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Chapter 803 - They“re Here

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     803 They“re HereOther than the geographical changes of the world and the rise of the secret lands, an alien battleship had landed in the United States when Chen Fan was gone. And yet, this battleship was very low-key, so most people didn't know about it.

    Chen Fan wasn't worried about the Christian Church or the Mermen; it was the Mayan battleship that kept him on edge.

    "According to the information I got from the leader of the Wise Men, the Mayans should be in space, still decades away from us. Where did this battleship come from? Is there just one battleship or a whole fleet?" Chen Fan frowned.

    It didn't matter if there was only one.

    Everything would be different if the whole Mayan fleet was there. The Earth would probably be backed into a corner. They would definitely be unable to resist their attack with their current technology.

    "Whatever, I'll just get in and ask their leader."

    Chen Fan flicked his sleeves and a terrifying energy was gathered in the sky. The pyramid was a thousand meters tall which was double the height of the Wise Men's battleship, but Chen Fan was also much more powerful than he was three years back.


    Thunderclouds were formed and bolts of lightning struck, turning the sky into a sea of lightning. There were five colors of thunderbolts, including red, yellow, azure, white and black. Azure and white lightning dragons, which were more than ten feet long, were flying around.

    "Grand Five Elements Thunder!"

    After entering the Core Formation State, Chen Fan could finally use this art any time he wanted.

    He summoned the thunderbolts with just a wave; it didn't seem as difficult as it had been in the past.

    Then, a voice came. "Sir, please stop."

    Sizzle, sizzle.

    Large, blue-colored electric currents appeared on the pyramid, creating something akin to an electric castle. Then, an enormous shadow appeared above the pyramid.

    It seemed to be the upper body of a bald middle-aged man.

    He was wearing a silver suit. His skin was as thin as a piece of paper and his light blue veins could be seen through it; his eyes were shiny like sapphires and there were stars on his chest. He was the captain of the battleship and a noble of the Mayans, Kolin.

    "Overlord from the East, I'm the captain of the Nokstar and a member of the Mayan Parliament, Kolin. Why are you attacking our ship?"

    Kolin bowed.

    This was apparently not his real presence; it seemed to be a projection created with Soul Energy through some kind of equipment. And yet, it was even clearer than HD movies.

    Meanwhile, many satellites were trained on Chen Fan and countless people were watching. They were startled when they saw Kolin.

    It was the first time they had seen an alien.

    "The Mayans instigated the secret lands to besiege me, attacking the North Qiong Sect and China. Those beasts in the Devil's Cave were also under your command. Do you really think I don't know about it?" Chen Fan snickered.

    He had gotten the truth from the Entities.

    The Christian Church and the Mermen didn't bear that much hatred against the North Qiong Sect, and they weren't even sure if Chen Fan was alive or not. They could easily wait for the news of Chen Fan's death and the beasts in the Devil's Cave wouldn't have attacked China so soon, but they were all there.

    Someone was definitely behind all this.

    "We're people of the Mayan Republic, I am in fact a councillor and a noble. Why would we do such a despicable thing? That is pure slander. Please take back what you said," Kolin said.

    "I'll know for sure after I destroy the battleship, catch you and search your soul," Chen Fan said calmly.

    The thunderbolts in the sky gathered and formed a large five-color lightning ball, which carried a terrifying energy, able to destroy everything like a nuclear bomb.

    "If you insist on provoking the Mayans, remember that the entire planet will have to bear the consequences once the battle begins!" Kolin threatened.

    Chen Fan didn't answer; he simply waved his hand.


    The lightning ball fell from the sky. Five colors of lightning were entangled in the lightning ball; they absorbed all the Thunder Essence Qi in the world as the ball came down. In the end, it became as large as a house when it clashed against the pyramid.


    The five-color lightning covered several kilometers; all the surrounding trees, stones and grass were shattered into pieces. The thunderbolts then were spread in all directions, turning the area into a sea of lightning.

    All the people who saw this through the broadcasts were frightened.

    This power was comparable to a nuclear blast! Some superpowers even calculated that Chen Fan's attack had the power of a five hundred thousand ton bomb.


    When the thunderbolts dissipated.

    Everything in a few kilometers had been crushed and the ground was burnt. Even the soil was crystalized by the heat. Only the thousand-meter pyramid was still standing, as it was protected by a blue energy shield.

