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Chapter 303 - I’m Here to Collect My Debt!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 303: I’m Here to Collect My Debt!

    They began their journey after settling their meal at a restaurant. Mr. Wan walked in front to lead. Whether it was because he was unwilling to bring Ye Chen and the rest along, he walked really fast.

    Nevertheless, Ye Chen did not mind that. He carried Mengmeng behind, maintaining a one-kilometer range[1] from them. After all, Su Yuhan was a regular person, so it was rather difficult for her to walk on those mountain roads.


    Yang Feiyu, who was walking in front, could not help but say upon noticing that Mr. Wan was walking faster and faster. “Mr. Wan, slow down. Brother Ye and the rest are still behind us.”


    Mr. Wan scoffed, “Master Ye, did you forget our mission here? How can we waste our time on some regular people that have nothing to do with us?”

    “I know—to get medicine for my dad.”

    Yang Feiyu nodded and looked back by instinct. “But we’re already in Ganlu Town. There’s no need to rush.”

    In reality, he was pretty arrogant. After all, he was from the Yang family from Hong Kong. However, he had a principle, whereby he respected people who were more powerful than him. Meanwhile, Ye Chen had beaten him in car racing, something that he was most proud of.


    Although Mr. Wan could not do anything to him, he just smirked. “I owed your family a favor many years ago, and now I’m bringing you to the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. After this, I’ll no longer owe your family anything.”

    As he was speaking, there was a rustle in the shrubs. Subsequently, a five-colored venomous snake emerged from the shrubs. It was heading straight at Yang Feiyu.

    “Be careful! It’s the five-poison snake!” Mr. Wan dragged it behind him and waved his sleeve hard. Green energy shot out, and the five-colored venomous snake was sliced into half directly. It was dead.

    “That was close!” Yang Feiyu said while still in shock.

    “It’s the five-poison snake. It eats venomous creatures like toads and spiders. It has five poisons in it, and one bite is all it takes to kill a regular person,” Mr. Wan introduced.

    He shook his head as he spoke to this point, “The few people behind definitely won’t be able to escape if they encountered such a venomous snake.”


    Ye Chen carried Mengmeng in one hand while holding Su Yuhan in the other. Su Yuhan took a look at the lush shrubbery ahead and said while feeling a little scared, “Ye Chen, do you think there are any snakes here?”

    “There definitely are, but there’s no need to be scared. Those things won’t dare to harm us. They’ll run away from us instead,” Ye Chen said while comforting her.

    With Xiaohei the half demonic snake around, the venomous creatures dared not approach them at all as soon as it released its demonic qi.

    He seemed to have proven himself. Over half an hour later on their journey, they did not see any venomous creatures when they were arriving at the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.

    Mr. Wan, who was walking ahead, could not help but feel rather surprised upon seeing that Ye Chen caught up with them in one piece.

    Initially, he thought that Ye Chen and the rest would be attacked by venomous creatures. However, now it seemed like they were fine. He shook his head as he assumed that Ye Chen was just lucky.

    As they went deeper, they realized the fog in the mountain was getting dense. It was white as if they were in a sea of clouds.

    After Ye Chen got closer, Yang Feiyu only said while pointing at the dense jungle ahead, “Brother Ye, Mr. Wan said that there’s a Maze Formation in here. Don’t move as you wish. We’ll only proceed after Mr. Wan breaks the formation.”

    As soon as he spoke, they saw Mr. Wan stomp hard on both sides and perform a hand seal quickly. The hand seal then turned into a ray that shot into the jungle.


    The trees that were blocking their way began moving. At the same time, the fog in the jungle faded slowly.

    Yang Feiyu could not help but butter up to him, “Mr. Wan, you’re amazing!”

    “It’s merely a Maze Formation. It’s a piece of cake!” Mr. Wan smiled proudly with his arms behind his back, but he peered at Ye Chen aside. Noticing that Ye Chen looked like he did not care, his expression turned grim.

    At that moment, Yang Feiyu stretched his arm and pointed at a valley far away. “Mr. Ye, the Spiritual Medicine Mountain is right across there.”

    Ye Chen’s gaze followed his finger and saw a valley that looked like the mouth of a gourd standing between four mountains. There was misty energy lingering above the mouth of the valley.

    It lived up to its name of being the only pill refinement sect in China!

    Ye Chen secretly nodded.

    The so-called misty energy was spiritual energy. There must be many spiritual medicines in the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, which was how the spiritual energy was released.

    Ye Chen felt the spiritual energy rotation accelerate in his body as soon as he arrived there. He could not help but secretly feel grateful to have gone there.

    “Brother Ye, there’s something that I need to talk to you about.” Yang Feiyu suddenly lifted his head to look at Ye Chen and said, “The Spiritual Medicine Mountain holds a high status, so don’t speak nonsense when we get there. What’s more, don’t trigger the people at the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.”

    “Why not?” Ye Chen asked.

    Mr. Wan, who was standing aside, took over the conversation. “Because the Spiritual Medicine Mountain has been passed down for hundreds of years. They’re powerful no matter whether it’s in medicine or pill refinement, and they’re even more powerful in cultivation. Legend has it that the Spiritual Medicine Mountain sect lead has the Illuminating God cultivation base.”

    Envy flashed across his eyes as he spoke.

    Illuminating God!

    To the people of the spell world, that was the level that they would hunger for for the rest of their lives. As soon as they succeeded, the spells they performed would be similar to supernatural powers.

    Mr. Wan secretly scoffed when he noticed that Ye Chen did not care. He could only suppress his anger and take the lead.

    Some ten minutes later, they made it to the entrance of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.

    A team of some ten people suddenly leaped out of the jungle. They looked unkindly at Ye Chen and the rest. It was a tanned hunk who was leading.

    “Who’s that?”

    Those people were dressed the same. Their attire was similar to the style during the Republican period, but all of them had powerful aurae.

    “I’m Wan Qian, the descendent of Hong Kong’s Southern Sect. I’ve brought Master Yang Feiyu of the Yang family from Hong Kong today to ask for some medicine,” Mr. Wan introduced himself.

    The tanned hunk said coldly, “There’s something that the Spiritual Medicine Mountain is working on right now, and no outsiders are allowed. Come again in ten days if you need medicine.”

    “What? Ten days?” Yang Feiyu exclaimed and said immediately, “That can’t do. My dad is already in bed, waiting for the medicine to save his life. Please make an exception for us.”

    He walked over as he spoke and shoved a China Construction Bank card to him. “There’s five million inside, and the password is the last six numbers. Please make an exception for us.”

    His father had uremia and was surviving on hemodialysis at the hospital. After learning that the Spiritual Medicine Mountain had medicinal pills that specialized in that, he had begged Mr. Wan to come with him.

    “I’ve already told you that no outsiders are allowed!” The tanned hunk slapped the bank card away and said angrily, “Do you not understand the human language? I’ve already said that the Spiritual Medicine Mountain is working on something important right now. We’ve no time for you guys.”

    Subsequently, he could not help but look at Ye Chen and he asked while frowning, “Are you here for medicine too?”

    Mr. Wan and Yang Feiyu could not help but turn to Ye Chen.

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly and chuckled softly before speaking, “No, I’m not here for medicine. I’m here to collect my debt!”

    [1] according to the author