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Chapter 798 - Crushed Everything

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     798 Crushed Everything

    "Bang, bang."

    Claps of thunder were heard.

    Many Entities of the Gold Clan ran forward first. They were worried about their King so every one of them did their utmost. The immortals shot out beams of golden light from their hands, which cracked the ground and shattered buildings. How powerful was it when thirty Connate Beings attacked together?

    Then, everyone could finally see.

    The sky had turned into a sea of energy enveloped in pure Divine Light. Essence Qi around a thousand meters was blocked and only beams of light were left.


    Chen Fan didn't hold back anymore. He showed all the power of his phenomenal-success Divine Body.

    The golden Blood Qi covered the sky as if a thousand nuclear bombs had exploded and their shockwave risen to the air. This Blood Qi was let out by his Divine Body. Chen Fan was at the moment like a space battleship!

    "Boom, boom, boom!"

    Chen Fan clashed against the Entities of the Gold Clan, but their attacks were like breezes to him. The more than ten feet long blade auras were weakened by the golden Blood Qi when they were dozens of meters away from Chen Fan; they couldn't affect him at all in the end.

    The phenomenal-success Divine Body was said to be indestructible.


    Chen Fan reached out and grabbed an Entity with a human upper body and cow hooves. He then squeezed it and the Entity exploded, turning into drops of golden blood.


    Many Overlords of the Gold Clan attacked with tears in their eyes.

    Chen Fan walked in the sky calmly and attacked at every step.

    He punched, scratched, smacked, pointed… Every one of his attacks shot across the sky and took the life of an Entity. Just like that, Chen Fan had killed ten Entities after taking ten steps.

    The Entities were stunned!

    They weren't afraid of dying, but Chen Fan still frightened them. These Overlords had been running wild on Earth for countless years. They had never seen such a terrifying Overlord before.

    "My turn!"


    Dahaka ran forward.

    Its three heads spouted out red, green and grey flames. Each of them carried a different kind of energy. The Red Sun Flame could burn the world, the Green Poisonous Flame combined thousands of toxins and the Grey Death Flame was from the God of Death which could take away any life. Those below the True God level would be helpless against them.

    But Chen Fan just stood there, not planning to escape.


    The three flames reached Chen Fan, but all of them were blocked by his golden aura. He stood in the middle of the flames surrounded by rays of golden light like a massive immortal Golden Core with an indestructible and eternal energy.

    Dahaka almost spurted out blood, but Chen Fan wasn't affected at all. It was terrified.

    "A True God. You're a True God…"

    Chen Fan had already kicked before it finished talking.


    One of Dahaka's heads exploded.

    Many broken bones and blood fell from the sky. It let out a cry and was knocked away several thousand meters like a shooting star, clashing against the Colosseum of Rome which created a giant hole in this historical building.

    "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

    The angels and Saints of the Christian Church attacked one after another.

    First up were the Paladins wearing armor, enveloped in Divine Light. They rode on their horses and their spears were shining. These Paladins had conquered the planet for the Christian Church and had fought with countless Entities. They had excellent battling techniques.

    Besides, many Saints were helping right behind them.

    Many sacred halos fell on the Paladins, including bravery, strength, endurance, agility… Each halo made their power surge, becoming as strong as mid-stage Connate Beings. Seventeen Paladins then turned into a sacred light shield which was as massive as a wall.

    Seventeen of them were as powerful as thousands of soldiers.

    "Let's fight!"

    Chen Fan went head to head with them.

    Every part of his body had become a killing machine. Every move he made shook the air and created black cracks. Having been an invincible Celestial Lord in his previous life, he had never lost a battle and his battling skills were more than ten thousand times stronger than that of these Paladins on Earth.


    Five Paladins fell back in a heartbeat. Some of them had their ribs fractured, while some had their spears broken and others had almost been split in half. They would have exploded if it weren't for the Divine Arts covering their bodies. But still, they lost their power.


    Chen Fan also became vicious.

    He shot to the sky and his Fist Qi was flying like a dragon. He then tore a winged angel into two pieces. Endless drops of sacred blood fell from the sky and funeral music sounded to send off the angel.

    The Light Race was prominent in the universe. Each of their descendants were precious. There were only eight of them even in the Christian Church and they were all as strong as mid-stage Connate Beings, but they still couldn't survive Chen Fan's attack.

    "Kill him!"

    Even the Pope was anxious by then.

    A dozen Entities had already died in just a moment. Chen Fan's power was completely out of everyone's imagination.

    "Boom, boom!"

