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Chapter 305 - Breaking The Formation and Killing: Yao Bingyue’s Fear!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 305: Breaking The Formation and Killing: Yao Bingyue’s Fear!

    The Spiritual Medicine Mountain had a Mountain Barrier Formation: the Dragon Guardian Formation!

    The formation was created by the Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s founding ancestor. It could help the rotation of spiritual energy within the entire Spiritual Medicine Mountain.

    As long as the Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s spiritual energy was on-going, the formation would continue too. Outsiders could not enter at all. If they were to insist, they would be attacked by the formation.

    The Spiritual Medicine Mountain had been passed down for hundreds of years. Many people attempted to get in to steal herbs and medicine by depending on their force, but none of them succeeded.

    “Ye Chen, I’m right here. Come in and get me if you can!” Yang Bingyue stood in the formation and looked at Ye Chen who was out there with a smirk on her face. Her voice was full of braggadocio!

    Meanwhile, the people from the Spiritual Medicine Mountain behind him laughed out loud. They seemed to be sure that Ye Chen could not get in.

    “Mr. Ye, this is the Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s Mountain Barrier Formation. It has existed for hundreds of years. There are almost no loopholes as soon as the formation is activated.”

    Even Mr. Wan sighed. “My master is Master Xiao from the Southern Sect of Hong Kong. I’ve heard from him that in order to break this formation, you’ll need five Illuminating God masters who are well-versed in formations to work together.”

    “Does that mean that we can’t get the medicine?” Yang Feiyu, who was standing aside, looked in despair. He came here to ask for medicine for his father, but now the Spiritual Medicine Mountain had activated the formation.

    “Ye, are you giving up?” Yang Bingyue who was in the formation said while smirking again, “Scram right now. I’m going back on my word, so what are you doing to do about it?”

    There were hundreds of people gathered behind her at the moment. All of them were from the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. All of them were laughing at Ye Chen upon hearing what Yao Bingyue said as joy filled their faces.

    “Sigh!” Mr. Wan shook his head and said to Yang Feiyu, “Master, now that it has unfolded to this point, let’s leave!”

    At that moment, Ye Chen lifted his eyes to look at the dragon’s shadow in the air and mockery was revealed at the corner of his lips. “Yao Bingyue? Do you really think I can’t break this so-called bullsh*t Mountain Barrier Formation?”

    “I’d like to see you break it!” Yao Bingyue thought he was being stubborn, so she chuckled. “If you can break it, I, Yao Bingyue, will be your slave and serve you for the rest of my life. You can do anything you want to me!”

    “Brother, let me do it!” As Ye Wushuang took a step out, a subtle sword intent appeared from him. To him, there was nothing that could not be broken with a swing of his sword!

    If there was, then two swings of his swords would definitely do it!

    Sensing the aura from him, Mr. Wan and Yang Feiyu, who were planning to leave, had a slight change of expression. Clearly, they did not expect this young man who looked 17 or 18 years old to be so powerful.

    “No need. I’ll do it!” As Ye Chen chuckled softly, the Almighty Killer Sword appeared in his hand. He walked toward the light of the formation one step after another. “The Mountain Barrier Formation? It looks more like a tortoiseshell to me. I’ll show you how I’m going to break your shell today!”

    As soon as he was done speaking, a golden gleam shone on the Almighty Killer Sword as if it had turned into a golden, shimmering sword.

    Yao Bingyue scoffed.

    “Break it!”

    Ye Chen swung the sword, and a 30-meter-long sword qi tore the air. In the next second, the sword qi landed on the light accurately.


    As a loud thud came, a crack appeared on the light, which caused the entire Spiritual Medicine Mountain to shake.

    Yao Bingyue staggered and sat onto the ground in disbelief. “How is this possible?!”

    The reason was that the single swing of the sword almost broke their Mountain Barrier Formation.

    Horror filled Mr. Wan’s face! How could that single swing of the sword be so terrifying?


    The dragon’s shadow in the air growled.

    The light of the formation that was collapsing faintly recovered. However, it was much dimmer now.

    “I’m giving you one last chance to deactivate the formation!” Ye Chen said extremely coldly.

    Yao Bingyue sat on the ground. Although she looked rather panicked, she said stubbornly, “No, I won’t!”

    She did not believe that Ye Chen could really break the formation that the Spiritual Medicine Mountain had been passing on for hundreds of years!

    “Great!” Ye Chen smirked and swung his sword at the light of the formation again. This time, he hit it hard. The formation shook again.


    Over ten people standing behind Yao Bingyue spat blood out instantly. Their bodies twitched a few times before they fell and died. They were clearly killed by the impact!

    Yao Bingyue’s face turned pale instantly.

    Besides her, even the people behind her took a step back by instinct. Alarm filled their eyes when they looked at Ye Chen. At that moment, silence filled the place. They were no longer arrogant and boastful like before.

    “Are you going to deactivate it?” Ye Chen looked cold.

    Yao Bingyue bit her lip hard and looked at him with resentment. “No!”

    He swung his sword once more, and the sword gleam was even bigger than before this time.


    Tens of people behind Yao Bingyue exploded at the same time. They turned into a bloody mist that splattered all over without even managing to scream.

    The light of the formation became extremely dim now, but it did not show any signs of being destroyed.

    At that moment, everyone was shocked while Mr. Wan and Yang Feiyu stared at that blankly. ‘I-is he human?’

    Yao Bingyue finally panicked. Her heart was aching so badly that she was suffocating. “Ye, aren’t you being too cruel?”

    The people that he had just killed were from the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, and a couple of them were her relatives!

    “Run! Run now!” someone screamed in utter fear. Subsequently, he caused a bunch of people to flee deep into the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. They dared not stay close to the formation now.

    Ye Chen said nothing as he faced Yao Bingyue’s complaint. He swung his sword again.



    The light of the formation shuddered again. Up to a hundred people who had run hundreds of meters away exploded into a bloody mist.

    Nobody survived.

    Even Yao Bingyue spat a mouthful of blood out, and her body was thrown out far away like a torn burlap sack. If not for her powerful cultivation base, she would have been killed too!

    In the next second, she saw something that she would never forget for the rest of her life. She saw the dragon’s shadow in the air shriek as it was crushed. It turned into a stream of energy that faded away.

    “No!” Yao Bingyue shrieked in devastation.

    The dragon’s shadow was the core of the formation. As soon as it was crushed, it would mean that the formation would be pulverized too.

    As expected, after the dragon’s shadow was crushed, the light of the formation that had been holding on earlier exploded. It vanished entirely within the blink of an eye.

    Ye Chen walked over with his sword one step after another.

    Mr. Wan stared at him blankly, feeling secretly stirred. His lips shuddered as he spoke, “Breaking a formation with four swings of the sword. Mr. Ye has done something that all Formation Masters can’t do. Even Master Xiao Buyi wouldn’t be able to do it if he were still alive!”

    He felt embarrassed. Earlier, he had said that the Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s Mountain Barrier Formation would need five Illuminating God Formation Masters to break. However, he was now proven wrong.

    Not only Ye Chen had broken it, but he had also broken it with brute force. It was overbearing!

    Yao Bingyue jolted and screamed immediately, “Save me, Grandpa! Save me!”

    At that moment, all of the pride and confidence that she had earlier was completely crushed by Ye Chen. There was nothing left in her. She was really frightened now!