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Chapter 801 - Invincible, Invincible!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     801 Invincible, Invincible!"Argh!"

    Black energy emerged from the body of Anubis and was dispersed in all directions. It was thousands of years' worth of accumulated Death Qi. The energy couldn't be contained anymore once its body was shattered.

    Anubis let out a cry, then exploded and turned into drops of light.

    The invincible True God died in front of everyone.

    Billions of humans witnessed this event through the myriad of broadcasts! Both ordinary people and Entities of the alien races felt a bit sad. Several thousand years of suffering, cultivation and experiences had been turned into mud.

    But the sadness was gone very soon; everyone had their eyes on Chen Fan, the fierce young man!

    "Even a True God lost to him. Who else can fight him?" the Observer said.

    Many forums and Weibo were flooded with comments, to a point where the server almost broke down. Everyone was in distress, but they didn't know Chen Fan could be this fierce.

    "He suppressed the secret lands and killed a True God all by himself. He's a peerless Overlord of mankind!"

    "Hail, Heavenly Chen… No, Perfected Cultivator Chen!"

    "Perfected Cultivator!"

    Countless people changed the title for Chen Fan.

    Sky Immortals were called Perfected Cultivators in the East, meaning that they were unbeatable! Even though Chen Fan had yet to become a Sky Immortal, he had killed a True God with his bare hands. So, what was he if he wasn't a Perfected Cultivator?

    In the North Qiong Sect.

    Chen Huaian and Wang Xiaoyun were relieved.

    The battle this time had been especially dangerous. Any one of them would have died. Nobody had thought that Anubis would suddenly recover, but Chen Fan prevailed in the end.

    "After this battle, the Earth will belong to humanity!"

    Ye Qincang laughed.

    The eyes of Azure Dragon and Red Sparrow brightened. To be exact, the world would belong to China and the North Qiong Sect! So, they were currently looking at the North Qiong Sect with respect.

    Inside the black pyramid in the United States.

    Many Mayan Overlords stared at the screen with a pale face.

    "These losers! Our leader had already given them a plan and helped Anubis recover. I can't believe they couldn't even deal with a human. Wasn't Anubis a True God? How did it lose like that?" someone said furiously.

    "It's not their fault. Looks like we underestimated Chen Beixuan. This human is full of mysteries. The Divine Art he used in the end can't be found in our database. Was it passed down from ancient Sage or something of the sort?"

    Their leader shook his head.

    He was totally different from the other Mayans. He was a bit more mature and his eyes had turned into two sapphires, which were the signs when his Soul Energy became extremely concrete, like two cores. There was a six-pointed star on his chest.

    It represented nobility among the Mayans.

    He was Kolin, a Mayan noble who was also Councillor of the Parliament. He held a superior status, being able to directly discuss matters with the elders and ministers.

    "But it's all right. Everything's still within our expectations," Kolin said.

    Many Mayans also calmed down, eventually looking down on Chen Fan with disdain.

    After the God of Death died…

    The Entities of the alien races froze.

    "How was that possible?"

    Guao couldn't believe it.

    Dahaka screamed and escaped. It didn't look like the Lord of a Forbidden Land and a Core Formation Master at all. Even the Pope shouted, "Run to the Holy City!"

    Since Anubis had died, Chen Fan's next target had to be them.

    The Saints and angels retreated to the Holy City and the other Entities ran right behind them, but it was too late. Chen Fan shook the Chaotic Divine Tree.


    Countless airstreams turned into azure blade aura which fell from the sky like a volley of arrows. Each of them was as powerful as a Spirit Treasure and was able to kill Connate Beings.

    Drops of blood immediately fell from the sky.

    Dozens of Entities were killed and many warriors of the Mermen died. Those Transcendent State and Immortal State Warriors were annihilated; only the most powerful Overlords, like the God of Gold and the King of the Ocean, remained.

    The other Entities either died or escaped to the Holy City of the Christian Church.


    Chen Fan ignored those who ran away, then he stepped forward and slashed forward.

    Rays of light came out between his fingers and a huge crack appeared in the sky. The crack then expanded towards the Holy City.

    Even though the sacred light and energy rose from the churches and countless phantoms of angels flew into the sky, nothing was enough to stop the attack.


    The entire Holy City was split in half.

