to have seen something, so he turned around again and looked. He was terrified by the confirmation; his body froze.

    "Lawrence, what's wrong?"

    Rod approached him with confusion.

    Seeing Lawrence staring at the screen with his pale face and trembling body, Lawrence also looked to see what was there.

    The screen used to be empty, but it was full of little dots at the moment. Looking closer, he found that those dots were space battleships.


    Rod dropped the cup in his hand and yelled with fear, "Report to NASA headquarters and the National Security Bureau immediately. The enemies… are here!"

    At the same time.

    The Space Observation Department of Russia, England, France and China had also detected the magnificent space fleet. From the earth's perspective, the Mayan fleet had traveled using a trajectory that was behind the moon; they had only been discovered when they got closer.

    In a heartbeat, the superpowers were stirred. All the senior members were speechless.

    Chen Fan looked at the sky with a gloomy expression.

    His eyes were full of golden glitters. The Li Fire Golden Eyes was a Divine Power which could see through things.

    The atmosphere couldn't block Chen Fan's sight. He could clearly see the pyramid-shaped battleships flying in space as they slowly moved towards the Earth.

    One, two, three.

    Ten, twenty, thirty…

    Hundreds of battleships covered the sky.

    Each one of them was a thousand meters long and a few at the front were even five kilometers large, something akin to space castles. Their surface was black and shiny; they seemed to be able to level the entire world.

    "Chen Beixuan, you've been manipulated since the beginning."

    "I must thank you for eliminating the Christian Church and the Mermen, we would have had to do it ourselves otherwise. Although your power is beyond our expectation, it's not a problem at all. Our fleet and Lord Edlin will be here soon. You will die."

    Kolin scoffed at Chen Fan.

    He thought that Chen Fan had no chance of turning the tide anymore once the Mayan fleet arrived.

    And having eliminated those secret lands with Chen Fan's hands was one of the things Kolin was most proud of.

    Chen Fan remained silent as he simply stared at the sky.

    "Right, our race found Earth's location a long time ago. We were late because we encountered some of our old enemies; Lord Edlin ordered us to get here first. Oh, I forgot to tell you, Lord Edlin is the supreme commander of our fleet and a great God-killing Warrior," Kolin said with a triumphant smile.

    He gently continued, "Chen Beixuan, I guess you don't know what a God-killing Warrior is.

    "Those who can be called "God-killing Warriors" are the ones who can kill True Gods!"

    All the people on Earth who were watching this were terrified.

    Even though the broadcasts had no sound, many TV channels had hired lip reading experts to translate their conversations simultaneously. Countless netizens posted on the Internet and some even asked the government to see if what Kolin said was true.

    "Is a space fleet really coming?"

    "Seriously? We don't see anything at all. Let's see what the government has to say about this."

    "I feel like Kolin is bluffing. He's trying to fool Perfected Cultivator Chen to save his own hide. This God-killing Warrior thing is a lie."

    Many commented optimistically.

    But soon, some secret intel was spread from some astronomy research institutions and space observation organizations. The Mayan fleet was so close that even normal telescopes could detect them. The superpowers couldn't hide the truth anymore.

    When those pictures appeared on the Internet…

    Everyone was stunned. They had never thought that the fleet of an alien race was really on its way to Earth.

    Countless people became silent as they looked at the black dots on the pictures. Each of the dots represented a battleship, and one was already strong enough to conquer the United States, let alone a hundred of them.

    "We're doomed. Humans are doomed!"

    "The apocalypse was supposed to be in 2012. I can't believe we still can't get away from it four years later."

    "Mom, I don't want to die!"

    Billions of people were devastated.

    Even those who used to be optimistic were speechless. The Mayan fleet was as powerful as a hundred secret lands, not to mention they had the God-killing Warriors as well.


    Chen Fan stepped on Kolin and half of his body cracked.

    Although Kolin was a Core Formation Cultivator that cultivated his Divine Soul and was half a step away from forming a perfect Soul Core, his body was weak and was unable to withstand Chen Fan's attack.

    "I know you're scared, Chen Beixuan! The more vicious you are, the more afraid your heart is! Are you scared of our fleet? What do you think about dying?"

    Even though Kolin's body was mangled and he had lost his power, he was still mocking Chen Fan.

    "I just think you talk too much and I don't want to listen to you anymore," Chen Fan said calmly.

    Then, a beep sounded.

    Chen Fan was shocked. It was the sound of the special communicator Red Sparrow had given him before he left. It was made with a special alloy and could receive messages anywhere on Earth.

    Chen Fan turned it on and Wang Xiaoyun's anxious look immediately appeared.

    "Xiao Fan, did you see the fleet? Come back quickly! We should go to Yingzhou Island or the Realm of Kunxu before it's too late…"

    Before Wang Xiaoyun finished speaking, Chen Gexin came and said seriously, "Chen Fan, listen to your Mom. She's too worried about you. You're an adult now. It's up to you."


    An Ya, A'Xiu, Yu Wenjin, Yukishiro Sa and Xu Rongfei appeared on the communicator. Even though they were anxious, they were still smiling and encouraging Chen Fan.

    Fang Qiong said gently, "Xiao Fan, go ahead and do what you must. We'll wait for you!"

    After that came Ye Qincang's turn.

    He said seriously, "General Chen, according to the intel we got from NASA, the Mayan fleet is 380,000 kilometers away from us. They'll probably arrive in three hours.

    "I've mobilized all the troops in China.

