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Chapter 800 - Killing a True God

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     800 Killing a True God"Crack."

    The Sacred Land of Death, which was surrounded by spirits and filled with Death Qi, covered an area of several thousand feet.

    It looked like a grey oval from the outside and it suddenly shook. A tree covered in azure glitter was growing inside. The zone could only allow the tree to pass through it and reach ten thousand meters in the end.

    The giant tree was surrounded by airstreams and azure energy, which seemed to be able to kill a Connate Being. Many worlds appeared on the branches.

    "This is?"

    Countless people were dumbfounded and even Guao was confused.

    In the Christian Church, an angel with silver wings and white hair who was wearing silver armor stammered, "This… this looks a bit like the Chaotic Divine Tree that existed when the universe was formed, as described in the legends…

    "This is the tree that nurtured countless worlds. Eons ago, it was cut off by an ancient Overlord. Why is it here now?" The silver-winged angel couldn't believe this at all.

    Then, the situation changed.

    Once the Chaotic Divine Tree appeared, it sent down beams of light. Those dead souls were immediately purified, becoming nourishment for the roots when they touched the tree.

    A man enveloped in an azure aura emerged from the sacred land.

    Chen Fan was wearing a white shirt and his white hair moved with the wind. His eyes were burning and rays of azure light were let out from his bones and organs. The azure light was as hard as diamonds and countless deadly Divine Arts were entwined on the light rays.

    "What Divine Power is that?"

    There was a glint of fear in the red eyes of Anubis.

    "This is not a Divine Power. It's pure energy!" Chen Fan said and stretched his body as if he were breaking free of some kind of shackles.


    A sound like a tsunami came from Chen Fan's body.

    The azure light turned into a ray of light through the world like an Entity's sword, and it broke the Sacred Land of Death in half.

    He broke the sacred land by simply moving.

    Chen Fan was like an invincible immortal at the moment; every move he made was earth-shattering. The zone was thin like a piece of paper and unable to restrict him in the slightest.

    "Damn it!"

    Anubis was startled.

    Still, it was the Egyptian God of Death and it had a lot of trump cards. The ruby on its scepter suddenly sent out a beam of red light.

    This ray of light was shot across the air like a laser beam, seemingly spliting the world in half.

    Many black cracks appeared in the sky.

    "Watch out. It's the Deadly Divine Light!"

    Guao and the others were terrified. They backed down and avoided touching the cracks.

    This was the legendary Divine Light the God of Death used to attract souls. Living beings would die and their bodies would fall apart once they touched it. Even Golden Core Overlords would stay clear of it.


    Chen Fan stood there instead of escaping.

    The Divine Light, which was able to kill True Gods and Sky Immortals, clashed with the azure aura around Chen Fan's body and created a sound akin to metal being cut at a high speed.

    The Deadly Divine Light was indeed powerful, but it couldn't pierce the layers of azure aura; it was only able to slowly move forward. Going by this estimate, it would not touch Chen Fan even after three days.

    The phenomenal-success Divine Body was unstoppable!

    "Oh no!"

    Anubis was frightened; it wanted to run.

    But it was too late. Chen Fan stretched out his azure, crystal clear hand and grabbed.


    A hole appeared in the air. Chen Fan took a step and instantly traveled a thousand feet, showing up in front of Anubis. Chen Fan threw a punch.


    Anubis raised its scepter.

    The azure fist struck the gold scepter, producing the sound of a church bell. Then, Anubis fell, forming a giant hole. Some Entities who couldn't dodge in time were crushed into powder.

    Chen Fan then immediately flashed down from the sky and turned into a beam of azure light.


    The ground shook as if a giant hammer had smashed it; the power was enough to level a mountain. Although Anubis was a powerful True God, it spurted out blood because the attack was too powerful.

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    Chen Fan didn't hold back at all.

