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Chapter 309 - The Value of Spiritual Rice!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 309: The Value of Spiritual Rice!

    “From now on, I, Yao Bingyue, swear to serve Mr. Ye in all loyalty. If I were to go behind your back, I’ll be punished by humans and gods!”

    Yao Bingyue copied what Yao Huayuan did, which was to swear loyalty to Ye Chen. However, she felt bitter. She knew that the Spiritual Medicine Mountain that her family had passed down for hundreds of years now belonged to Ye Chen. She would be lying if she said she was not in pain.

    However, what could she do about it?

    Both her grandfather’s and her years had been robbed by Ye Chen. If they refused to accept that, they definitely would not be able to live for long.

    After they were dead, the Spiritual Medicine Mountain would still belong to Ye Chen anyway.

    Ye Chen nodded and lifted his eyes to look at Yang Feiyu and Wan Qian who were standing aside.

    As he faced the young man’s intense stare, Yang Feiyu said by instinct, “Brother Ye, oh, I mean Mr. Ye, there’s something that…we need to attend to. We won’t stay.” He dragged Wan Qian’s hand in the attempt to leave after saying that. Now, he did not dare to call Ye Chen his brother.

    Wan Qian clasped his fists at Ye Chen.

    “Wait!” Ye Chen suddenly called out to them.

    Yang Feiyu turned his head to look at him anxiously. He said while stammering, “B-brother Ye, p-please don’t point at me. I didn’t offend you.” He was really scared because Ye Chen suddenly pointed at him.

    Now, even Wan Qian’s face turned pale. He thought that Ye Chen would blame him for underestimating him earlier.

    Ye Chen said in between tears and laughter while looking at them being as silent as cicadas during winter, “Brother Yang, didn’t you come to the Spiritual Medicine Mountain to ask for medicine for your father? What? Do you no longer want it?”

    Yang Feiyu rolled his eyes. How could he dare to ask for medicine when this happened? However, he realized the underlying meaning of Ye Chen’s words instantly. Joy spread across his face. “Mr. Ye, do you mean…?”

    As Ye Chen flicked his fingers, a red pill shot out at him. He said calmly, “This is the Body Cleansing Pill. It’s enough to save your father. Take it.”

    Yang Feiyu grabbed the Body Cleansing Pill with his hand by instinct. He began scrutinizing it at a close distance. There was a red halo on the medicinal pill in his hand, and it had a unique herbal fragrance, which lifted one’s spirits just by sniffing it.

    He was over the moon. “Mr. Ye, can this really treat my father’s uremia?”

    “Of course!” Ye Chen smiled lightly. Uremia aside, it could even treat cancer.

    At the same time, Wan Qian also sensed the uniqueness of the Body Cleansing Pill. He could not help but exclaim, “I-is this a supreme grade medicinal pill?”

    “What’s a supreme grade medicinal pill?” Ye Chen was surprised.

    The Body Cleansing Pill was a medicinal pill that he had refined casually. The herbs that he used were not precious and were not worth much in the cultivation world.

    Yao Huayuan, who was aside, coughed a few times and said slowly, “Mr. Ye, medicinal pills are categorized as low, middle, high, and supreme grades. You can tell the quality of a medicinal pill by its color.”

    He paused as he spoke to this point, “This Body Cleansing Pill that you just took out is a supreme grade medicinal pill. Even I can’t refine it.”

    “That’s right.” Wan Qian nodded with envy in his eyes when he looked at Yang Feiyu. This Body Cleansing Pill was not only useful for regular people, but it was also useful for him.

    Ye Chen responded indifferently.

    In the cultivation world, medicinal pills were categorized into grades 1 to 9. Medicinal pills above grade 9 were immortal pills. The so-called supreme grade medicinal pill that Yao Huayuan and Wan Qian mentioned could only be considered grade 2 medicinal pills in the cultivation world.

