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Chapter 308 - The Life Destruction Finger!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 308: The Life Destruction Finger!

    “Mr. Ye, I’m sorry. I’m sorry!” Yao Bingyue was kowtowing so hard that there were thuds on the ground. Soon, her forehead cracked and blood smeared the ground. It was shocking to watch.

    Ye Chen’s series of techniques completely crushed her guard, as well as her pride and dignity. At that moment, she found out what kind of person the Spiritual Medicine Mountain had offended.

    If there was a chance that she could turn back time, she would definitely not have cheated Ye Chen of the Heart Repairing Pill. Instead, she would exchange it with him politely. Besides that, she would not have persuaded Murong Yang to attack Ye Chen.

    “Mr. Ye, we’re sorry!” Yao Huayuan, whose arm had been severed, stood up from the ground. He seemed to have aged even more now. “It’s my fault for not teaching Bingyue properly. I, Yao Huayuan, am willing to take responsibility. Please spare her life!”

    Ye Chen chuckled softly. “How are you going to take responsibility?”

    “I can promise all of the conditions that you raised earlier. You can take whatever you want from the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.” Yao Huayuan forced a smile. He knew very well what this decision meant.

    So what though? They had been at fault first, and he was not Ye Chen’s match, thus he could only bear the implications willingly.

    Standing aside, Wan Qian watched that scene with a complicated expression on his face.

    Who would have thought the Spiritual Medicine Mountain that had been passed down for hundreds of years, the sect that everyone in China admired, would end up like this today? Furthermore, it was all because they had offended a young man. If this were to spread, outsiders would be so shocked that they could not speak.

    “Mr. Ye, what do you think?” Yao Huayuan looked at Ye Chen in a begging manner. To him, he had already compromised too much. He thought that Ye Chen’s rage should have subsided by then.

    “It’s not enough!” However, Ye Chen shook his head.

    Yao Huayuan’s face turned pale upon hearing that. He looked even worse for wear while blood trickled down the corner of his lips. “I wonder if it’s enough if I kill myself before you, Mr. Ye.”

    He only managed to bear a son when he was old, but the latter had passed away at a young age due to sickness. He only had a granddaughter, Yao Bingyue, left. She had been raised with a silver spoon in her mouth since she was young, so she was spoiled.

    “Grandpa!” Yao Bingyue screamed and said to Ye Chen immediately while looking at him, “Mr. Ye, this has nothing to do with my grandpa. It’s all my fault. I’m willing to take responsibility!”

    Determination flashed through her face after saying that. A dagger appeared in her hand, and she poised it to pierce her heart directly.

    “Bingyue, no!” Yao Huayuan’s expression changed although he knew that it was too late as he tried to stop her in despair at that moment.


    Ye Chen flicked his fingers, and a spiritual energy cyclone shot toward Yao Bingyue directly. The dagger was thrown the moment when it was getting to her body.

    “Mr. Ye, what are you trying to do?” Yao Bingyue looked bitter.

    Ye Chen took a step forward and said, “Although you guys should be given the death penalty for offending me, since you guys are the only descendants of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, you’re still considered beneficial to me. So…”

    Yao Huayuan and Yao Bingyue were over the moon to hear that.

    However, Ye Chen suddenly said, “You’ve escaped the death penalty but not the punishment!” He lifted his arm and pointed at Yao Huayuan to perform a cultivation spell, the Life Destruction Finger!

    “You knew that your granddaughter was at fault, but you allowed her to go ahead anyway, and you even want me dead. Therefore, I’m going to take three years of your life as punishment!”

    A green gleam exuded from Yao Huayuan’s body as soon as he said that. As soon as the gleam left his body, he aged quickly while his face turned pale. His hair turned completely gray while his face that was already ancient was as wrinkled as withered tree bark.


    He felt as if his body was sucked dry. He had no more strength to stand as he fell hard onto the ground. He was like an old man whose one leg was already in the coffin.

    He was extremely horrified. Just by pointing at him, Ye Chen had taken away his vitality and spirit. He had less than five years to live, but Ye Chen had taken three years away, so he could only live for less than two years now.

    Nonetheless, Ye Chen ignored him and looked at Yao Bingyue instead. “You’re greedy for benefits, you evil lady. You back out on your promise which is dishonest. I’m taking 50 years of your life away!”

    Ye Chen pointed his finger again as soon as he was done speaking.

    In the next second, Yao Bingyue’s black, shiny hair turned gray. Her soft skin was wrinkling at a high speed. Her tall and beautiful body began to shrink to the extent that she was hunching a little. She had turned into an old, hunched lady.

    “No! Don’t do that!” Yao Bingyue was horrified. Her voice was like an old lady’s, and it was extremely sharp and husky.

    To all women, youth was the most precious thing. It was worth more than one’s appearance and body, but now, Ye Chen had taken away all of her pride. It was even more painful than killing her.

    No matter how she screamed, she could not change the reality.

    Yang Feiyu and Wan Qian had goosebumps as they watched that.

    Wan Qian especially thought he was known as the descendent of Hong Kong’s Southern Sect. However, he had never seen anything so strange.

    What kind of technique was that? He could take one’s age away by force. It was even more powerful than the legendary Death Note and the Judge’s Pen!

    The respect Wan Qian had for Ye Chen peaked as he thought to this point. “Godly! That’s a technique coming from a god!”

    Yang Feiyu stepped back many times, not daring to stay close to Ye Chen at all because he was scared that Ye Chen would suddenly point at him too. ‘I’m so handsome, and there are many babes who are waiting for me to flirt with them. I can’t be like them!’

    Yao Huayuan sat on the ground and panted. He looked at Ye Chen weakly and mumbled, “M-Mr. Ye, kill me. Please, I-I’m so tired!” He was feeling even worse than before as if moving a finger would be tiring for him.

    Most importantly, all of the organs in his body were failing. He would struggle with all sorts of diseases sooner or later. By then, he would be in a living hell. It was what all old people were afraid of facing.

    At that moment, Su Yuhan walked over while carrying Mengmeng. Her pretty face looked pitiful “Ye Chen, are we being too cruel?”

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly and looked at Yao Huayuan and Yao Bingyue in a condescending manner. He said expressionlessly, “You guys should know that I can let you guys live, and I can kill you too. So, I can make you guys age or make you youthful! The reason why I’m not killing you is that I think you are useful to me. As long as you perform well from now on and are loyal to me, I might consider returning your youth!”

    Hope appeared on Yao Huayuan and Yao Bingyue’s faces that were initially hopeless.

    Nobody was fearless of death!

    Nobody would not care about their appearances, including them!

    Ye Chen said calmly in the face of their stares, “To be honest, not only I can refine the Heart Repairing Pill to prolong one’s life, but I can also refine the Youth Retaining Pill to regain one’s youth!”

    The people were so shocked that they could not say a thing.

    A moment later, Yao Huayuan stood up while shaking with Yao Bingyue’s help. He bowed to Ye Chen and said softly, “From now on, the Spiritual Medicine Mountain will make you our master!”