    Even though he was as weak as a child in front of the three-meter tall Anubis, every punch he dealt carried a terrifying energy; Anubis had no chance to fight back. The beams of azure light and black light clashed, but the Divine Body of the God of Death couldn't hold out anymore.

    The body of Anubis was spouting blood. Its bones fractured and its organs cracked. The impact of Chen Fan's attacks even caused an earthquake; people who were several hundred miles away could also feel it.

    "He's too powerful! He's too powerful!" billions of people around the world said.

    The God of Death, a True God who had dominated Egypt, was being beaten up by Chen Fan. The Entities of the alien races couldn't believe it, thinking that all of it was an illusion.

    He's invincible!

    No Overlord could fight against a True God. Why was it possible this day?

    "Argh!" the bleeding Anubis yelled. It was a True God worshipped by billions of people. How could it be humiliated like that?


    The body of Anubis let out more black light growing until it was a hundred meters tall. Some terrifying energy was surrounding it; it was much stronger than the one used before.

    This True God had started to use full force.

    But it was to no avail. Chen Fan flashed like an azure dragon and punched Anubis' head, cracking half of its face. It was pushed away, creating a thousand-meter gap on the ground.

    "You're indeed a Golden Core Being, much tougher than that fake dragon. Let's see how many more punches you can take."

    Chen Fan snickered and rushed forward again.

    His body shook and every step he took cracked the air. He traveled through dimensions which made it difficult to capture him. Anubis tried slashing with its claws, sending out red rays from its eyes and using the gold scepter, but its attacks couldn't hit Chen Fan.

    In the end, Chen Fan threw another punch, crushing half of its Divine Body.

    Countless people watched this scene in complete stupor.

    Even Guao, the Pope and the others were speechless. Chen Fan had the upper hand, as if he were beating up a child since the beginning; the God of Death had no chance to fight back at all.

    "Go to hell!" Anubis shouted with blood all over its body.

    It mumbled like the God of the Underworld and an enormous phantom gradually appeared behind it. The phantom was hidden in the dark as if it had just crawled out of Hell. Each word Anubis said drained it. Its black hair turned white and it started to look old. Apparently, this forbidden art was too harmful to the caster.

    "This is the legendary God-summoning Art. Anubis is calling for the real God of the Underworld, which is a powerful being in the universe. Thousands of years ago, Anubis used this forbidden art to defeat its enemy and this is why it was seriously injured," the silver-winged angel yelled.

    It used to be a liaison of the True God and was knowledgeable.

    Many people started feeling odd. The phantom hidden in the dark only showed its indifferent eyes, but they felt as if they were falling deep into an abyss.

    The Entities around the phantom were a few kilometers away, but all of them started yelling. Many weak warriors of the Mermen turned grey and perished.

    Once the phantom appeared, ten miles around it became a grey zone. The world was only grey and white. This was a real sacred land which could kill anything and was much stronger than the one created by Anubis.

    "It's just a Divine Art. I might have to be worried about it if it showed up in its real form, but a phantom is totally nothing."

    Chen Fan sneered.

    The grey and white energy surrounded Chen Fan, but his azure aura immediately blocked them. The Azure Thearch Longevity Body was a top Divine Body, comparable to the true form of the God of the Underworld.


    Chen Fan stomped his foot.

    The Chaotic Divine Tree behind him shook. Countless airstreams moved, becoming an azure torrent that rushed towards the phantom.


    The gray zone started to shrink with the energy surge.

    The God of the Underworld's phantom was penetrated by countless branches of the Chaotic Divine Tree. Even though it tried to escape, it was only a projection of a being and the Divine Tree was way too powerful. So, how would the phantom fight against it?


    In the end, the phantom was broken and endless Death Qi was absorbed by the Divine Tree.

    The entire grey zone was immediately shattered.

    Anubis let out a cry and its hundred-meter body exploded, turning into endless black airstreams which flowed to all directions.

    One attack.

    The God of Death, Anubis, was dead!