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Chapter 311 - The Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s Secret!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 311: The Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s Secret!

    “Break it!”

    Ye Chen activated his Divine Consciousness, which allowed him to consolidate a golden sword that was over 30 meters long in the illusion.

    A stunning sword qi was exuded from the golden sword. It was like a golden dragon that roared as it charged head-on at the saber qi that was advancing.


    Both the saber qi and the sword qi collided, but the former was crushed by the sword qi directly. Almost instantly, the sword qi killed the old man.


    The vast space was destroyed.

    Ye Chen retreated two steps back before snapping back to reality. Ye Wushuang went over to hold him immediately as he asked in concern, “Brother, are you alright?”

    “I’m okay!” Ye Chen shook his head and looked at the Master Destruction Saber again. He said, “As I suspected, there’s a gush of consciousness power left in the saber, and it was a saber intent.”

    “Saber intent? Do you mean the saber owner left it behind?” Ye Wushuang asked.

    “It should be!” Ye Chen took a deep breath and said, “Guess what I saw in his saber intent? This man calls himself the Heavenly Saber. He killed his brother and his parents. He killed his wife last to prove himself, and he was even attempting to swing his saber at the heavens.”

    “Then, what happened?” Ye Wushuang seemed serious.

    “Then, this man’s saber intent found out about my Divine Consciousness, and he swung his saber at me. However, I broke it. I crushed the saber intent altogether,” Ye Chen said in his deep voice, “This man has powerful saber intent. Given that it was a battle of consciousness and it took place in the saber intent’s world, if I didn’t perform the Divine Consciousness Materialization at the critical moment, he might have destroyed a gush of my Divine Consciousness.”

    Ye Chen looked rather solemn as he spoke to this point. Although he had an invincible body, his Divine Consciousness and cultivation base were considered low. He would have to pay a price to achieve the Divine Consciousness Materialization.

    “So, the saber’s owner might have achieved supremeness on Saber Dao. Otherwise, he wouldn’t dare to swing his sword at the heavens!”

    “Brother, then there’s something wrong. Why’s this saber in the Spiritual Medicine Mountain?” Ye Wushuang asked calmly.

    “It means that there’s something wrong with the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.” Ye Chen’s eyes sparkled. Then, he called Yao Huayuan over and asked directly while pointing at the Master Destruction Saber, “Where did you guys get this from?”

    “According to the records of the ancestral scriptures, this belongs to our Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s second-generation founding ancestor,” Yao Huayuan said weakly.

    “Second-generation founding ancestor?” Ye Chen frowned. “Does your so-called second-generation founding ancestor know the Saber Method?”

    ‘Could he be the old man from the illusion?’ he could not help but guess.

    “No!” However, Yao Huayuan shook his head and said in determination, “The second-generation founding ancestor doesn’t know the Saber Method. He doesn’t even cultivate or refine medicinal pills.”

    Ye Chen’s interest was piqued. “Now, I’m curious. How did a man who knew nothing become the Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s sect leader?”

    Even Ye Wushuang could not help but look at Yao Huayuan.

    Yao Huayuan paused and proceeded to say, “It’s said that the second-generation founding ancestor had a brother who was well-versed in the Saber Method. He was extremely gifted, so the second-generation founding ancestor was made the Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s sect leader because of his brother. However, that man revolted and became insane. He killed the second-generation founding ancestor, his parents, and his wife later on.”

    Yao Huayuan looked rather uncomfortable as he shared this. This was a secret of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain that only the sect leader of the generation would know.

    “What happened next?” Ye Chen said.

    Yao Huayuan said slowly, “This created a stir back then. The Martial Alliance announced a kill order against him, but he killed all of them. The Martial Alliance chief fought him, but he killed the chief with his saber too!

    “The entire Martial Dao World was in a panic back then since nobody was his match. After that, he disappeared for some reason. Some say that he was killed by a secretive powerhouse while some say that they saw him being killed by lightning, and some say that he became a monk.”

    Upon hearing that, Ye Chen got him to leave when he realized he did not know much about it. He then looked at Ye Wushuang and said, “Clearly, this man disappeared because he swung his saber at the heavens.”

    “So, is he dead?” Ye Wushuang asked.

    “I’m not sure,” Ye Chen shook his head lightly and said, “This man swung his saber at the heavens, so he would’ve been punished. Theoretically, he would’ve definitely died but his saber intent was left behind. He even had a gush of consciousness left behind, so it doesn’t look like he’s dead.”

    “Brother, if this man isn’t dead and you encounter him in the future…” Ye Wushuang said while raising his brows.

    Ye Chen knew what he meant.

    No matter what, that man belonged to the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. Now that he had conquered the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, they were against each other, and now that he had crushed his saber intent, he had undoubtedly made himself a sworn enemy.

    Ye Chen chuckled softly as he thought to this point. “It doesn’t matter even if he’s still alive. His saber can’t kill me. Meanwhile, my sword can kill him!”

    “I hope that he’s still alive. If that’s the case, I can spar with him. Let’s see if his saber is powerful or if my sword is more powerful!” Ye Wushuang’s battle intent was soaring.

    Just when he was speaking, the Patriarch of Hell’s voice transmission came into Ye Chen’s head, “Master, I found something great. Come over now!”

    The patriarch’s tone was rather excited.

    “Let’s take a look outside!” Ye Chen said to Ye Wushuang and put the Master Destruction Saber away. Subsequently, he ran outside by activating energy beneath his feet.


    “Mommy, can you catch me?”

    “Mengmeng, wait up!”

    “You can’t catch me, hehehe…”

    On a barren slope on the hill behind the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, Mengmeng was playing hide-and-seek with Su Yuhan among the rapeseed field. Their silver bell-like laughter spread far away.

    There was a black puppy lying before a rock wall at the moment. He was extremely excited as he looked at the wall.

    If one were to look closely, they would realize that there was a cyclone sparkling on the wall, and there was a faint tunnel within the cyclone.

    It was a spatial tear!

    He could not believe that there would be a spatial tear in a mediocre place such as the Spiritual Medicine Mountain! The Patriarch of Hell was over the moon.

    ‘There’s a spatial tear here! Won’t mean that I can return to the cultivation world through the tear?’ The patriarch was crying while smiling. ‘The heavens pity me! I’ve stayed here long enough. I want to go back to my fairies and spend the nights in candlelight! I no longer want to be ordered like a dog. Xiao Yezi, I remember everything that you’ve done to me. The stupid name, Cutie, that you gave me aside, you fed me dog food. You even stopped me from going to the club.’

    The Patriarch of Hell’s eyes were rolling as he secretly thought of how to persuade Ye Chen to travel through the spatial tear to the cultivation world together with him.

    ‘That’s right. I’ll go to a cultivation sect with ladies when I return to the cultivation world. I’ll perform my balancing through sex with up to 1,000 lady cultivators. After my cultivation base has recovered, I’ll beat Xiao Yezi up real good, but before I leave, I’ll bring a few packets of dog food along!’

    At that moment, two silhouettes came running. They were Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang.

    Ye Chen looked at the rock wall aside by instinct. His expression became serious. “A spatial tear?”

    “That’s right!” the Patriarch of Hell responded immediately and stood up with two legs. He was behaving like a human with his front paws before his chest as he looked at Ye Chen in a haughty manner.

    “Xiao Yezi, now it’s your chance. Go back to the cultivation world with me, and I’ll forgive everything that you’ve done to me, but the precondition is that you must remove the contract I have with your daughter and kneel to beg me to make you my slave!”