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Chapter 306 - Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s Sect Leader Yao Huayuan!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 306: Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s Sect Leader Yao Huayuan!

    When Ye Chen almost got to Yao Bingyue, a raging scream came from behind her.


    Subsequently, an ancient silhouette came over while stepping on an energy wave. He was hundreds of meters away, and he landed before Yao Bingyue in the next second.

    The old man wore a Taoist robe and had a bun on his head. His hair was gray while his face was wrinkled. There was a dying aura being exuded from his body.

    “Grandpa!” Joy filled Yao Bingyue’s face at that moment.

    Mr. Wan’s expression changed noticing the arrival of the man. He clasped his fists instantly. “The descendant of Hong Kong’s Southern Sect, Wan Qian, greets Sect Leader Yao!” He could not be blamed for being so serious.

    Indeed, the old man before them was the Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s sect leader of the generation, Yao Huayuan. He had been popular in the 70s, and he was from the same era as Master Xiao Buyi of Hong Kong’s Southern Sect.

    Although Master Xiao had passed away, this man was still alive.

    Squinting, Ye Chen said to Yao Huayuan, “Are you the sect leader of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain?”

    “That’s right!” Yao Huayuan nodded while he lifted his eyes to look at the blood all over the place. Grief flashed through his eyes. “Young man, aren’t you crossing the line by doing this?”

    There were only some 1,000 people in total on the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. Now that over 100 people had died, how could he not be sad and furious?

    “Is it though?” Ye Chen chuckled as he had his eyes on Yao Bingyue. “Let me ask you this. She cheated me of my Heart Repairing Pill and attempted to steal my medicinal formula. She even worked with the Murong clan to attack me. Didn’t she cross the line?”

    “But nothing happened to you,” Yao Huayuan said in his deep voice.

    Ye Chen responded, “So, do you mean if something happens to me, you’d kill your granddaughter to redeem my life? What kind of stupid logic is that?”

    Yao Huayuan frowned and spoke again, “But you’ve killed up to a hundred people from my Spiritual Medicine Mountain as well as breaking our Mountain Barrier Formation. Isn’t that enough to redeem Bingyue’s sins?”

    After he witnessed Ye Chen crushing the formation earlier, he finally believed that Ye Chen had indeed killed Murong He. Moreover, he did not have too long to live. Therefore, he did not want to fight Ye Chen.

    “Not enough. It’s far from enough!”

    Yao Huayuan’s expression turned grim. “What do you want then?”

    “Get her to kneel and apologize to me!” Ye Chen stretched his arm and pointed at Yao Bingyue. “Also, let me pick any herbs I want in the entire Spiritual Medicine Mountain. That’ll be considered your apology!”

    The people were stunned while Mr. Wan’s face twitched hard.

    ‘Ruthless! I’ve never seen anyone asking for things like that. Is he trying to loot the Spiritual Medicine Mountain?’

    “You b*stard!” No matter how calm Yao Huayuan was, he was now enraged, and he could not help but condemn Ye Chen right away. He finally understood now.

    The young man before him had been targeting the Spiritual Medicine Mountain since the beginning. Meanwhile, accusing Yao Bingyue of cheating him of his medicinal pill was just an excuse.

    One must know that the Spiritual Medicine Mountain had cultivated many precious materials throughout the years. They had a couple of thousand-year-old herbs too. How could they give them away just like that?

    He must be dreaming!

    If Yao Huayuan were to agree to that and the news spread, where would the Spiritual Medicine Mountain stand? By then, would there not be more people coming to ask for things?

    After Yao Huayuan cursed him grimly, a copper bell then appeared in his hand. There was a formation inscribed on the bell.

    “Medicine Man!” he shook the bell and shouted.


    A gigantic silhouette fell from the sky and landed hard on the ground. It was like a huge rock that fell, sending dust flying everywhere.

    A giant appeared in their field of vision after the dust faded away. He was approximately 2.5 meters tall with a crude face. The top half of his body was naked, revealing his muscular arms that were like dragons.

    In his presence, even Yang Feiyu, who was close to 1.9 meters tall, felt small.

    Ye Chen squinted.

    Corpse Refining Dao?

    He found out that the giant before him was a Martial Dao master. However, he had no soul in his eyes while his face was stiff. He had no sanity and was like a puppet. It was similar to the Corpse Refining Dao from the cultivation world.

    “I-is that the Medicine Man?” Mr. Wan exclaimed while horror filled his face. He had heard about a technique in the world whereby a living person could be made into a puppet without any thoughts of his own. Using medicine to control the puppet was a widely used method.

    “That’s right!” Yao Huayuan smiled in pride and glanced at the giant. “It’s the Medicine Man. He’s someone from my Spiritual Medicine Mountain. Although he can’t cultivate, he has stunning talent in Martial Dao. He became a Martial Dao master when he was 30, but he was killed in an accident, so I made him into a puppet!”

    He could not help but look at Ye Chen. “Young man, I know that you’re a Martial Dao master too, but my Medicine Man has been polished with countless body-refining medicines. Knives and bullets can’t pierce through his flesh, and he has no consciousness. Nothing can hurt him, so I’m giving you a chance to scram right now!”

    “How dare you show off a half-done puppet before me?” Ye Chen said calmly.

    “Great, that’s just great!” Yao Huayuan laughed in rage. “You’re seeking death yourself. Don’t blame me then!” He shook the bell again after saying that Then, he pointed at Ye Chen. “Medicine Man, kill him!”


    The giant before him stretched his gigantic hand like a cattail leaf fan as if he was a robot receiving an order after hearing that. With every step he took, there were cracks on the ground.

    Yang Feiyu and Mr. Wan retreated immediately as they were afraid to be harmed. If the giant slapped them, they might turn into a pile of mush.

    Upon witnessing that, Yao Bingyue, who was initially in despair, could not help but grin. The Medicine Man could not be harmed by bullets and he felt no pain. Even if Ye Chen were to sever his arm off he might still chase after him fearlessly.

    Just like the saying ‘the brutal ones are scared of the dumb ones, and the dumb ones are scared of the daring ones’. No matter how confident Ye Chen was, he should really think this through!


    The giant growled and accelerated while he threw a punch at Ye Chen. At the same time, terrifying energy gathered in his fist.

    “I’m not afraid of a living person, let alone a dead man!” Ye Chen scoffed while having his arms behind his back. He threw a punch at the giant’s humongous fist too.

    ‘He’s seeking death!’ Yao Huayuan and Yao Bingyue smirked as they watched that.

    Mr. Wan, who had retreated far away, shook his head and sighed softly. “Sigh, Mr. Ye is way too overconfident to be doing that!”

    Yao Huayuan’s giant was like King Kong. The wisest thing to do at the moment was to dodge his attack and try looking for his weakness.

    However, he could not believe that Ye Chen was trying to fight him with brute force.


    The two fists collided.

    The giant staggered and stepped back continuously, leaving deep footprints on the ground. If one were to look closer, they would realize that the joints on his five fingers had been completely crushed.

    Ye Chen, on the other hand, remained still as if the punch earlier had done him no harm at all.

    The crowd was dumbstruck.

    “H-How is that possible?!”

    Bewilderment colored Yao Huayuan’s face.