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Chapter 795 - The Final Battle

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     795 The Final BattleChen Fan was going to visit all the Mystic realms to settle scores with them.

    The message had shocked everyone. While North Qiong had slaughtered the major families on earth, the Mystic realms had been hiding behind closed doors and keeping watch, not wanting to get their hands dirty. However, never did they think that Chen Fan would take the war to them. They were the dominant forces on Earth And even the Superpowers had succumbed to their might.

    Chen Fan's visit to the mystic realms was in fact a challenge to all of them.

    "Chen Beixuan didn't just kill our deities and overlords, he also had the audacity to openly challenge us. We need to teach him a lesson!" some alien overlords shouted.

    The mystic realms across the world began to let out a myriad of strange flashes of light. They were from the deities visiting each other to conspire against Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan didn't act right after he had announced the challenge.

    He was sitting on a stone bench in a manor at the outskirts of Jin City. Across him was the roiling Jin City River and beside him was Tang Yuanqin. They were playing a game of Go.

    "Your presence honors me, Heavenly Being," Tang Yuanqin said humbly.

    He had become a Grandmaster in the last few years. His white hair had turned black and True Qi rippled about his body, indicative of his high level of attainment. He was flanked by Tang Yifei. She held a teapot in her porcelain-skinned hands.

    Chen Fan put down a stone on the Go board, and said readily, "I don't have many acquaintances in Jin City."

    The two played the game as they chatted on. It wasn't long before the topic arrived at the power dynamics of the current times.

    "I've heard that you are going to challenge all the Mystic realms. Don't you think that's a bit too fast? Although you have brought down the Chang Bai Fey, his five supreme overlords are still alive. The Dragon Lake was not even the deadliest among all the other Mystic realms, what about the Christian Church?" Tang Yuanqin wanted to say more, but he hesitated.

    Tang Yifei also furrowed her brow slightly.

    Most people didn't think that Chen Fan had made the right choice.

    He had stunned the world with his power, but so did the Mystic realms. How many overlords could he take on at one time ? Only gods knew how many ancient saints and angels were slumbering deep inside the church's Sacred Cemetery.

    "There are certain things that I don't like to wait on. Plus, they are no threat to me," Chen Fan said as he landed another stone on the board.

    Tang Yuanqin had the upper hand in the game, but Chen Fan's last move had suddenly turned the table around, miraculously defeating Tang Yuanqin.

    "An outstanding move!" Tang Yuanqin pondered for a while and then heaved a sigh and conceded defeat.

    Chen Fan got into a black luxury car as soon as he left the Tang Family manor. Red Sparrow and her colleagues were waiting for him inside it.

    Red Sparrow was wearing a business suit and a shirt. The black-rimed glasses made her face look severe.

    When her eyes met Chen Fan's, she lowered her head to hide a complicated emotion in her eyes.

    "General Chen, did Tang Yuanqin capitulate to the alien races?"

    "No. I can tell that he's being honest to me. He is a smart man." Chen Fan smiled. Even Chen Fan felt it was difficult to kill an old acquaintance.

    Red Sparrow handed over him a tablet and said, "I have gathered information on all the thirty seven mystic realms and their deities. The leaders of the nation would like you to take some time and pick them off one at a time. You can drag this war on, buying your disciples some time to level up."

    "No. I can do it myself," Chen Fan answered.

    In his mind's eye, he saw those deities and their heinous crimes, killing thousands and razing an entire city to the ground. They had been slumbering for thousands of years, and needed blood sacrifices immediately as soon as they were awakened.

    "Blood Buddha, he was an Evil God from south east asia. He had the Arhat attainment thousands of years ago. He was awakened two years ago and since then, he toppled the Vietnam regime and razed three cities in Cambodia, killing five hundred thousand innocent souls. He also killed the sixteen disciples from the Dark Witch Cathedral, an affiliate of the North Qiong sect."

    Chen Fan scanned the paper as a cold light came up in his eyes.

    "That's him!"

    Southeast Asia, in a small city in southern Annam.