    "Chen Beixuan, the Nokstar is the latest model among our battleships. The old model you destroyed from thousands of years ago can't compare to it at all," Kolin said sarcastically.

    Many of the Mayans also laughed with disdain.


    Chen Fan grunted with anger in his eyes.

    This time, he was finally using his true power. Five-color thunderbolts struck from the sky which were intertwined with one another, forming a large black and white thunderbolt. It had a power that could destroy everything.

    This was the real "Grand Five Elements Thunder." The one before was only the ordinary Five Elements Thunder.

    "Activate the protection shield!"

    Then, even Kolin looked serious.


    Many large and blue electric dragons rose from the black pyramid and went into the energy shield. Then, the second, third and fourth shields appeared.

    In the end, five layers appeared.

    The Nokstar had five layers of energy shields! This was much more than the number the old model had.


    But Chen Fan didn't care at all. He attacked with coldness in his eyes.


    The black and white thunderbolt struck the Nokstar, immediately breaking the first shield layer. It then broke the second and third shields, finally starting to weaken after the fourth. The fifth shield only shook slightly.

    "Chen Beixuan, you'll never be able to break our shields," Kolin said proudly.

    The Nokstar had sufficient energy; the five shields were recovered in just a blink.


    Chen Fan smiled and waved his hand again.

    This time, the sea of lightning was also stirred. Countless thunderbolts were gathered, turning into five lightning dragons a hundred feet long. The five were entangled to form a frightening black and white thunderbolt, which was two times thicker than the last one.

    Kolin was stunned by this.

    They had never thought that Chen Fan had yet to use his full power.


    The thunderbolt struck the Mayan battleship. Billions of people watching the broadcasts saw everything turn white in front of them.

    The American citizens a hundred kilometers away saw an astonishing sight.

    A giant mushroom cloud rose to a few thousand meters. The ground shook, mountains collapsed and water ran as if there were an earthquake. The windows of the surrounding houses were completely shattered.

    Everyone was dumbfounded when the dust settled.

    The area within a twenty kilometer radius around the Nokstar had been leveled; the ground level was several meters lower. Everything was gone, as if a giant circle had pressed down the whole area.

    "This… this is comparable to a ten-million-ton nuclear weapon, right?"

    Countless generals were terrified.

    If the Five Elements Thunder was only a nuclear weapon for wars, then this would be a nuclear weapon for destroying the world.

    Not even the Nokstar could withstand such an attack. The five energy shields broke instantly and its hard armor on the surface had to take Chen Fan's attack. The Divine Thunders were too powerful; the metal reinforcement started to crack.


    Another bolt of lightning struck down from the sky.

    "Damn it!"

    Kolin was frightened.

    The entire battleship flew into the sky and many strong energy cannons were revealed. More than a thousand of them were attacking Chen Fan.

    This new battleship had apparently abandoned the electromagnetic cannons and changed them for more powerful energy cannons.

    However, Chen Fan didn't care about it. He was surrounded by an azure aura which blocked the energy light rays ten feet away from him. Not even nuclear weapons could harm his phenomenal-success Divine Body, let alone the energy cannons.

    "Boom, boom!"

    The thunderbolts and the energy light rays clashed against one another, creating thunderous sounds.

    The Nokstar seemed to be clumsy but it could move at five times the speed of sound. It battled with Chen Fan along the Grand Canyon, all the way to the desert in Central America.

    Each attack from both parties was comparable to those yielded by nuclear weapons. Many giant pits as large as small lakes were created as they fought. If those places had been inhabited, millions of them would have died.

    The Nokstar might be powerful, but it wasn't able to resist Chen Fan.

    In the end, Chen Fan punched it down from the sky. He tore a hole on the surface of the battleship with his hands to drag Kolin out of it.

    "Now, what else do you want to say?"

    Chen Fan stood in the air, looking at the Mayan nobles beneath him.

    Kolin's silver spacesuit was covered with dust and his Soul Energy exploded.

    But he cracked a triumphant smile as he stared at Chen Fan as if he were a dead man.

    "Chen Beixuan, you're too late… They're here!"

    Chen Beixuan turned around and looked into the sky.

    Many tiny dots had appeared, which were in fact billions of kilometers away in space, so ordinary people could only see them with a space telescope.

    But in Chen Fan's eyes, there were countless battleships. They were as large as mountains, and they were nearing the planet.

    On April 29th, 2016, the Mayan fleet finally arrived on Earth after centuries of space traveling.

    Humans had been backed into a corner!