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Chapter 304 - Come In And Get Me If You Can!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 304: Come In And Get Me If You Can!

    “No, I’m not here for medicine. I’m here to collect my debt!”

    As soon as Ye Chen was done speaking, the tanned hunk from the Spiritual Medicine Mountain before him was stunned, including Yang Feiyu and Mr. Wan.

    “Brat, what did you say? You’re here at our Spiritual Medicine Mountain to collect a debt?” The tanned hunk smirked.

    The group of people behind them took a step out right after the tanned hunk said that. They glared unkindly at Ye Chen. Clearly, they were ready to attack if Ye Chen said something wrong.

    Yang Feiyu’s expression changed. He stood up immediately to mediate the situation. “Sir, I’m sorry. My friend has said something wrong. I’m apologizing on behalf of him.”

    He stretched his arm to pull the corner of Ye Chen’s shirt, hinting him to apologize immediately.

    ‘Brother, this is the Spiritual Medicine Mountain! People are here for medicine, but you’re declaring that you’re here to collect debt! They won’t have to be responsible even if they kill you!’

    The tanned hunk’s expression only softened then. Just when he was going to speak again, he heard Ye Chen stating again, “I’m indeed here to collect my debt. It’s Yao Bingyue who owes me something.”

    “Shut your mouth!” At that moment, even Mr. Wan could no longer take it. He scolded Ye Chen, appearing extremely terrible.

    Yao Bingyue was the young miss of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, and the sect leader’s granddaughter by blood. Her status was above many! However, this horrible brat was insisting that Young Miss Yao owed him something!

    “You b*stard! Get him!” The tanned hunk was instantly enraged. The second he waved, the ten over people behind him charged at Ye Chen at the same time.

    Yang Feiyu looked at Mr. Wan who was next to him, gesturing him to help Ye Chen.

    However, Mr. Wan looked cold. ‘What an idiot! Don’t you see that even I have to be polite to Spiritual Medicine Mountain?’

    Ye Chen sighed softly and stepped forward. The group of people who were charging at him froze immediately. They were still as if Body Immobilization was cast upon them.

    “Brat, who exactly are you?” The tanned hunk’s expression changed drastically.

    All of his underlings were on Internal Energy, but they were frozen before they could even touch the hem of Ye Chen’s shirt.

    Ye Chen shook his head slightly and squinted as he looked past the Spiritual Medicine Mountain gate and shouted, “I, Ye Chen, am here to collect my debt from the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. Yao Bingyue, pay with your blood when you kill, pay money when you owe money. When are you going to give me what you promised me?”

    His voice was like rumbling Heavenly Thunder. It echoed through the heavens and the earth where the Spiritual Medicine Mountain was. Besides being deafening, everyone was stunned to hear that.

    Yang Feiyu looked shocked. “Brother Ye, you…”


    In the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, there was an old silhouette standing above a green, endless lake. The man had his feet attached to the surface of the water as he stood still. He looked as if he was meditating as well as becoming one with the lake.

    At that moment, the old man suddenly opened his eyes. A cold gleam flashed across his eyes.


    A white fog appeared on the lake beneath his feet. As a range of light cracking sounds was heard, the lake water froze and the ice spread around. Eventually, the white lake was frozen.

    It was the Ten-mile Freeze!

    “Congratulations, Grandpa!”

    A series of clapping was heard as a pretty lady walked over slowly above the lake. Excitement filled her face, but there was slight worry between her brows.

    “Congratulations on mastering the spell, sect leader!”

    At the same time, over ten silhouettes rushed across the lake quickly.

    The old man laughed and said, “Bingyue, I must thank you for getting me the Heart Repairing Pill that will prolong my life for a year. That’s how I got my courage to refine the spell to perfection.”

    Upon hearing about the Heart Repairing Pill, Yao Bingyue’s pretty expression changed slightly. She could not help but think of Ye Chen.

    Noticing her expression, the old man asked instantly, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

    He had been in closed-door cultivation ever since he was dying. He tried his very best to stay still as if he was dead. Therefore, he had no idea what had happened recently.

    “Grandpa, I’ve made the Spiritual Medicine Mountain a great enemy…” Yao Bingyue hesitated and knelt hard onto the frozen lake. She told him what happened while pausing occasionally.

    The old man sighed after hearing that. “You fool, you’ve done something so wrong!”

    Yao Bingyue’s face turned pale. She thought her grandpa was going to scold her for cheating Ye Chen of his Heart Repairing Pill. She thought he would condemn her for working with the Murong clan to attack Ye Chen.

    However, the old man said, “If you’d told me earlier that Ye Chen doesn’t only have the Heart Repairing Pill, but also the medicinal formula, I’d have killed him with Murong He even if I’d have to risk having my vital energy exhausted!”

    He could not help but shake his head as he spoke to this point. “Although Ye Chen is powerful, he definitely can’t fight two Illuminating God experts.”

    “Grandpa, I know I’ve done something wrong. What do we do now?” Yao Bingyue said while biting her lip.

    “Just let it be since we’ve already offended him!” the old man said in an ignorant manner, “I achieved Illuminating God a decade before Murong He did. The spells that I’ve cultivated are much more powerful than his. If Ye Chen really comes, I’m not afraid. Moreover, my Spiritual Medicine Mountain has the Mountain Barrier Formation. As soon as the formation is activated, no outsiders can get in at all!”

    He took out a rosewood box the size of a palm and handed it to Yao Bingyue. “This is the Mountain Barrier Formation’s catalyst. You’ll be in charge of it now.”

    Yao Bingyue stretched her arm to take it. Just when she was about to speak, she suddenly heard a loud noise that was like a clap of rumbling thunder.

    “I, Ye Chen, am here to collect my debt from Spiritual Medicine Mountain. Yao Bingyue, pay with your blood when you kill, pay money when you owe money. When are you going to give me what you promised me?”


    Yao Bingyue staggered and almost fell.

    The old man’s expression changed slightly. “Bingyue, activate the Mountain Barrier Formation right now. That man is here. Stop him from destroying my Spiritual Medicine Mountain!”

    The Spiritual Medicine Mountain was filled with herbal fields. If they were to fight, it would definitely impact the herbal fields. By then, they would be the ones at a loss.


    As soon as Ye Chen spoke, the tanned hunk inhaled sharply with fear filling his eyes when he looked at him again. “Y-you’re Ye Chen? The Ye Chen who killed Murong He?”

    “What? You’re him?!” Mr. Wan jolted hard upon hearing that. He had heard about the battle between Ye Chen and Murong He when he was passing Wanshan Town with Yang Feiyu.

    He was upset that he did not make it in time to witness the battle between two Illuminating God seniors. Never had he thought that one of the seniors would currently be standing before him. Apart from that, they had walked together.

    However, he had been mean to Ye Chen…

    Mr. Wan bowed to Ye Chen immediately. He said while forcing a smile, “I must’ve been blind not to have recognized you. Please forgive me!”

    Yang Feiyan, on the other hand, was dumbstruck. Just when he was going to speak, he suddenly felt an intense tremble on the ground. Subsequently, a green energy shield covered the Spiritual Medicine Mountain gate, shrouding the entire Spiritual Medicine Mountain within.

    A dragon that was 60 meters long hovered above the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.

    “The legend was right! The Spiritual Medicine Mountain really has the Mountain Barrier Formation!” Mr. Wan could not help but inhale sharply as he witnessed that.

    In the next second, a taunt came from within the mountain gate, “Ye Chen, I’m right here. Come in and get me if you can!”