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Chapter 802 - Slaughtering on Earth

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     802 Slaughtering on EarthThe Christian Church was defeated!

    Countless people watched Chen Fan crack the sky and enter the Holy Cemetery. Eight descendants of the Light Race then surrendered to humanity under the lead of the silver-winged angel.

    Then, the satellites captured traces of large-scale battles.

    Those battles took place in Eastern Europe, North Africa and above the Atlantic Ocean. Apparently, those were the battles between Chen Fan and the most powerful Overlords. While everyone was feeling helpless, some news came, saying that the leader of the Wolf Gods and the God of Gold had died.

    This time, the world was completely terrified.

    All the alien races remained silent.

    Many Entities hiding in the secret lands said with a pale face, "He's terrifying. How would there be such an Overlord in the world? Even in the ancient times, he'd be a famous, invincible figure."

    Two hundred Entities, four of the most powerful Overlords and a True God.

    Such a line-up was strong enough to level the Earth; not even ten million soldiers would be able to resist them. They could even destroy the superpowers and conquer any planet in the universe.

    And yet, Chen Fan had killed them all.

    "I finally understand how Master suppressed the Realm of Kunxu. No matter how many Earth Level Deities there are, they can't stop him at all." Hua Yunfeng smiled.

    The eyes of Yu Wenjin and Yukishiro Sa twinkled.

    "Fight, fight! Master defeated those Entities. It's our turn now. We must take control of the planet and eliminate all the secret lands and alien races," A'Xiu said as she swayed her fist.

    The others were also excited. Chen Fan had been quite impressive in this battle. Everyone who had watched it would be thrilled because of it, wishing they were him.

    "Gather all the disciples of the North Qiong Sect, including the troops of the Dragon Hall in Southeast Asia. It's time for us to launch a counterattack against the alien races."

    Fang Qiong got up.

    Her eyes were glittering and the Moon Wheel floated above her. Her sleeves were fluttering in the breeze as if she was a fairy of the Moon Palace.

    Chen Huaian, Hua Yunfeng and Xie Yan also laughed loudly. The energy of the Earth Level Deities then shot to the sky! Those from Kunlun also became vicious. Ye Qincang then said with determination, "Kunlun must join the battle this time. We'll work with the North Qiong Sect and fight till the end."

    As he issued the order…

    The troops of the North Qiong Sect and Kunlun stationed around the East started to take action. The disciples of the North Qiong Sect were all over East Asia. The troop stationed in Southeast Asia had a hundred thousand warriors and they were powerful enough to kill Sages when fully armed.

    They also had the support from China, which had two million soldiers.

    After that, countries around the world also joined them.

    The alien races who were still in the mortal world were in great trouble. They used to think they were superior and they looked down on all mortals since they were the descendants of Entities.

    But on that day, mortals became tigers and attacked them.

    "Bang, bang!"

    There were countless battles around the world at the moment.

    Some superpowers even dropped nuclear weapons to attack some of the Entities, but this had nothing to do with Chen Fan. He was still going after the Entities who had run away.


    An Overlord of the Gold Clan with a bull's head and human body was flying above the rainforest in South America. It flew at a high speed as it looked back from time to time with fear on its face.

    It was Minos the Minotaur, a famous God in many legends. And yet, it was acting as timid as a rabbit right then.

    "Phew, I'm finally here."

    Then, an old God of Gold Temple appeared in front of Minos.

    Minos cracked a villainous smile. It had always been cunning. It was completely frightened because of the God of Death's demise and because Chen Fan had also killed the God of Gold on the Atlantic Ocean. It escaped like crazy and had finally returned home.

    "Our God of Gold Temple can hide in the sky. When I get back, I shall shut the door and the secret land entirely to never go outside again. Chen Beixuan is too terrifying. How can Earth produce such a powerful Overlord?" Minos said with hatred in its eyes.

    "And those Mayan bastards. If they didn't rope us in, why would we go after that devil? Our King wouldn't have died if we had stayed clear of him…"

    A voice suddenly sounded.