    Countless Entities, Saints and angels besieged Chen Fan.

    Many Divine Arts, energy, blade auras and Dharma Powers made the Essence Qi were directed at him. There seemed to be a level sixteen storm forming above Rome and half of the city collapsed. Countless buildings and streets had been destroyed. People all over the world remained silent as they watched the battle anxiously.

    Chen Fan was standing at the center of the storm.

    There was a sea of energy which could swallow everything, frightening the most powerful Overlords. And yet, Chen Fan's power surged and the golden Blood Qi around him almost became layers of golden flames that could block many attacks. The flames formed an indestructive area a hundred feet around him and protected him from harm.

    It was the power of the phenomenal-success Divine Body.

    This was why True Gods and Sky Immortals could kill everyone and weren't afraid of Connate Beings.

    "Boom, boom, boom."

    The Pope, Dahaka and Guao attacked at the same time.

    Even though some of them had been injured, they recovered quickly. Those three Overlords initiated their Divine Artifacts. The Pope was holding a spear which was covered in blood and sacred light.

    The Spear of Longinus.

    It was said to be a spear that had been stained with the blood of a True God.

    Dahaka took out a fire shield with three flames surrounding it like three fire dragons. This was a Divine Artifact from ancient Persia called the "Shield of Ahura," which was a treasure of the Sun God.

    They joined forces with Guao who was wearing the Armor of Gold.

    Three earth-shattering bursts of energy moved forth. The three of them were as powerful as the Ancestral Dragon and the seven Sect Masters in Kunxu when holding their Spirit Treasures. Along with the attacks of the other hundred Entities, Chen Fan would have tried escaping three years back.

    Billions of people on Earth were startled.

    But Chen Fan only stood there and slapped gently with his hand.

    "Bang! Bang! Bang!"

    Three thunderous sounds resounded around the world.

    They were so loud that there were even some concrete sound waves in the air and the Entities nearby exploded. The terrifying sound waves even made the ground crack; everything in a thousand meter radius was completely crushed.

    The Pope and the other two Overlords who were at the front spurted out blood and were knocked ten thousand meters away. Guao had the most severe injuries and its body had almost been torn. At that moment, Chen Fan launched three attacks.

    The first attack.

    Chen Fan bent the Spear of Longinus and knocked away the Pope.

    The second attack.

    Chen Fan destroyed the fire shield and smashed Dahaka's second head.

    The third attack.

    Chen Fan destroyed half of Guao's body and the armor was full of cracks.


    Everyone was speechless; even those Entities were terrified after witnessing such an onslaught. At the same time, Chen Fan swiftly flew higher and headed towards the Mermen like a spear.

    "Array!" the King of the Ocean, Garna, yelled.

    Thousands of the Mermen warriors initiated their powers at the same time and resonated with one another in a wonderful way. The power was sent from the weaker soldiers to the leaders and Generals and was finally concentrated by the heads of the Entities.

    A giant Sea God which was a few hundred meters tall appeared in the sky.

    It had a human body and a snake's tail. Its body was covered with dark green scales; it was wearing a crown and holding a trident. It looked like Garna the King of the Ocean, but older and more powerful. It was the legendary True God from the ancient times: Poseidon the Sea God.


    The Dharma Form of the Sea God, which carried the power of thousands of warriors of the Mermen and twenty Entities, attacked Chen Fan.

    This was the power of a Golden Core and was comparable to an attack of three Spirit Treasures. The air seemed to be oppressed by the power surge; then, the trident struck.

    Chen Fan didn't dodge. He threw a punch instead.


    There seemed to be a thousand suns shining in the air.

    The entire world was in silence; everyone was speechless. Rome first shook slightly, then it was leveled by an invisible energy. Countless buildings and historical architecture had been destroyed. An enormous mushroom cloud rose from the ground as if a nuclear bomb had just been detonated.

    Then, a loud noise came.

    Their battle was horrific.

    "Who won?"

    Many had their eyes peeled.

    The power of the array was unimaginable. Not even the Entities knew the Mermen were so powerful. It was apparently impossible for Chen Fan to defeat thousands of Transcendent State and Immortal State Overlords. Even the most optimistic people thought it would end in a tie, which would still be pretty impressive.


    Thousands of Mermen soldiers were defeated.

    Thousands of soldiers in the air had been killed. Then, the phantom of Poseidon disappeared and countless warriors of the Mermen, including Garna, were knocked away as they spurted out blood. Only Chen Fan was left in the sky like an unbeatable God of War!

    The world went silent.

    Everyone was terrified!