    "The nuclear missile arsenal in the United States, England, France and Russia are also ready. They said they'll use all the nuclear weapons to destroy the Mayan fleet in space during the critical moment. Otherwise, once they enter the atmosphere, all of mankind will be in trouble!"

    Hearing what Ye Qincang said.

    Everyone who was watching the broadcasts went silent once again.

    If a hundred battleships attacked the Earth, humans would be completely unable to resist. Dropping nuclear weapons on land was like suicide, but they couldn't defeat those aliens in space either.

    "How much chance do they have of winning?" Chen Fan asked.

    Ye Qincang hesitated and said, "Only a 15% chance. Scientists analyzed the energy shields of the Nokstar and found that only nuclear weapons of at least ten million tons can break them, but they aren't sure if the weapons can destroy the battleship itself. Besides, only the United States and Russia have that kind of nuclear weapons. There aren't enough of them, at all.

    "Still, even if there's only a 5% chance, we'll fight till the end."

    Chen Fan remained silent.

    Then, Red Sparrow reported expressionlessly.

    There were five space castles and ninety nine battleships like the Nokstar, a few hundred normal Connate Mayans, dozens of more powerful Overlords and the unknown God-killing Warrior.

    Every one of these numbers frightened the world.

    How powerful were they? They could level the planet! Even ten Earths together would be unable to resist their attacks. Compared to the Mayan fleet, the Christian Church, Dragon Lake and the Gold Clan were nothing.

    Even the Realm of Kunxu was much weaker.

    "What should we do?"

    Countless people were in despair and panicking.

    The thousands of nuclear weapons and troops the five superpowers had weren't enough to make people feel secured right then. All resistance seemed to be useless in front of the fierce Mayans.

    "We still have Perfected Cultivator Chen! He'll protect us," someone shouted.


    A hundred, a thousand, ten thousand.

    Billions of people focused their attention on Chen Fan.

    Everyone was looking at Chen Fan, this Overlord that saved the Earth from desperation!

    "He stepped up to eliminate the Zhang family and destroyed the plan of uniting the East of the League of Deities when China was hopeless."

    "He defeated the Dragon Lake and tamed the Ancestral Dragon."

    "He exterminated the seven secret lands and took back control of Earth from the alien races."


    The world had changed in the past three years, the legends reemerged and humans suffered from endless pain and humiliation, but Chen Fan ended all of this in two weeks. He was at the moment bearing the expectation, trust and hope of countless people!

    While everyone was watching…

    Chen Fan remained silent.

    One minute, two minutes, three minutes… A while had passed, and yet, Chen Fan was still not talking. He stood there, looking into the sky like a statue.

    As time passed.

    The Mayan fleet got closer and closer. People could see them approaching the atmosphere with their own eyes.

    "We can't wait anymore, General Chen. The country has issued an order to launch all the nuclear missiles and stop them from entering the atmosphere," Ye Qincang said anxiously.

    Chen Fan kept silent.

    Countless people started to feel disappointed. Was the invincible Chen Beixuan afraid? Many even wondered if Chen Fan was planning to hide in the Realm of Kunxu, leaving them to fend for themselves.

    "Haha, Chen Beixuan. Stop resisting.

    "This fleet is only part of our clan. The rest of the fleet and Lord Edlin are still in the moon base. Even if you defeat them, so what? Lord Edlin has killed more than one True God before and is much more powerful than Anubis." Kolin laughed.

    After what he said…

    Everyone's hearts sank.

    If this invincible fleet still wasn't the true power of the Mayans, how powerful would they be? And how terrifying would Edlin be?

    Even Ye Qincang's eyes had a glint of despair.

    The nuclear arsenal was only enough for one attack. If they couldn't destroy the Mayan fleet, mankind would be exterminated!

    "Surrender! If you do so, we will let you become a noble of our race and help you squeeze into the upper-class society. With your power, I guess you can have a higher status than mine. By then, your family will be safe and we can even let you be the Lord of Earth," Kolin said.

    Many were shocked.

    Even Ye Qincang was tempted by this condition. Countless people looked at Chen Fan anxiously, worrying that he would surrender. If the most powerful being on Earth also betrayed them, the last hope of the planet would be gone.

    After that, the entire world was in silence. Everyone was waiting for Chen Fan's answer.

    After a period of time when the Mayan fleet was nearing the atmosphere, Chen Fan suddenly smiled.

    He then burst into laughter, even bending over because of it.

    "You think you can bribe me with the Lord of Earth title? You're so shallow." Chen Fan smiled with coldness in his eyes.

    "What do you mean?"

    Kolin froze.

    "I mean you've overestimated yourselves. You want to conquer the Earth, conquer humanity and defeat me with just a fleet? Is that a joke?"

    Chen Fan stopped laughing and stood upright.

    At this moment, everyone thought he had suddenly changed. Even though Chen Fan was fierce, he seemed to be more approachable in the past. At the moment he was extraordinarily superior and untouchable!

    The world was stunned!

    "Mankind is powerful. How can we surrender? We'll show you how human cultivators dominate the universe!" Chen Fan said with golden fire burning on his body.

    He then shot to the sky like a golden shooting star!

    Ten kilometers, a hundred kilometers, a thousand kilometers… Chen Fan was not stopping. In the end, he shot out of the atmosphere to several thousand kilometers away from the planet.

    He stood there like the sun.

    In front of him was the vast universe and hundreds of battleships.

    They were coming in fast!