    The ground cracked and countless staff members of the Christian Church were crushed into pieces by the storm. Many churches collapsed and the Vatican was completely leveled in the end.


    Many gasped.

    Chen Fan had been unstoppable ever since he showed his Azure Thearch Longevity Body.

    "So, this is his real power." The Ancestral Dragon lowered its head with fear in its eyes.

    Only old Overlords like itself knew how terrifying the Holy City of the Christian Church was. As the center of faith of the world, the Holy City contained the power of faith from the last thousands of years. Every brick and wall were unbreakable because of it, and the castle was strong enough to withstand attacks from a True God, but it couldn't even bear one move from Chen Fan.

    "This is the power of a Heavenly Lord, just like in the legends!"

    Many surrendered Entities were stunned.

    In the ancient legends, there had once been a Heavenly Lord in the East who was more powerful than a True God, able to tear the world apart, crack the air and travel ten thousand miles with a step! It also had the power to crush mountains, sink the continents and capture planets! However, nothing but legends remained; no one had ever thought that such an energy would appear on Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan didn't know about it.

    After he destroyed the Holy City and found that the Pope and the others weren't there, Chen Fan sneered and said, "Do you really think you'll be able to run away from me by just hiding in a small world? So ignorant."

    Chen Fan opened his eyes which were full of golden glitter.

    Everything close to the Li Fire Golden Eyes disappeared, and even the sea of Essence Qi shrank. In the end, a world like a bubble floated in the middle of the storm.

    It was the "Holy Cemetery."

    The legendary place where the Entities suffered and the Saints slept. It was the last trump card the Christian Church had.

    Although the cemetery was as large as the Realm of Kunxu, it was full of mysterious energy and sacred light. The soil used to bury the Connate Beings could preserve their bodies; they could recover even after thousands of years.

    Usually, no one was able to travel between two worlds unless they became Heavenly Lords. Like in the Realm of Kunxu, once the Gate of Heaven was closed, the realm would be isolated from the planet.

    But then, Chen Fan stretched out his hands and pulled.


    The dimension shattered.

    A tunnel was formed. Earth was on one end while the Holy Cemetery was on the other. Chen Fan could see the frightened looks of the Pope the others through the hole.

    "No!" All the people of the Christian Church let out a desperate cry.

    The Pope looked serious; some sacred light surged out of his body. He was trying to gather the energy of the world to shut the tunnel, but the Chaotic Divine Tree stabilized the tunnel with its branches.

    Then, Chen Fan stepped into the Holy Cemetery. Dozens of Saints and angels hiding inside, including the Pope, showed up in front of Chen Fan.

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    Many Divine Arts were performed.

    The Pope even used the "Adjudication Art!" This time, he had gathered all the energy of the Holy Cemetery and his attack was comparable to one from a Golden Core Cultivator, but it was still useless.

    Chen Fan was like the God of War. He killed one person every time he took a step.

    The Saints of the Christian Church, the Entities of the alien races and the angels were as weak as ants in front of Chen Fan. He initiated the Swallowing Divine Power and formed a giant black swirl, which sucked all those Entities and turned them into pure True Essence for brewing elixirs.

    "You profane man, go to hell!" the Pope shouted.

    His hair had turned white again, and countless beams of white light shot out from his body. In the end, he was completely swallowed by the sacred light. The energy of the entire world then turned into a Holy Cross Light Blade of a few hundred feet that fiercely slashed at Chen Fan.

    An attack comparable to one performed by a Golden Core Cultivator.

    Chen Fan threw a punch and broke the Holy Cross Light Blade. Even though the Holy Cemetery was strong, the Pope wasn't a Golden Core Cultivator and couldn't really use the Golden Core power.

    Seeing the Pope die, the remaining Saints and angels were devastated. They surrendered one after another.

    After dealing with the Christian Church, Chen Fan continued chasing after the other secret lands.

    Five minutes later, the slowest Dark Wolves were annihilated.

    Ten minutes later, Dahaka the Dragon Demon died in Eastern Europe and its body became a Blood Pill.

    Half an hour later, Guao was killed on the Atlantic Ocean and all its blood was extracted… In the end, only the King of the Ocean managed to escape deep into the sea, not daring to come out again.

    In just a day, Chen Fan exterminated seven secret lands and alien races.

    The world was terrified when the news was spread!