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Chapter 429: Being Controlled by Demonic Thoughts

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 429: Being Controlled by Demonic Thoughts

    At the same time, the crystal bubble phantasm shook slightly. The initial white glow became slightly dimmed. It actually enabled the little green man, that was originally transformed by the giant head’s soul, to struggle in it.

    The little green man was overjoyed to see this. He shouted at the demonized Lan Xi again!

    While Liu Ming was about to hit the wall behind him, he channeled his spiritual power in anger. The flying body stopped in the air, then he looked down to see that his chest was already bleeding badly.

    Those Crimson Hydra scales that were covering his vital points just in case were actually shattered by the force.

    He couldn’t help being shocked seeing this situation. But as soon as he raised his head, he saw that the demonized Lan Xi once again appeared in front of him. He stretched his arms and clawed at Liu Ming’s chest.

    However, fortunately, he was able to throw his punch that was covered by the scales in time.

    After a collision sound, he only felt that his fist was hot, and the outer layer of scales on the surface was clawed off by the demonized Lan Xi. At the same time, a rampaging force surged from Liu Ming’s front, and it sent him flying.


    Liu Ming’s body slammed heavily on the wall behind him, then fell to the ground below.

    Fortunately, his physical body was also very sturdy. He wasn’t hurt much by this slam, but his mind was shocked. He actually had a hint of dizziness.

    But his heart thumped, then it kept sinking straight.

    With his current physical strength, plus the assistance of Tiger Dragon Hell Prison and Crimson Hydra scales, he was actually defenseless against this demonized Lan Xi at all.

    This was really incredible!

    If that’s the case, wouldn’t he be dead here.

    At this moment, Liu Ming’s ear suddenly heard an almost inaudible cold voice, “Demonize.”

    Liu Ming suddenly felt a “boom” in both ears. He felt something ignited in his body. After falling heavily, a black flame came out of his body and burned fiercely.

    The next moment, there was a trace of pain on his face. After his body burst out with a crackling sound, his body grew bigger. The wounds on his chest also recovered as if he was never wounded. Faint purple spirit patterns appeared on his skin one by one.

    From a distance, Liu Ming at the moment turned into a ferocious look that was somewhat similar to Lan Xi.

    At this time, he only felt that there was a bloodthirsty violence in his brain, but his body was full of endless power. He actually looked up and roared unconsciously!

    At this moment, Liu Ming, although was very conscious of his own mind, he could no longer control his body.

    And just at the moment when he just finished transforming, the frenzy Lan Xi had appeared before him. He clawed down on top of Liu Ming’s head at a lightning speed, leaving a trail of black mark in the air.

    After the demonization, Liu Ming’s eyes flashed fiercely. He almost moved his arm without thinking, then it became an afterimage that launched at the enemy. His arm had already hit Lan Xi’s chest even though he launched his punch later.


    A gray shadow flashed in front of Liu Ming. The demonized Lan Xi’s body shook and flew out for several ten meters.

    In this scene, not only Siren King and Xin Yuan were stunned, but the little green man in the white light was even more shocked!

    Before it could command Lan Xi to do anything, the next scene shocked him even more.

    As soon as Lan Xi stabilized his body, Liu Ming blurred and appeared again in front of the demonized Lan Xi. He raised his hand and punched again.

    When the demonized Lan Xi saw this, he groaned and waved his two arms swiftly as well. His one palm took Liu Ming’s punch while another one clawed toward Liu Ming’s waist.

    A weird scene appeared!

    Liu Ming’s body shone in black light. His punch penetrated Lan Xi’s palm without any hindrance. Lan Xi’s arm burst open inch by inch. His flesh and bones were spreading around.

    At the same time, Lan Xi’s claw was only able to barely penetrate Liu Ming’s body protection aura and grabbed his waist. But then Liu Ming only flicked his skin, and it instantly became smooth. The seemingly sharp fingers brushed past his skin as if the force couldn’t be exerted on his skin.

    Liu Ming’s other arm suddenly made a popping sound, then it suddenly went behind Lan Xi’s neck at an incredible angle. He suddenly grabbed and twisted Lan Xi’s neck, then he threw him into the air at light speed.

    The demonized Lan Xi’s head suddenly twisted for 180 degrees, then his body was flying away in the air.

    Then Liu Ming stomped his legs and appeared in front of Lan Xi. He revealed a hideous smile, then his arms turned blurred. Both palms that had sharp nails clawed down under a series of claw afterimage.

