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Chapter 310 - The Man Who Swung His Saber at The Heavens!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 310: The Man Who Swung His Saber at The Heavens!

    Under Yao Huayuan’s guidance, Ye Chen arrived at the Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s forbidden area.

    The so-called forbidden area was actually a mini palace that was developed individually. There were four old men guarding the palace door. Ye Chen scanned it with his Divine Consciousness and found out that the four old men’s cultivation bases were powerful. They were approximately on peak-stage Dao Entry.

    Such a powerful man would be the boss of an area if they were out in the world, but they were guarding a medicine pavilion now. Judging by that, it was no wonder that the Spiritual Medicine Mountain could hold such a high status.

    “Mr. Ye, these four are our Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s Pavilion Guardian Elders. Each of them holds a key with them. To open the palace door, you’ll need to open it with my key and their keys,” Yao Huayuan introduced while trembling. Then, he took out his key and ordered, “Old Qi, please open the medicine pavilion door.”

    The man called Old Qi was an old man in gray robes. He glanced at Ye Chen in fear and nodded at the other three. They then inserted their keys into the lock of the palace door.

    Five keys rotated following the direction of the five elements.


    The door was opened.

    Just when Ye Chen was about to go in, Old Qi suddenly asked, “Mr. Ye, what you’re going to do with our Spiritual Medicine Mountain?”

    “I’m only taking things that I need. I won’t touch the rest. You guys will continue to take care of them,” Ye Chen chuckled softly and said. He knew that they were worried that he would take all of the stuff that they had been keeping for hundreds of years.

    If he were in the cultivation world, Ye Chen would have definitely done that without hesitation. However, he was on Earth now where resources were limited. Given that Yao Huayuan had yielded to him, it was not necessary for him to do that.

    Old Qi nodded lightly and retreated aside instantly.

    Yao Huayuan smiled awkwardly. “Welcome, Mr. Ye.”

    Ye Chen nodded and took the lead to enter the palace. The space inside was a tiny, sealed area that was up to 100 square meters. Meanwhile, there were rows of wooden shelves with many things placed on them.

    Su Yuhan said in surprise, “There is so much stuff!”

    “This is our Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s medicine pavilion. It has been existing for hundreds of years. The ancestors have ordered that we can’t open this place unless it’s the last resort,” Yao Huayuan looked bitter as he explained.

    Now that the collection of hundreds of years belonged to Ye Chen, he could not smile.

    Scanning with his Divine Consciousness, Ye Chen looked through the so-called collections one after another. Although he was mentally prepared, there was joy between his brows.

    ‘100-year-old Heavenly Thunder Bamboo. It’s known as one of the three Sacred Woods. It can release light golden Divine Thunder that chases spirits away. It’s used exclusively in Ghost Dao Methods.’

    He walked over and observed the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo that was the length of a chopstick closely.


    A light golden lighting exploded from the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo with a series of zapping noises.

    Yao Huayuan and Yao Bingyue were shocked.

    Clearly, they never expected that from something that they had kept for hundreds of years. They also had no idea how come it would have such a great transformation when Ye Chen laid his hands on it.

    “Brother, is this the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo?” Ye Wushuang, who was standing aside, asked.

    His Great Thunder Sword came from Luoyang’s Ning family. Their ancestors refined weapons, and they obtained a Heavenly Thunder Bamboo by accident too, so they had used it to refine the Great Thunder Sword.

    “That’s right!” Ye Chen smiled lightly. However, he soon frowned as he spoke, “But it’s too young. It’s unfortunate…”

    Although he said that, he was not disappointed at all because he had the Immortal Drift Bottle. It could mature the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo, aging it from 100 years to 500 years and even up to 1,000 years.

    Ye Chen put the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo away into his storage ring as Yao Huayuan and Yao Bingyue watched him in pain. He began looking around again.

    ‘Thousand-year-old ginseng, thousand-year-old Chinese knotweed…’

    The Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s medicine pavilion had a total of eight thousand-year-old herbs that were conserved perfectly. Ye Chen secretly nodded upon seeing that.

    It seemed like the Spiritual Medicine Mountain knew that they must pick the spiritual herbs as soon as they were over a thousand years old instead of continuing to cultivate them.

    All living things had souls, especially herbs and wood. Wisdom would grow within them when they reached a certain age. When they realized their fate was being made into medicine, they would try to escape that ending. By then, humans would be at a loss.

    Ye Chen did not take the few thousand-year-old herbs as they were not exactly useful to him. They were regular herbs, so he thought of leaving some hope for the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, to Yao Huayuan and Yao Bingyue’s relief. To them, the thousand-year-old herbs were no different than the Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s life.

    Subsequently, Ye Chen walked out of the medicine pavilion after taking some stuff that was useful to him. Yao Huayuan arranged their accommodation for them.

    “Daddy, I want to play!” Mengmeng carried the Patriarch of Hell and was excited to chase the butterflies and bees that were flying out there.

    “Go on, but don’t stray too far!” Ye Chen kissed his daughter while the little girl ran out carrying the Patriarch of Hell in joy.

    “I’ll watch her.” Su Yuhan went after her worriedly.

    At that moment, Ye Chen, Ye Wushuang, and Yao Huayuan were the only people left in the house.

    Ye Chen glanced at Yao Huayuan and suddenly said, “Can you show me your Master Destruction Saber?”

    When Yao Huayuan took out the Master Destruction Saber and charged the saber qi, Ye Chen realized there was aura in the saber qi.

    Connecting the dots whereby Yao Huayuan had said that many sect leaders of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain had used it to kill Martial Dao masters before, Ye Chen could not help but have his interest piqued.

    Yao Huayuan handed the rusty Master Destruction Saber to him instantly without hesitation. Subsequently, he closed the door and walked out.

    “Brother, something’s wrong with the saber,” Ye Wushuang said with his deep voice.

    “You notice that too?” Ye Chen glanced at him and took a close look at the saber. However, he did not see anything unusual. He thought about it and covered the entire saber with Divine Consciousness. Then, he sensed a strange spiritual wave which made him dizzy.

    In the next second, the image before him suddenly changed.

    He saw a vast land before him and an old silhouette standing on a mountain that was over 30,000 meters tall. The man held a saber and was still as if he had turned into a stone.

    He suddenly opened his eyes and lifted his head to look into the sky. A terrifyingly powerful saber intent exuded from his body while the saber in his hand shook.

    This man was attempting to swing his saber at the heavens!

    At that moment, he seemed to have sensed something, so he suddenly turned his head. He stared directly at Ye Chen. “I, the Heavenly Saber, have killed my brother and my parents. I’ve also killed my wife to prove myself. I’ll kill everyone in the world. Who are you? How did you appear in my world?

    “Can you be the Heavenly Dao?! Go to hell!” he shouted after saying that. A saber qi that could destroy everything erupted at Ye Chen as if it was tearing through space.

    If regular people were to witness that, they would have definitely been so scared that they would tremble. However, Ye Chen scoffed, “You’re just a saber intent remnant! How dare you boast before me?!”