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Chapter 797 - Defeating the Gods!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Meanwhile, billions of people around the world were watching.

    Everyone watched the Entities and the Overlords show up one after another. In the end, there were over a hundred Saints and angels in the cemetery and the sky was covered with Entities, as if it were the end of the world. All of this had dealt them a severe blow.

    And yet, Chen Fan was standing alone like a small boat in the storm.

    "How… how can he fight against them?"

    Many were terrified.

    At this point, the secret lands had completely shown their power, which was enough to kill all troops and destroy all countries. Even the five superpowers were too small and weak in front of the two hundred Entities.

    "We don't have another choice, other than using nuclear weapons."

    At the military command center of Europe, many Generals were frightened and more were anxiously looking at Chen Fan, the last hope of Earth.

    "Can Chen Beixuan win?"

    Nobody knew!

    Even those who had faith in Chen Fan doubted.

    Chen Fan was seemingly invincible during the battle at Dragon Lake, being able to suppress the Ancestral Dragon, but the number of opponents at the moment was several times larger. The main secret lands and the four most powerful Overlords were there. Chen Fan was alone; it would be difficult for him to fight against so many of them!

    In North Qiong Pavilion.

    Wang Xiaoyun, Fang Qiong and the others turned pale.

    "I'll go to help Master." A'Xiu got up with determination in her eyes.

    "No, that would be suicidal. Nobody can help in a battle like this. Xiao Fan is the only one who can do this," Chen Huaian said.

    The Mermen and the Gold Clan formed an array together and their power surged. A Connate Cultivator would immediately be crushed under its influence and even a Core Formation Cultivator would need a Spirit Treasure.

    Even though the Ancestral Dragon was strong enough, Chen Fan left it in Jin City to guard the North Qiong Sect so it couldn't leave.

    "Don't worry. Master never fights in battles he's not confident about. He must have a trump card," Hua Yunfeng said firmly. He thought that those Connate Beings were easy for Chen Fan to deal with compared to the Overlord that could make the world collapse in Chen Fan's memories.


    A twenty-meter golden Entity stepped forward.

    "Chen Beixuan, we'll let you go if you surrender and promise you'll never provoke the secret lands again."

    It had an eagle head and a human body. Its wings were forty meters wide when spread and the feathers were gold in color. It was the God of Gold, Guao.

    "Cut the crap. Just kill him!"

    The King of the Ocean, Garna, snickered. It was wearing a golden crown and the scales on its body looked dim, but the Water Spirit Qi was visibly running all over its body.

    "Kill!" the Dragon Demon, Dahaka, yelled.

    As the Lord of Dragon Demon Valley, one of the Seven Forbidden Lands, Dahaka had three heads, six eyes and looked like a giant three-headed dragon which represented destruction in ancient Persian myths. Although Dahaka wasn't that dragon, it had inherited its blood and was extremely powerful.

    Together with the Pope, they were the six most powerful Overlords, rated to be at the Disastrous Level by the CIA, meaning that they could cause massive disasters in the world.

    "Overlord from the East, you can choose between war and peace. Please don't flood the world with blood," the Pope said.

    At that moment, everyone held their breath, waiting for Chen Fan's decision.

    Even though everyone hoped that Chen Fan would step up and kill all the Entities, most of them knew no one could fight against so many of them unless a miracle happened.

    "I can stop if you yield to humans and sign a treaty to guarantee you won't offend mankind again, or there will definitely be war and Earth will rid itself of all Entities forever!" Chen Fan said with arrogance, not hesitating one bit.

    "How dare you!"

    "How arrogant!"

    "You are courting death!"

    The Overlords of the Mermen, the Gold Clan and the Dark Wolves shouted.

    "You continue to be this stubborn when you're so close to death? Don't think that you can frighten us by making the Ancestral Dragon yield. The old dragon might be strong but it acted alone. How can you resist all of us?"

    The King of the Ocean sneered.

    "Let me go first!"

    The God of Gold, Guao, moved forward.

    This powerful Entity had a golden body and all its muscles carried an impressive energy.

    Its eyes were shining like lamp poles and fire was burning inside. Although Guao knew how powerful Chen Fan was, it was still feeling proud of itself. As the God of Gold, it had the fastest speed on Earth.

