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Chapter 312 - The Patriarch of Hell’s Revolt!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 312: The Patriarch of Hell’s Revolt!

    Ye Chen was a little stunned to see the Patriarch of Hell put his hands on his waist and look at him in a boastful manner as he strutted.

    “Xiao Yezi, what are you waiting for?” The Patriarch of Hell was annoyed now. “Kneel to me. You should know that I was a Tribulation Almighty back then. I’ll take care of you after we return to the cultivation world.”

    “Are you trying to revolt?” The corner of Ye Chen’s lips twitched. This dog was crossing the line lately. He could not believe that the Patriarch of Hell was ordering him around.

    “That’s right, I’m revolting!” The Patriarch of Hell wagged his tail and said begrudgingly, “To be honest, I’m done with you. I’m a Tribulation monster, not a dog. I can’t believe that you fed me dog food. Never mind that, but the problem is that that was expired dog food.”

    “Whatever.” Ye Chen shook his head and walked to the rock wall.

    The Patriarch of Hell was enraged upon noticing Ye Chen ignore him. “Hey, Xiao Yezi, do you understand dog language, I mean, human language?”

    Ye Chen ignored him and lifted his eyes to observe the spatial tear inside. He could not help but frown. “Why’s there a spatial tear here?”

    “Damn it! I-I’m going to fight you!” The Patriarch of Hell snarled and charged at Ye Chen.

    However, the only thing that responded to him was Ye Chen’s cold stare and the Great Thunder Sword in Ye Wushuang’s hand.

    As the patriarch jolted, he suddenly became a wuss. “Err, master, I’m sorry. I’m sorry!”

    Although he said that, he was secretly pissed off. ‘Xiao Yezi, you’d better watch out. I’ll teach you a lesson after I return to the cultivation world and recover my Tribulation cultivation base.’

    “So, what did you do wrong?” Ye Chen walked over to him one step after another.

    ‘Oh, no, this demon is pissed off!’

    The patriarch secretly jolted and said while smiling immediately, “I shouldn’t have said those stuff to you, Master. In reality, I was just joking with you…Ahh! Softer, Master. Softer…”

    A moment later, the patriarch was thrown out with a slap. The little Mengmeng, who was playing among the rapeseed, lifted her head to look into the sky. She saw a dog waving its paws in a panicked manner, and eventually landing hard on the ground.

    “Mommy, Cutie is flying!” the little girl exclaimed at that moment.


    When the patriarch returned, Ye Chen only said mysteriously, “Are you trying to return to the cultivation world through this spatial tear?”

    “I wouldn’t dare, I wouldn’t dare!” The patriarch shook his head hard. “Master, you’re tall, handsome, brave, majestic, unparalleled, powerful, and everyone loves you. How could I possibly leave you?”

    “Haha!” Ye Chen smirked and said, “Just be straightforward if you want to go back. But let me ask you, can you handle the spatial tear?”

    The Patriarch of Hell was dumbstruck at that moment. It made sense. The patriarch had his soul attached to a dog. If he really was to enter the spatial tear, he might be turned into dust instantly.

    “How do you know that the cultivation world is at the end of the spatial tear? It’s the Triloka. Even if you can return to the cultivation world, how can you be sure that you’ve returned to the cultivation world that you were in before? What if you travel to a world that’s even lower than Earth?” Ye Chen said.

    The Patriarch of Hell was completely dumbstruck now.

    “Also, do you have an Astro Plate?”

    The so-called Astro Plate was a type of magic tool for positioning. It could locate coordinates and navigate, but it was hard to refine it.


    The Patriarch of Hell buried his head into the ground. He was crying in pain as if his parents had just died, “Master, you’re right. I’m sorry. Don’t worry. I’ll stay right by your side.”

    “How did you find this spatial tear?” Ye Chen turned around and asked while looking at the rock wall.

    The patriarch sobbed before saying, “I suddenly had the urge to pee when I got out earlier. I thought I would pee here, then I sensed a faint formation wave on the rock wall. I found this after breaking the formation.”

    He was a Tribulation Almighty in his past life, after all. Naturally, he had a decent level in formations. Now that he had a mastery-stage Spirit Assembly cultivation base, it was a piece of cake for him to break an Illusory Formation.

    “But why is there a spatial tear here? And it seems like it’s been here for a long time whereby someone set up an Illusory Formation to hide it.” Ye Chen frowned slightly.

    The Patriarch of Hell said by instinct, “Master, do you think that maybe someone from the cultivation world accidentally traveled to this world and tore the space here?”

    What he said made Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang turn serious. The duo immediately figured it must be someone from the Immortal World. Apart from that, it might be people that Ye Chen’s rebel disciples had sent.

    However, Ye Chen subsequently shook his head and said while smiling, “That’s impossible. Even you can break the formation, so naturally, that person’s cultivation base isn’t high. The formation isn’t powerful either. Since that’s the case, it’s impossible for him to have survived the spatial tear.”

    The Patriarch of Hell thought about it and believed it made sense.

    “Brother, in my opinion, since this spatial tear appeared in the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, it must have something to do with them,” Ye Wushuang said.

    Ye Chen could not help but squint.

    Spiritual Medicine Mountain, you sure have many secrets!

    First, there was a Master Destruction Saber that contained saber intent. The second was the spatial tear that was hidden.

    “Since that’s the case, the old man, Yao Huayuan, definitely knows about this. Master, wait for me. I’ll get him here for you to interrogate him,” the Patriarch of Hell said immediately in full loyalty.

    “No need!” Ye Chen stopped him. “Yao Huayuan has very limited time to live. With your attitude, he’d be scared to death anytime. I’ll ask him later himself, but I don’t think he knows.”

    He could not help but turn around to look at the spatial tear on the rock wall as he spoke to this point, “Before that, I’ll have to seal this spatial tear.”

    He had to seal it! Indeed, there were too many strange things going on in the void. As soon as he let them enter the world through the tear, a great stir would definitely be created.

    After that, Ye Chen got Ye Wushuang to ask for some refinement materials. He refined two sets of formations: one to seal the spatial tear while the other was a high-level Illusory Formation. The reason why he did that was to prevent outsiders from finding out about it.

    He only nodded in satisfaction after he was done with all those.

    At that moment, Mengmeng ran over helter-skelter. She said after running into Ye Chen’s embrace, “Daddy, can you play hide-and-seek with me?”

    “Didn’t Mommy play with you?” Ye Chen shut down and patted the bun on her head. He looked at Su Yuhan who was far away.

    “Mommy is too dumb. She can’t find me.” The little girl said while rolling her eyes.

    Su Yuhan blushed to hear that. She walked over and glared at her angrily. “Who are you calling dumb?”

    “Mommy, you aren’t dumb. You just have low IQ,” the little girl said in all seriousness.

    Su Yuhan was so angry that she vented to Ye Chen, “Look how you’ve been teaching our daughter! She’s complaining about me now.”

    Ye Chen was speechless. Just when he was going to reply, his phone rang. He looked at it and found out it was a number from the northeast. He picked it up anyway after some hesitation.

    A sobbing voice came from the other side before he could speak, “Old Ye, help me!”

    “Who are you?” Ye Chen failed to respond in time.

    “I’m Yang Tian! Damn it, man! You’ve gotten me into so much trouble.”