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Chapter 799 - The Real Divine Body!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     799 The Real Divine Body!The weakest ones among the thousands of Mermen were Transcendent State Warriors. Some of the stronger ones were Immortal State Warriors while the strongest were the Entities; the most powerful of all was an Overlord: The King of the Ocean, Garna. They had even initiated their Divine Artifact, the Trident of Poseidon.

    In the end, such a terrifying array had been destroyed by Chen Fan!

    This was completely beyond everyone's imagination.

    "It's impossible! How can he be so powerful?"

    Guao and the others were stunned.

    The array of the Mermen had reached the Golden Core Level. Other than the Realm of Kunxu and the Mermen who had conquered the entire ocean, no secret land could form such a magnificent array, but it still was unable to stop Chen Fan. How could anyone not be scared?

    The Dragon Demon, Dahaka, yelled, "A True God. He's a True God!"

    The eyes on its remaining head were full of fear. Chen Fan had totally frightened it; he had also broken the Apollo Shield which had been passed down for thousands of years in the Dragon Demon Valley. His attack not only destroyed the Divine Artifact, it also shook Dahaka's confidence.

    A True God?

    Everyone went silent.

    There hadn't been a True God on Earth for thousands of years.

    Even the old dragon of Chang Bai was only half a True God and was pretty far away from summoning the Thunder Tribulation. It might not even be able to become a real True Dragon in its entire life. There were only True Gods and Sky Immortals at the legendary Temple of Death and the Realm of Kunxu; the other secret lands didn't have any.

    "It's impossible. A True God controls the world and is able to create its own sacred land! Chen Beixuan is indeed powerful and his body is tough, but he's not a True God yet."

    A pretty female angel in a Light Divine Armor shook her head.

    The Light Race was a well spread race in the universe. They had much more information than the normal races, and they knew a lot about the Golden Core Level since they were actual descendants of a True God.

    "He's indeed not a True God, but his body has power of that tier!" Guao said after a while.

    They were right.

    Chen Fan had yet to enter the Golden Core Level. He had only been using the energy of his body; once his Divine Body reached the phenomenal success level, it was comparable to a Golden Core Body. Besides, the Azure Thearch Longevity Body was even more powerful than a top Divine Body.

    "Anyway, we should run."

    Dahaka was terrified.

    It was afraid that Chen Fan would crush its last head.

    Countless people on Earth were speechless. Two hundred Entities and the four most powerful Overlords had been beaten up by Chen Fan and were thinking about escaping?

    He had suppressed the world by himself!

    Chen Fan had just become the savior of all the people on Earth!


    The Entities looked at one another.

    They were afraid that they would die if they continued to fight, but they didn't want to simply run away, either. So many secret lands and Entities together couldn't even handle one person. How could they accept that?

    But Chen Fan's power was real. Even if he wasn't a True God, he was as strong as one!

    "Don't worry. There isn't just one True God in the world." The Pope cracked a smile.

    While everyone else was confused.

    They saw the Pope bowing in a certain direction.

    "Please help us deal with this profane man. Show him the power of the secret lands, your Highness."

    Everyone looked in that direction and saw a group of priests with scepters and black robes. They had yet to enter the fray.

    "Your Highness? Isn't that how we call a True God? But there aren't any True Gods on Earth!"

    Many people were confused, but some suddenly realized what this meant. They gasped.

    "Could it be that one… The legends say it's injured and can't leave its sacred land."

    In front of the world, the leader of the priests took off the black robe and showed a black dog head.

    It had a dog head and a black human body; it was a few meters tall and its red eyes carried a deadly energy. After the robe was removed, everyone was able to see the gold scepter he carried and the golden armor it was wearing. Its body was surrounded by Death Qi and countless phantoms of lost souls were singing around it.

    Many people immediately recognized it once they saw it.

    The Egyptian God of Death, Anubis!

    It was a real God! It had ruled a kingdom next to the Nile thousands of years in the past, and was the last True God on Earth.

    "How is this possible? Wasn't Anubis sleeping in its sacred land? Is this a clone?"

    Chen Huaian was startled.

    "It's not a clone. According to our information, a clone of the True God can be identified. There are countless followers singing around it, which is the sign of a True God."

    Ye Qincang smiled wryly.

    Wang Xiaoyun and Fang Qiong had already turned pale.

    At this moment, many Martial Arts Overlords and Dark Overlords seemed to have lost their souls; even ordinary people were out of sorts. They had always heard about the True Gods, but this was their first time seeing one.

    The Ancestral Master of the Ba Ji Sect said as his hands trembled, "This is a True God, a real, immortal God! Can Heavenly Chen fight against it?"

    A True God was different from ordinary Entities.

