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Chapter 430: Defeating Siren King

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 430: Defeating Siren King

    As soon as the young man in white robe leaned over, he grabbed Jia Lan in front of him.

    It turned out that after the little green man was absorbed into the mysterious bubble phantasm, the rune chains that it refined had instantly lost its spirit. It was no longer able to trap Siren King after its power was greatly reduced.

    But at this moment, “Liu Ming” had turned into a purple shadow and rushed in front of him. His fingers were already clawing at Siren King with a strong wind.

    Even if Siren King had higher cultivation than Liu Ming, he couldn’t help having a cold sweat under this claw. He couldn’t bother Jia Lan who was on the ground. He could only dodge backward to barely escape from this claw. As he dodged, he let out a dragon roar. His body shone in great light, then he turned into a hundred meters long dragon that was covered with blue scales.

    Siren King had no choice but to do this.

    Initially, with his Real Pellet State cultivation, if his spiritual power was in its heyday, even if the demonized Liu Ming was powerful, he would not be afraid at all.

    Not only was he seriously injured at the moment, but he was also affected by a terrible poison. He needed to use most of the spiritual power to suppress the spread of the poison in the body. The battle in the stone forest with the giant troll head had exhausted most of his spiritual power. So, he could only use his true form to battle desperately with the demonized Liu Ming.

    This real Pellet State powerhouse was really unfortunate. His most reliant treasure, Xuan Yin Needle, if it was not in the critical moment of advancing to a higher level, he would use it now. Not only he couldn’t use it to defend himself, he must also carefully cultivate it in his body. Otherwise, the results of the battle with the Sea Creature Clan might be different.

    Of course, even so, Siren King with his Real Pellet State and dragon body, his powerful strength could be imagined.

    “Liu Ming” missed his attack. Facing the blue dragon that suddenly appeared in front of him, the purple spirit patterns on his body still flashed. Once again, a purple shadow was charging at Siren King again. The pair of sharp claws went straight at the blue dragon in the air.

    Several whistling sounds blasted out.

    The blue dragon’s arms lifted, and the blue clear claws blocked in front of it.

    “” “” two loud noises!

    The space around the two was shaking violently. Although the dragon blocked the demonized Liu Ming’s claws, five bloody claw marks could be seen as the claws swept through!

    Under the groan of the blue dragon, the tail full of scales turned a blue shadow that swept past. At the same time, it opened its mouth and shot a blue light beam at the demonized Liu Ming.

    But the purple spirit patterns on the surface of “Liu Ming” flowed for a while, and his body shook slightly, then his body was twisted into a strange angle, causing the light beam to miss in the air.

    The other hand extended forward in the air. Suddenly, his claw flashed. The dragon tail that was sweeping past was knocked flying for a hundred more meters away.

    “Liu Ming” relaxed his five fingers, and several light blue scales fell to the ground along with a large flesh.

    As soon as the blue dragon stabilized its body, its eyes flashed a hint of fear under the great pain of its tail.

    At this moment, after the purple figure flashed in front of its eyes, “Liu Ming” appeared again with a grin. He waved his hands, and the claw light went forward with a whistling sound.

    The blue dragon had a dull face. It hissed and ignored the claw lights. Instead, it swung its arms; a pair of dragon claws struck toward “Liu Ming’s” head.

    Before the dragon claws reached the opponent’s head, two muffled sounds came!

    The blue dragon felt pain on its body, then it felt cold. Several scales were being scratched down again.

    At the same time, “Liu Ming” made a strange laughter. His body blurred and appeared several ten meters away.

    At this time, the dragon’s claws only missed the hit.


    Soon after, there was a sudden loud noise outside the black mountain peak.

    After a burst of flying sand and rocks, a large hole of several ten meters was burst out of the surface of the mountain. A blue dragon and a gray robe young man covered with purple spirit patterns flew out one after another from it.

    It was Siren King and the demonized Liu Ming.

    The two actually battled all the way from the black mountain peak to the initial stone forest.

    In a blink of an eye, the two chased out for thousands of meters in tandem and appeared again at the location of the previous altar.

    On the rocky ground, the silver flame caused by Putuo Flame was still burning fiercely. It wasn’t weakened at all. There was still a thick layer of white light curtain on top of the flame.

    A group of Lan Xia flashed by, and the blue dragon figure was easily exposed under the light curtain of the node.

    Previously in the cave, after the two fought briefly, the dragon transformed by Siren King was seriously wounded under the ghostly attacks by the demonized Liu Ming. Many scales on its body were even clawed off by him.

