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Chapter 796 - Entities Gathered

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     796 Entities Gathered

    "My dearest Overlord of the East, why did you come to God's territory?" the Pope said.

    He coughed as he uttered those few words. His body was bent and his hair was all white. And yet, nobody in the world dared to look down on him, as he was a legendary figure.

    The Pope was God's disciple and he led the Christian Church to its glory in the last thousands of years. He was one of the six most powerful Overlords and the most unpredictable one. Everyone knew how terrifying Saint Peter was.

    "My grandpa once came to the Christian Church to interrogate Augustus, but a few Saints beat him up. You must give me an explanation for that."

    Chen Fan stood in front of the Vatican coldly.

    He was facing a dozen Saints surrounded by sacred glitters. They were like messengers who came down from Heaven.

    "Bulls**t! We're Saints. Why would we attack a mortal?" said a blonde man wearing a black armor as he stepped forward. He was quite handsome.

    Saint Augustus.

    The last Saint of the Christian Church, who had slaughtered the Kindred and injured the Blood Ancestor. People thought he had died but he was only sleeping in the cemetery; he had finally reappeared after a thousand years. His power of light was condensed and he was at least a mid-stage Connate Being.


    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and attacked.


    The terrifying golden Blood Qi surged from Chen Fan's body and covered a thousand feet of the sacred city. The entire Vatican was shaking like a small boat in the ocean. Chen Fan was like a God in everyone's eyes; his hand became gigantic and golden. Then he smacked down with it.


    Dozens of Saints were terrified.

    They attacked one after another. The Holy Cross Light Blades, Judgement Divine Arts and sacred fire struck the golden hand, but the Blood Qi had blocked all of them. That was the power of a phenomenal-success Divine Body. These Saints couldn't defeat Chen Fan and they even had to fall back.

    "Help me, Pope!"

    Augustus was frightened.

    He slashed with the Holy Cross Light Blade and the blade aura moved towards Chen Fan, but the sacred sword was as weak as an ant in front of the golden hand. The dozen feet long blade aura cracked.

    Right when Augustus was in imminent danger, there came a sigh.


    The Pope looked up and stepped forward.


    Everyone just felt the ground shake. Millions of citizens of Rome even jumped from their chairs and those a hundred miles away could also feel it.

    The Pope suddenly stood upright.

    His white long hair instantly turned black and his face became fair and smooth. In a blink, Saint Peter became a handsome middle-aged man. His power of light soared; he had become as powerful as the Ancestral Dragon.

    The Pope uttered a word in a different language, "Adjudication!"

    It was the oldest Hebrew and was said to be the language of the True Gods, used to record the chronicles of the True Gods in the world, inherently carrying an extraordinary power.

    A beam of light struck from the sky.

    This light ray was as thick as a water bucket and it carried a destructive energy which could level a mountain, but it had yet to reach its limit.

    Meanwhile, the Vatican was also shining and many sacred powers surged out of the churches. The light ray immediately thickened to the size of a tree as it came down from the sky. Everyone could see flashes of electric light inside it, which contained the utmost purifying power.


    A Divine Art of the Christian Church known as the Divine Thunder of God, able to destroy all evil.

    Seeing such an energy, all the people in front of their TVs held their breath in fright.


    This Divine Art initiated by the Pope, along with the energy of the entire sacred city, smashed against the golden hand, but the golden hand only shook a bit.


    Augustus was smacked down and smashed together with his armor. A giant palm mark appeared on the ground.

    Augustus died after one attack!

    "You're a profane man!" many Saints shouted.

    They were furious because of what Chen Fan had done. They were also shocked since the Pope and the power of the sacred city weren't able to stop him.

    The Vatican had been protected by generations of Saints and hundreds of millions of believers had devoted their prayers. Each church stored endless power of faith and dozens of them together were comparable to dozens of Saints. So, was Chen Fan more powerful than dozens of Saints?

    "Five more."

    Chen Fan flicked his fingers.

    The Christian Church had acted however they wanted for ages, but that wasn't Chen Fan's business. However, they had attacked Chen Huaian and almost killed Chen Fan's family, which was something he couldn't tolerate.

    "Heavenly Chen, you're the most powerful warrior in the East. I respect your power, but this is God's territory and we have God's protection. How can you kill a servant of God like that? Do you really think the Christian Church doesn't have the power to resist?"

    The Pope narrowed his eyes.

    "Really? You do?"