    Even though the Serpent Gods and the God of Gold were Entities, they were just more powerful beings. They could absorb a portion of the power of faith and refine it like they did with Spirit Qi, which was the same as the Earth Level Deities did in the East.

    But a True God wasn't the same.

    A True God could absorb the power of faith endlessly and could even create a sacred land for its followers. If the sacred land became stronger, it could even become a world which was large enough to contain billions of spirits. Although this sacred land was unreal and much weaker than a real Soul Formation sacred land, it was still pretty impressive.

    "This is impossible. Wasn't the God of Death injured? How can it get out of the sacred land?"

    Dahaka's eyes popped out.

    "Before coming here, we gave Anubis all the power of faith we had collected in the cemetery throughout the last thousand years. With such a large amount of power, it has completely recovered and returned to its best condition," the Pope said.

    His eyes were filled with sparks of wisdom.

    With their several thousand years of history, the Christian Church was indeed resourceful. When they first saw Chen Fan, they had started planning for the next steps. After all, Chen Fan was too terrifying and they had to be prepared.

    Everyone was frightened after hearing what the Pope said. Chen Huaian and the others had a hint of hope before, but it had gone up in smoke by then.

    "According to the ancient legends, a True God can destroy anything and anyone below their level. Is that true?" the God of Gold, Guao, said sarcastically.

    The King of the Ocean, the angels and the Wolf Gods also cracked smiles. Since the earliest historical records, nobody had heard of someone who could defeat a True God.

    Their eyes were wide open, ready to watch Chen Fan die.

    "The God of Death, Anubis?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and glanced at the dog-headed humanoid. It was a complete Golden Core Being and was much more powerful than Perfected Cultivator Yunxiao.

    "If you had made an appearance three years ago, I might not have been able to kill you, even with the Passage Of Time. Unfortunately, you're late."

    Chen Fan heaved a sigh.

    "Go to hell!"

    Anubis immediately attacked without hesitation. An endless surge of Death Qi exploded in the sky; an area close to a thousand feet completely turned into an underworld.

    There were dragons howling, dead people singing and skeletons flying in this hellish ground.

    This was the sacred land of Anubis. Anyone who entered the sacred land of a True God would be manipulated.

    They could kill all Connate Beings within this land.


    The Entities immediately fell back.

    Some of the slower ones couldn't escape from the deadly sacred land in time and they turned grey in an instant. Their bodies started to decay and their souls were further drawn into the sacred land, becoming part of it.

    "This is terrifying."

    The Entities were frightened.

    This was only the first impact. So, how much pressure would Chen Fan face?

    He was inside the Sacred Land of Death, surrounded by a golden aura. Countless soaring spirits attacked him and the power of death clashed against his body like tides.

    Chen Fan's golden Blood Qi seemed to be a bit overwhelmed and he started to be pushed back.

    The phenomenal-success Divine Body could fight with Golden Core Cultivators, but it wasn't strong enough when facing an experienced True God like Anubis.

    "You only have the body, but not the power of a True God," Anubis said.

    It wasn't speaking a human language, but an ancient language used in Hell. Each word it uttered carried a deadly energy. Then, the Death Qi surged from all directions.

    As a True God, it could control all the Essence Qi within a hundred miles.

    In the end, Anubis woke the spirits that had been sleeping under Rome for thousands of years. Rome was one of the oldest cities in the world and many people had died there in the past.

    "Swish, swish."

    Many dead spirits came out of the ground and entered the Sacred Land of Death.

    The souls of the citizens who didn't make it out of the city had been extracted from their bodies and drawn into the sacred land. With these millions of spirits, the sacred land became more powerful, covering an area of two thousand feet.

    Chen Fan's golden Blood Qi had been reduced to only an area of three feet surrounding him.

    "Go to hell!" Anubis said with its red and cold eyes.

    It knew this human was powerful, so it had to finish him with one attack. Anubis believed that even a Sky Immortal of the East would die in the Sacred Land of Death.

    Then, Chen Fan smiled and said, "Anubis, do you really think this is all of my power? You've underestimated my phenomenal-success Divine Body!"

    Chen Fan stomped his foot and shouted, "Go!"

    His golden Blood Qi suddenly turned into beams of azure light.

    The light was so bright it made Chen Fan look like an azure gem. The azure light rays were more stable and powerful than the golden light, carrying a vivid energy.

    But more terrifying was that a shadow of a towering tree appeared behind Chen Fan. It was the Divine Tree that supported the entire universe. The branches were surrounded by the sun, the moon and the planets. Many of them even went deep into the sky and lifted the world.

    The phenomenal-success Azure Thearch Longevity Body was manifested!