    "Hm, so the Mayans are behind all this?"

    Hearing the voice, Minos paused and its giant head turned around slowly like a robot. It saw Chen Fan standing somewhere behind it and he was looking at it with a smile.


    Before Minos completed the sentence, an illusory tree branch suddenly appeared and penetrated its body. The Connate Body was as vulnerable as a piece of paper; there was even a suction energy coming from the branch.

    The tree sucked up all of Minos' vitality in a blink. Minos then exploded and became a cloud of light.

    "Ah, I was thinking about bringing it back to guard the door. Isn't the Minotaur in the stories the gatekeeper of a maze?" Chen Fan chuckled.

    He didn't want to use this Divine Power.

    The Azure Thearch Longevity Body was indeed strong and the Chaotic Divine Tree could destroy the projection of a powerful being, but Chen Fan didn't know that the Divine Tree couldn't be retrieved once it appeared. It grew continuously and would scramble to get the blood and souls of the Entities.

    Luckily, most of the branches on the Divine Tree were absorbing the energy of the dimensional storm and other dimensions.

    "I heard that the Azure Thearch was raised by this tree. People even doubt that the tree was cut off by the Azure Thearch himself so that he could become a Sage! But after some observation, I guess it will still have a trace of spirit, even after being dead for billions of years. Once someone cultivates a corresponding art, it will be able to return to this world." Chen Fan pondered.

    However, he had to wait until he reached the Dao Reunion or the Tribulation stages to call upon the real power of the Chaotic Divine Tree again.

    He swayed his body and flashed towards the temple.

    "Who's here?"

    An Entity rushed out of the temple and stopped Chen Fan.

    However, Chen Fan immediately flicked his sleeve and killed it. After that, Chen Fan let out the Chaotic Divine Tree which rose behind him. It turned into beams of azure light and struck the God of Gold Temple.


    A golden aura rose from the temple.

    The temple was a strong Spirit Treasure that also bred Entities. Otherwise, it wouldn't be able to protect the Gold Clan in the last thousands of years. Rather than a temple, it was in fact a giant city of gold.

    But this was useless in front of the Chaotic Divine Tree.

    "Crack, crack."

    Countless roots grew on the Chaotic Divine Tree and each one of them pierced through the golden aura deep into the God of Gold Temple, then started absorbing the energy of the temple.

    Those of the Gold Clan then saw an impressive sight.

    A Divine Tree ten thousand meters tall grew on the temple. As the Divine Tree became brighter, the golden aura around the God of Gold Temple became dimmer. In the end, the entire temple and all the people of the Gold Clan turned into dust.

    Then, the Chaotic Divine Tree went back behind Chen Fan as if it had eaten enough.

    Chen Fan felt that it was gradually becoming concrete.

    "Will the Chaotic Divine Tree really be reborn in the end? It was the first Divine Tree and is said to be able to create worlds," Chen Fan wondered.

    After exterminating the Gold Clan, Chen Fan didn't stop.

    The Dragon Demon Valley, the ancestral ground of the Dark Wolves, the giants' nest in Northern Europe, the Temple of Death in Egypt…

    Many secret lands were eliminated. The Entities begged, surrendered or resisted, but Chen Fan simply killed them all.

    On that day…

    The world had been filled with wails of the Entities and the alien races.

    The entire world was flooded with blood. Countless Entities died and tons of alien races were exterminated. Those treasures from the Entities were all in Chen Fan's hands.

    In the end, all the secret lands were leveled, except for the city underneath the Atlantic Ocean, and even the Beasts in the Devil's Cave were killed. Chen Fan was covered in blood; what he did astonished the world.

    Both his opponents and the rest of humanity were astonished by his power.

    "From now on, the Earth will have no Gods. If there's one, it must be Chen Beixuan!" someone said.

    He exterminated all the secret lands in a week!

    While the others were still in shock, Chen Fan had already arrived in the United States.

    Below him was a towering black pyramid which was the Mayan battleship.

    "There's only you left!" Chen Fan said.