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Chapter 307 - Defending A Magic Tool with His Bare Hands!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 307: Defending A Magic Tool with His Bare Hands!

    The giant Medicine Man only stopped after staggering over 20 meters back following Ye Chen’s blow. Meanwhile, a long drain between Ye Chen and him was created!

    The drain was three meters wide.

    At the moment when Yao Huayuan screamed, the smile on Yao Bingyue’s face froze as disbelief filled her face now.

    Meanwhile, Yang Feiyu and Wan Qian were dumbstruck!

    Yao Huayuan had great fear in his eyes as he looked at Ye Chen. “Young man, are you well-versed in the Body Refining Method too?”

    “Is that all you’ve got?” Ye Chen said while having his arms behind his back.

    “Haha!” Yao Huayuan smiled coldly. “You’re underestimating me, as well as the Medicine Man. That was merely a warmup. Now, I’ll show you what despair is!”

    He shook the bell in his hand again. At the same time, he shouted, “Medicine Man, perform the Gigantic Demon Refinement!”

    As soon as he was done speaking, the giant released a shriek from far away.


    A series of cracks came from his body as he was expanding. His arms that were the size of an adult thigh grew to the size of a bucket at that moment. Meanwhile, the muscles and veins on them danced like venomous snakes.


    His clothes exploded and tore into pieces. His height that was initially 2.5 meters had grown to some 3 meters now.

    When one looked from a distance, he seemed like a gigantic human titan. His entire body was filled with a violent and destructive aura.

    “Young man, this is the Medicine Man’s final combat strength. The reason why I was unwilling to perform it was that I can only do it one time. As soon as I do it, the price to pay is the Medicine Man’s gift being exhausted. But you’ve forced me to do this!” Yao Huayuan’s ruthless voice was then heard saying, “Medicine Man, kill him!”


    The giant charged at Ye Chen quickly. Just like before, the ground shook and there were big holes with every step he took.

    In the next second, the giant suddenly spread his arms and charged at Ye Chen in a hugging form. Clearly, he attempted to seize Ye Chen and suffocate him with brute force!

    Standing aside, Yang Feiyu could not help but gulp. ‘Holy moly! If this big thing hugs someone, the person’s bones will be crushed into dust and smashed into a meat pie!’

    “Stubborn fool!” Ye Chen scoffed and grabbed a stone lion aside. He held onto the stone lion that weighed two tonnes just like that.


    The stone lion seemed to be alive whereby its huge body rushed out at the giant that growled in rage and recalled both of his hands. He then threw a punch at the stone lion.


    As the stone lion exploded, gravel scattered all over. Yao Yuanhua and Wan Qian consolidated a mysterious qi barrier before them to block the gravel that rained on them.

    When they looked again, the giant’s humongous body was flying out like a ball! He was thrown hundreds of meters out and eventually landed against a stone wall, making a gigantic human-shaped hole.


    He knelt hard onto the ground and his body was twitching. His arms were hanging low like limp noodles. They were clearly fractured.

    Yang Feiyu, Wan Qian, and the rest who were watching aside practically had their eyeballs fall out.

    It was a giant that weighed 320 to 360 kilograms, but now, it was like a baby before Ye Chen.

    ‘This man must be a kungfu master!’ Yao Huayuan’s expression was changing. He could not figure out who in China could have such powerful flesh and force and was also a Spell Master at the same time.

    ‘They said that the No. 1 in China, Mad Southern Ye, is incredibly powerful. This young man doesn’t seem any weaker than Mad Southern Ye! Damn it. I can’t believe that the Spiritual Medicine Mountain has offended such a person!’ Although Yao Huayuan thought that way, he did not hesitate at all. He took a sharp saber out from behind him.

    The saber had rust all over while there were runes and spells inscribed with cinnabar on it. A heavy, quaint, and barren aura was exuded the moment he took it out.

    “I-is that a magic tool?” Wan Qian, who was standing aside, looked on incredulously.

    Meanwhile, Yao Bingyue had excitement written all over her face.

    “Young man, this is the ancient saber that our Spiritual Medicine Mountain has passed down for generations. It’s called the Master Destruction Saber, and every sect leader of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s generation has killed a master with it! I’ve never used it before since it was passed down to me. Forget it. I’ll use your blood to scare the hooligans out there!”

    When Yao Huayuan placed the Master Destruction Saber before his chest, a majestic mysterious qi was consolidated. He then directed it at Ye Chen through the air.


    A ferocious saber qi shot out from the saber. At that moment, an ear-piercing explosion rented the air as the saber qi ripped through it directly.

    The saber qi divided the ground into two as it made its way to Ye Chen, producing a huge ditch.

    “The Master Destruction Saber?!” Wan Qian screamed. Clearly, he recognized it. Throughout the few years when he had been an apprentice with Master Xiao Buyi of the Hong Kong’s Southern Sect, he had heard of the saber that had been passed down for generations in the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. However, the saber was hardly seen.

    Nevertheless, a Martial Dao master would die by its magnificence every time it appeared. He thought it was just a rumor and never thought that it would be true.

    Yao Bingyue smirked. “Ye Chen, isn’t your body powerful? Fight it with your body forcefully if you can!”

    “Hmph!” Ye Chen scoffed and stretched his arm. He was really grabbing that ferocious saber qi as if he was triggered by what Yao Bingyue said.

    “You fool!” Yao Bingyue chuckled.

    ‘This saber can kill a master but you’re grabbing it with your bare hands. You must be seeking death!’


    He held the ferocious saber qi that could break a car into half with merely two of his fingers.

    When Ye Chen applied force to it lightly, the saber qi was crushed instantly. It turned into a couple of messy and ferocious beams of energy flying at Yao Huayuan.

    Yao Huayuan was hit by a few of the energy beams directly as he did not see them coming. His right arm was severed by the energy instantly.

    “Ahh!” he shrieked and knelt onto the ground directly!

    Soon, his blood splashed all over Yao Bingyue’s face.

    The place was filled with dead silence!


    Yao Huayuan had been defeated!

    He had used all sorts of techniques. First, it was the Mountain Barrier Formation, then the puppet with Martial Dao master cultivation base, and then the Master Destruction Saber!

    Those techniques could kill any Martial Dao master, but Ye Chen had destroyed all of them entirely.

    He was too powerful and too terrifying!

    Yang Feiyu and Wan Qian’s hearts were trembling!

    “So, is this your Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s technique? It’s nothing. How dare you not fulfill your promise?!” Ye Chen ridiculed and walked toward Yao Huayuan one step after another. The killing intent from him grew with every step he took.

    Yao Huayuan had despair all over his face!

    Yao Bingyue looked at Ye Chen, who was walking over, with horror on her face. Her attractive body was shaking. Suddenly, she knelt hard onto the ground and kowtowed as if she was crushing garlic with her head. She began crying.

    “No, don’t kill us. Ye Chen, Master Ye, I’m apologizing to you. We’ll agree to whatever request you have!”