    “Mr. Ye, you’re so generous. I wonder what kind of price I’ll need to pay for this,” Yang Feiyu said. As someone from the Yang family from Hong Kong, it was only natural that he knew there was no such thing as a free lunch in the world.

    “There’s no need. I like you. That’s all.” Ye Chen shook his head lightly.

    Along the way, he liked Yang Feiyu’s character. As someone from a wealthy family, although he was a little proud, he was not boastful and ridiculous.

    “Thank you. After my father recovers, I’ll definitely bring him to thank you himself.” Yang Feiyu bowed to Ye Chen in utter respect and left with Wan Qian.

    Ye Chen lifted his eyes and looked at Yao Huayuan. “Let’s go. Show me around your Spiritual Medicine Mountain.”

    Yao Huayuan nodded, feeling very bitter.

    Together with Su Yuhan and the little Mengmeng, Ye Chen caught up with him. There were mountains and rivers everywhere they passed by with lingering spiritual energy. Even Su Yuhan, a regular person, sensed the uniqueness of the place.

    Countless people from the Spiritual Medicine Mountain backed aside to open a path for Ye Chen. They had complicated expressions on their faces. From now on, the Spiritual Medicine Mountain would no longer belong to the Yao family but the Ye family.

    Over ten minutes later, Yao Huayuan took Ye Chen to a broad space. They saw spiritual fields that looked like stairs as they gazed over it. Dense herbs were planted in the spiritual fields.

    ‘Jade Ganoderma, 50 years old. One of the herbs to refine Foundation Pill. The root can be boiled into soup for spiritual energy replenishment…’

    ‘Fire Pomegranate, 30 years old. Brightens the eyes for regular people and is very effective for curing short-sightedness and far-sightedness…’

    ‘Silver Horn Tree, 500 years old. Its branches are like silver horns, and they can be used to refine wooden magic tools such as flying swords…’

    ‘Tiger Bone Flower…’


    Ye Chen scanned the fields with his Divine Consciousness and learned about all of the herbs before him. Most of them were common herbs that could be found in the world such as panax ginseng. However, there was a portion of herbs that he could use.

    There were even Tiger Bone Flowers and Pipewort Flowers. Now, he had the herbs to refine medicinal pills for his daughter as well as materials to refine the Youth Retaining Pill.

    He secretly nodded. The journey here was worth it.

    At that moment, he suddenly stopped walking. He looked at a spiritual field 100 meters away. Subsequently, he walked over to a plant that was similar to wheat. He was surprised as he stated, “It’s spiritual rice.”

    “Mr. Ye, what’s spiritual rice?” Yao Huayuan said while panting as someone held him because exhaustion would kick in after walking for a little bit now.

    Ye Chen glanced at him. “Since you don’t know its function, why did you plant it here?”

    “We didn’t plant it. They grew themselves. We thought they were weeds before, and we were going to remove them!” Yao Bingyue said while shaking her head.

    Remove them?

    Ye Chen had an urge to slap them. He said while shaking his head, “These are good stuff. Spiritual rice is different from regular rice. Spiritual energy comes out of it after cooking. For regular people, hundreds of diseases can be cured and their bodies can be strengthened while cultivators can grow their cultivation base by eating that.”

    In the cultivation world, not all cultivators fasted. Some of them had a low cultivation base and did not practice grain avoidance, so they would still need to eat. The food that they ate was spiritual rice.

    Such things were usually planted in spiritual fields by sects and they would be taken care of by low-level disciples.

    Yao Huayuan and Yao Bingyue were dumbstruck to hear that revelation. They looked grateful right away. Bread was the staff of life. Even the leader of a nation would agree with that.

    If they were to mass-produce spiritual rice and sell it to the outside world, they would create a stir. It could definitely be more popular than Yuan Longing’s hybrid rice.

    “Get someone to move all of the herbs around the spiritual rice away. Leave a couple of spiritual fields to plant more spiritual rice,” Ye Chen ordered and said, “Now, bring me to the so-called precious collection of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain!”