    The old dragon is one of the six most powerful Overlords like me. I don't think you can't even withstand one attack. As long as I can entangle you, I'll be able to ask the Mermen to kill you with the array, Guao thought.


    It spread its wings and pulled a long golden light ray in the air, flashing towards Chen Fan at ten times the speed of sound. Its wings were shining bright and the two blade auras they created were enough to split mountains.

    "Watch out!"

    Everyone in front of the TVs held their breath and some even yelled.

    Guao's attack was too fast. Ordinary people couldn't even see it; only Immortal State Overlords could see a bit of golden light. Speaking of power, Guao was as strong as the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect and the Cloud Heaven Thearch, or even stronger, close to the Ancestral Dragon.


    While facing such an attack, Chen Fan only threw a punch.


    The air was filled with golden Blood Qi and the golden Fist Qi shot across the sky. Guao was completely vulnerable in front of Chen Fan's Fist Qi.

    It was like being hit by a giant hammer.

    Its two golden wings cracked and some crackling noises were heard, which was the sound of bones fracturing. In a blink, many bones on Guao's body had been broken.

    Then, countless drops of golden blood fell from the sky.


    A golden body was thrown away.

    Everyone looked at this and gasped. The chest of the brawny God of Gold was dented; its bones had been fractured and its organs torn. Golden blood spouted out of its body and it was apparently close to death.

    Defeating Guao with a punch!

    "You're as weak as an ant. How dare you provoke me? Die!"

    Chen Fan stepped forward and was instantly above Guao's head. He stomped with his foot which was surrounded by beams of golden light. He was like an Entity that could crush a mountain.

    Compared to the Ancestral Dragon who had the Golden Core Body, Guao was too weak and it couldn't withstand Chen Fan's attack at all. If Chen Fan stepped on it, it would be smashed together with its Divine Soul.

    "No!" Guao yelled.

    During this moment of life and death, it started to push the limits.

    A golden armor appeared and covered its body. The armor was old, full of marks. There was a lot of blood on it which was still moving after thousands of years; it was the blood of an immortal True God. This was the Divine Armor of the Gold Clan. Once it appeared, a terrifying energy came out of it; it was obviously a Spirit Treasure.


    Chen Fan stomped on the armor like a giant hammer hitting a steel plate. Countless beams of light shot out from it. It was strong enough to withstand the attacks of a small-scale nuclear weapon.

    But Chen Fan was too powerful. He was like a T. rex that could make a mountain collapse. In the end, he broke the Spirit Treasure and pushed Guao into the ground.


    A mushroom cloud of a few hundred meters high rose to the sky.

    All of Rome was shaking and countless glasses on the local buildings were shattered. Streets and buildings in a few hundred meters were crushed and endless gravel was shot to all places. A large number of citizens in Rome ran outside like crazy.

    When the smoke dissipated, Guao appeared.


    At that moment, countless people gasped.

    The God of Gold had been pushed down creating a hole a dozen meters deep. Its body was bent and was covered in golden blood. There was a footprint on the armor's chest area and it couldn't breathe at all.

    Chen Fan had crushed one of the six most powerful Overlords with a couple of attacks.

    "He's too powerful. How can Chen Beixuan be so powerful?"

    Many Entities were frightened.

    Even though they had never underestimated Chen Fan, they didn't know he would be that powerful! He had almost killed Guao effortlessly. Many of them realized how tough the old dragon was.

    "Kill him. We can't let him hurt our King," the other Overlords of the Gold Clan shouted and rushed towards Chen Fan.

    "Attack together. Smash him!" Dahaka the Dragon Demon also yelled.

    Its three heads swayed and spouted different flames. The flames could burn the air, turn steel into molten iron and make the ground turn into glass-like crystals. The entire sky was covered with fire.

    Countless Entities followed its order and flashed to reach Chen Fan. The sky was filled with rays of light.

    "Boom, boom, boom."

    In the end, the sound of drums resounded around the world. That was the signal for the troops of the Mermen to attack. They banged the shark's skin with a whale bone. Thousands of warriors moved, following the lead of the King of the Ocean.

    The battle that would determine the fate of Earth…

    It finally began!