    Therefore, Siren King saw that the situation was back, he could retreat while battling. After failing a few attempts to bring Jia Lan with him, he could only break through the mountain wall to escape first.

    The demonized Liu Ming chased out without hesitation.

    Siren King was covered in wounds at the moment. This was the first time for him to lose so badly since he advanced to Real Pellet State.

    As he just took a deep breath, the figure behind him flashed out. An arm with purple spirit pattern enlarged and thrust into his vital spot.

    This arm appeared from a weird angle. It was almost thrusting in a extremely close distance!

    Siren King was so shocked that he couldn’t avoid it at all. He could only grit his teeth and barely changed his pose in a hurry.


    “Liu Ming” took back his bloody claw and caught the dragon’s tail, then he held it with both hands and started spinning!

    The blue dragon was caught off guard. It turned in a blue phantasm in the rotation. It was getting faster and faster. It actually made a strong whistling sound.

    Siren King only felt that the surrounding scenery was blurry. He was so dizzy that he couldn’t control himself at all.


    “Liu Ming” suddenly let go of his hands and threw the dragon into the sky.

    A loud trembling noise came!

    The blue dragon hit the light curtain at the space node, causing the light curtain to shake violently. After that, it fell heavily on the ground. It was motionless with its eyes tightly.

    At this time, “Liu Ming” raised one arm. The five fingers suddenly amplified. A few inch long purple lights were released from the tips of the claws. He appeared beside the dragon in an instant and clawed down, wanting to dig out its heart.

    But at this moment, the dragon opened its eyes and spat out an unknown golden rune. It hit on the demonized Liu Ming at an incredible speed.

    Under the flash of rune, it turned into a burst of golden light that burst open.

    “Liu Ming” was shocked. He was knocked back after making a muffled sound.

    Then Siren King no longer hesitated. He spat out another golden rune, and it turned into a silver lightning arc in the air.

    At the next moment, there was a thunder!

    The silver lightning arc struck the node behind it. The white light curtain had an irregular big hole after being pierced by the silver lightning arc.

    The blue dragon body transformed by Siren King below turned into a blue rainbow that flew into it.

    The demonized Liu Ming in the air stabilized his body in the air. His body flashed a purple light, trying to go into the same node.

    But at this moment, the surface of the light curtain was fluctuating. The big hole was closed instantly.

    “Liu Ming” was stunned at first, then he burst into anger. As he was about to attack the light curtain, there was a thunderous noise in his ear. His face suddenly changed, then he became unconscious and fell down heavily.

    On the way down, his body suddenly shrunk in size. The purple spirit patterns covering his body also disappeared; the ten sharp fingernails were gone as well. He actually returned to his original appearance.


    Liu Ming fell heavily on the ground and smashed out a big pit, then he was motionless.


    Inside a huge cave on the black mountain peak.

    Xin Yuan stared blankly over the altar. He seemed like he couldn’t believe in what he just saw.

    Jia Lan, who was lying beside him, was still unconscious, but her ring finger moved slightly inadvertently.

    The Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull, that were previously suppressed by the giant head’s pressure, then they didn’t dare to move due to the powerful aura released by the demonized Liu Ming, regained their freedom and rushed to the altar in the air after Liu Ming left.

    Demon Flying Skull’s green hair suddenly blasted out, and it suddenly flashed into the giant head’s nose, ears, and mouth. It tore out a dozen of bean-sized purple crystal stone, then it started eating them delightly. After making a few crunchy sounds, all the crystal stones were being eaten.

    Then it flickered and jumped on top of the giant head. It bit on the giant head’s skin to suck the remaining blood essence.

    On the other side, Bone Scorpion used a pair of giant pincers to tear apart the giant head’s loose skin, revealing the crystal clear bones in it. Then it bit without hesitation!

    The seemingly hard troll skull was softened by the erosion of purple venom that was secreted from Bone Scorpion’s mouth, and Bone Scorpion swallowed them into its stomach.

    Of course, they could do so because the demonic qi of the troll head was absorbed by the bubble phantasm. Now, it was just an empty shell.

    Otherwise, the two spirit pets couldn’t even hurt this troll head a little no matter how sharp their teeth were.

    Xin Yuan was dumbfounded looking at what the Demon Flying Skull and Bone Scorpion were doing on the altar.


    Liu Ming looked at the gray mist in the air and the black and white stone monument that was twenty meters high in front of him, and he couldn’t help laughing bitterly.

    This time, he entered the mysterious space again.