    The Blood Buddha had been listed on the Divine Roll and was deadlier than ordinary deities. He used to be an Arhat from the Hinayana Buddhism and fell from grace a thousand years before. He ruled Southeast Asia with a tyrannic hand and bloodshed once he had been awakened.

    The Tatibu Temple…

    It was a thousand year old temple. Despite its stately decor, the deity being worshipped there was a vile one.

    The Blood Buddha had become the kingpin of the region and even the president of Annam had to serve him like a slave. Ordinary worshippers weren't even allowed to stand up in his presence, and had to crawl on the floor slowly to make their way forward.

    However, this day, one man strode across the land toward the temple, with hands linked behind his back.

    The servants around him wanted to stop him, but they disappeared as soon as they got close to the white-haired stranger, leaving a pink puff behind. The rest faltered after more than a hundred servants lost their lives this way.


    Chen Fan slammed the door open and stepped into the temple's hall. A buddhism statue stood right in the middle of the giant hall. It's body was bloody, like that of an Asura.


    The statue started to shake as soon as Chen Fan stepped in. A divine will came up from within the statue. "Chen Beixuan, you are brazen enough to come after me? Aren't you afraid that the mystic realms will join forces and end your life?"

    "Humph… pathetic," Chen Fan scoffed and waved a hand.


    A powerful wave of golden Blood Qi roiled about in the air. Chen Fan had reached the phenomenal success in his Divine Body cultivation. He could overpower his opponent with his vitality alone; he didn't need to use his True Essence.


    Blood Buddha screamed as a crimson light shot out from the statue, which rammed through the ceiling and bolted. However, he couldn't escape from Chen Fan.

    Powerful Qi energy formed a giant golden millstone and grinded against the crimson energy, reducing the Blood Buddha into a pulp.

    Chen Fan rose to the sky and delivered a blow at the Tatibu Temple once he killed Blood Buddha.

    The Fist Qi fell on the temple's roof like a giant rock on a still lake. The temple collapsed and disappeared, leaving only a fist shaped impression on the ground.

    Chen Fan disappeared before the dust could even settle.

    April 25th, Chen Fan killed Blood Buddha in Southeast Asia.

    April 26th, Chen Fan killed three Sea Gods in Indonesia.

    April 27th, Chen Fan subjugated the Brahmin sect, bringing the entire South Asia under his thumb.

    April 28th…

    Within a few days, Chen Fan had done away with a few dozen deities. Some were ordinary deities, while others were powerful, such as those from the Brahmin sect.

    The series of events seized the attention of the world.

    Many Mystic Realm Cultivators watched Chen Fan's every move.

    Some of them capitulated as soon as Chen Fan showed up at their doorstep, others even forsook their worldly possessions and hid behind the protection of more powerful alien races.

    "What a load of BS! We were supposed to go after him, not the other way around!"

    "An eye for an eye! Chen Beixuan must pay!"

    "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

    The mystic realms were enraged by Chen Fan's provocations.


    A military satellite captured clear footage of an army of mermen rising to the sky from the Atlantic ocean.

    Countless glowing deities emerged from the depths of the ancient temples in South America, basking the jungle with their magnificent glory. They strode confidently as they ascended to the sky, leaving a trail of destruction behind.

    At the Temple of Death in Egypt, many black-robbed prophets marched out while preserving an eerie silence. The leader was a tall man. He hid his features in a baggy robe, revealing only a pair of red glowing eyes.

    Mystic Realms opened once after another.

    Many deities led their armies toward one place. Even the stuff of legends, such as the super Malice Beasts revealed themselves.

    They were heading toward the heart of Europe, the Vatican City.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan was standing right outside the sacred city, looking down at it from above. He had killed his way to the doorstep of the Christian Church.

    "Chen Beixuan is here for a visit," Chen Fan said.


    Bright holy lights were shot to the sky, illuminating the city and the world around it. Chorus rose from each and every building, praising the purity and might of the god.

    The city gate opened slowly and a row of saints emerged from within.

    The one at the front was Saint Peter, the first pope of the Christian Church.

    Everyone knew that the final showdown between alien races and mankind was about to begin. Who would win?

    Humans or the aliens?