    Popping sounds kept coming from the air. The demonized Lan Xi’s body instantly had blood scattering around.

    After a few moments, the figure in the air flicked, and Liu Ming appeared with blood all over his body.

    In the air above, the demonized Lan Xi had been torn to pieces. His broken limbs, flesh and bones rained down.

    The entire air of the cave was suddenly full of bloody scent.

    From Liu Ming’s demonization to getting up to fight back, then killing Lan Xi, it only took a few moments.

    And Liu Ming himself witnessed the whole process of this bloody battle between “himself” and Lan Xi from a strange angle similar to bystanders.

    The battle between them was extremely simple. They were just throwing punch and claw at each other, but this powerful battle made Liu Ming shocked deep down his heart.

    For the first time, he knew that the power of his physical body could be so powerful. A hidden door in his mind was being opened unconsciously.

    The Xin Yuan near the altar was stunned by the fierce bloody battle just now.

    Such a powerful existence like Siren King also looked at Liu Ming with doubts and fears.


    The little green man that was covered by the white light shouted loudly. Its voice was terrible.

    The nearby white light also surged violently, making him unable to stable its body. It was being forcefully pulled by the clear bubble phantasm that was on the altar.

    And at the moment when the little green man phantasm disappeared, ‘Liu Ming’ glanced coldly around.

    At this moment, even Siren King couldn’t help looking terrified after being glanced at by ‘Liu Ming’ indifferently.

    Xin Yuan’s face turned white a bit. He was cold sweating on his back as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

    At this time, the two of them had already noticed that Liu Ming had lost his mind at the moment. Based on the cruel means after he transformed, they wouldn’t be surprised if he immediately tears them into pieces.

    However, ‘Liu Ming’ just hurriedly glanced at the two and Jia Lan who was still unconscious next to Siren King, then he finally set his gaze on the giant head that was sealed on the altar in front of him.

    The Demon Flying Skull and Bone Scorpion that were thrown in front of the giant head had regained their mobility after the little green man was absorbed.

    But Demon Flying Skull looked at Liu Ming in awe at the moment. It was actually trembling slight, and it didn’t dare to move. As for Bone Scorpion by the side, the two green lights on its head looked at the ‘master’ in front. It wanted to jump over, but based on its instinctive fear, it didn’t dare to step forward.

    ‘Liu Ming’ didn’t look at the spiritual pets for a longer time. His figure flashed and appeared on the altar. His arm moved and pierced into the eye of the giant head. After he withdrew his hand, he took out eight fist-size purple crystal stones.

    As Liu Ming shook his hand, he put the purple crystal stone into his mouth and started chewing. He actually ate all of them.

    Every time a purple crystal stone was swallowed, the purple spirit patterns on the surface of ‘Liu Ming’ were clearer under a burst of purple light.

    Although Liu Ming still couldn’t control his body, he could clearly sense that every time he swallowed a purple crystal stone, the bloodthirsty intention in his body grew stronger at the same time.

    He knew that this was not a good sign without making a clear understanding of the current situation. However, he was helpless no matter how he channeled his spiritual power madly. He couldn’t gain control of his demonized body.

    He was horrified in his heart. He could only see himself swallowing the purple crystal stones into his stomach helplessly.

    This was repeated for several times. When ‘Liu Ming’s’ arm pulled out from another giant eye and took out four more purple crystal stones, the crystal stones inside this giant head were being consumed completely.

    After “Liu Ming” had swallowed all the crystal stones, he did not bother the giant head anymore.

    The facial skin of the giant head seemed a little bleak as the crystal stones were gone. The black gas around it also became thin.

    At this moment, after the purple spirit patterns on the surface of “Liu Ming” flowed, he suddenly roared into the sky which made the others feel a chill down their spine. He then turned his body and looked at the young man in white robe not far away.

    Although the demonized Liu Ming was rampaging due to the bloodthirsty murderous intention, and his logical mind was completely lost, he still subconsciously had a great hostility to Siren King.

    When a murderous intention flashed in the eyes of ‘Liu Ming’, he walked toward the young man.

    Siren King looked a little pale in sight of this!

    Before waiting for Liu Ming to get close, a blue light flowed in his eyes. A powerful demonic energy erupted from his body, the black rune chains were broken free after his arms turned blurred.

    The young man in white robe moved, and he immediately stood up from the ground.