    Chen Fan gave everyone a quick glance and sneered.

    The Christian Church used to have thirty Saints or so, but ten had died during the battle at Dragon Lake. There were less than twenty at the moment since Augustus had also died. Chen Fan could definitely kill them with a flick of his fingers; maybe he would need two when it came to the Pope.

    "Count us in!" someone shouted from afar.

    Boom, boom, boom!

    Some thunderous drum sounds came. Countless onlookers looked up and saw something incredible. There were waves coming towards them in the sky.

    Countless warriors of the Mermen stood on the waves.

    They were holding tridents in their hands and wearing bronze armors. The weakest among them, their numbers around a few thousand, were Transcendent State Warriors. The twenty warriors at the front were ten meters tall and were covered in scales. They could control storms, which apparently marked them as Connate Beings. The one at the forefront was twenty meters tall with a crown on his head. He was as fierce as the Ancestral Dragon and the Pope.

    The Mermen were here!


    Chen Fan shook his head.

    Someone wearing a crown snickered. People had recognized him. He was the dominator of the ocean and one of the six most powerful Overlords, Garna the King of the Ocean. He was the son of a True God and had once ruled over the descendants of Poseidon, but it had been thousands of years in the past and nobody knew if it was true or not.

    "I can't believe the King of the Ocean is also here."

    Many gasped.

    Even though Chen Fan was strong, people were worried that he couldn't fight with two of the most powerful Overlords and dozens of Entities at the same time.

    "If the Mermen and the Christian Church aren't enough for you, what about counting us in?"

    Beams of light came from the West.

    It seemed to be the sun rising that shone over the world. Countless people narrowed their eyes and saw that it wasn't the sun, but golden Entities.

    They were drenched in golden light and golden blood ran inside them. They came down from the sky one after another.

    Although the number of the Entities was way less than those of the Mermen warriors, each of them was a Connate Overlord. Their leader had a golden body and was twenty meters tall with an eagle head, a human body and wings on the back.

    The God of Gold, Guao!

    Everyone was immediately left out of breath.

    Not only the Mermen, the Gold Clan had also arrived. Together with the God of Gold, three of the most powerful Overlords were present. Not even a True God could resist them.

    Many people behind the screens were anxious and asked Chen Fan to leave quickly. Even though Red Sparrow and Yukishiro Sa had faith in him, they were also a bit worried.

    "Not enough."

    Chen Fan stood arrogantly with hands clasped behind his back.

    The Entities before him were just like ants.


    Guao grunted and wanted to attack, but he didn't. Dozens of Entities stood in the air, glaring at Chen Fan and waiting for Guao's command to kill him.

    Right then…

    Many Entities of the alien races came from all directions.

    The Fire Gods from the Persian Fire God Sect, the Overlords from the Dark Wolves, the dragons from Africa and the Frost Giants from Northern Europe. People even saw a few beasts from the Devil's Cave.

    The last ones to arrive were the priests from the Temple of Death.

    They came riding a sand storm which covered half of Rome. Each of the priests was surrounded by the singing voices of dead people. Their leader wearing a black robe even had red eyes and Death Qi around him, as if he had crawled out from Hell.

    "The Mermen, the Gold Clan, the Dark Wolves, the Giants…"

    Someone named them one by one. In the end, they found that the representatives of all the secret lands on Earth had made an appearance. Aside from the legendary Mayans, a hundred Saints and Entities and four of the most powerful Overlords were outside the sacred city.

    Such a line up was earth-shattering.

    Almost everyone was startled; even the superpowers were astonished.

    In the end, the Pope even stomped his foot the entire sacred city shook. Beams of Divine Light were shot to the sky from the cemetery. A lot of Saints and angels that had been sleeping for thousands of years crawled out of the ground and flew into the air.

    "Dong, dong, dong."

    Pure singing choirs were heard.

    Angels flew in the sky, giants walked on the ground, Entities spouted out flames, the Mermen controlled storms, the Wolf Gods howled… Many strange things were happening above Rome.

    The entire city had been filled with the energy of these Overlords and countless citizens were trying to escape. Almost two hundred Entities hovered in the sky, looking down at Chen Fan.

    "Is it enough now?"

    The voices of the Entities were enough to shake an area close to a few hundred square miles. The entire Earth went silent and billions of people were shocked by the power of these Entities.

    After a while, Chen Fan finally looked up and cracked a smile.

    "It's just enough for me to kill!"