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Chapter 794 - A Bloodbath in the Eas

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     794 A Bloodbath in the EasEven though the Realm of Monsters had abundant Spirit Qi and many Spirit Beasts, Spirit Fruits and Spirit Medicines, these weren't helpful for Chen Fan.

    He had entered the Core Formation State and the amount of Spirit Qi he needed each day was comparable to that of a normal Golden Core Cultivator. Small worlds like Earth and small secret lands would be unable to be of much help.

    "No wonder the Sky Immortals and True Gods left for other worlds. I can only rely on the power of the universe if I can't find a real cultivation planet," Chen Fan pondered.

    Once he entered the Golden Core Level, he could get rid of the Spirit Qi and absorb much stronger energy, such as the power of the sun, Taiyin Qi and the energy of the planets. These types of energy couldn't be refined by a normal cultivator. Only Golden Core Cultivators could take them in with their highly concentrated True Essence.

    Yukishiro Sa said excitedly, "Master, with this world, we don't have to worry about the secret lands anymore."


    Chen Fan nodded.

    "Master, what should we do next?" Hua Yunfeng bowed and asked.

    "Next? We should certainly settle the scores with those who helped the secret lands." Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.

    After his rebirth, he travelled around and battled. Since he was free at the moment, it was time to deal with those who had offended the North Qiong Sect and submitted to the alien races.

    In fact, everyone was furious.

    Compared to their enemies, humans hated traitors more.

    Then, Chen Fan stayed in Jin City and the disciples of the North Qiong Sect went around the country.

    At the Wu family estate in the northwest region.

    Wu Shenhe looked at Xie Cheng and said, "What do you mean? The Wu family has never offended the North Qiong Sect. Why are you here?"

    The Wu family was a top martial arts family and their Fist of Dragon Fury was unstoppable. Wu Shenhe had been a Grandmaster and his level had currently reached the peak stage of the Transcendent State.

    "The Wu family supported the alien races. Our Sect Master has issued an order. We'll kill you all if you don't repent sincerely!"

    Xie Cheng stepped forward.

    He had been injured by the Zhang family when he was assigned as Xu Rongfei's bodyguard, but he had recovered after Chen Fan gave him some Spirit Medicines. He was showing signs of entering the Immortal State.

    "How dare you! The Wu family has three centuries of history. How can you smear us?"

    The members of the Wu Family were enraged.


    Xie Cheng remained silent and ordered his men to attack. This time, the North Qiong Sect sent seven Grandmasters there. When the Wu family had been backed into a corner, an old man suddenly showed up and threw a punch.

    The True Dragon Qi Energy was a dozen feet long and it knocked Xie Cheng away.

    "Great Master!"

    Wu Shenhe and the others were thrilled.

    The old man was apparently an Immortal State Overlord. The Dragon Fury Qi flew around him like a real creature. He had cultivated the True Qi to an unbelievable level.

    The old man waved his hand and said arrogantly, "Get out of the Wu family property or you'll die!"

    He was an Immortal State Overlord. Although he had been hiding from the world for decades, he still had the arrogance of an Immortal State Warrior. Seven Grandmasters were nothing in his eyes. If he wasn't worried about the North Qiong Sect before Xie Cheng, he would have already killed him long before.


    Xie Cheng snickered.

    He took out a talisman and burnt it with True Fire. It then became a ray of light and shot into the sky.

    "You're in trouble."

    The old man suddenly attacked and his Fist Qi turned into a dragon of twenty feet, but Xie Cheng stood there without dodging.

    "Go to hell!"

    When the old man's punch was about to land, a giant leg stepped down from the sky and smashed him with Qi Energy. The Four Righteousness Qi was vulnerable in front of the giant foot.

    Xie Cheng bowed and said, "Thank you for saving me, Elephant God."

    Everyone looked over and found that there was a hundred-meter immortal. It had an elephant head and a human body with muscles all over. It was the Elephant God.

    The Elephant God nodded at Xie Cheng and flew away.


    Xie Cheng attacked again with coldness in his eyes.

    This time, nobody helped the Wu family. All of them were devastated; the Wu family was exterminated after a while.

    This didn't happen only across China. The disciples of the North Qiong Sect also went to Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea to settle old scores. They still couldn't go to other countries that had been invaded by the secret lands, but the East belonged to the North Qiong Sect.

    On that day, fire burned across the East and the ground was covered in blood. Countless families, races and tycoons were slaughtered.

    The North Qiong Sect, which was supported by so many Entities and Spirit Beasts from Dragon Lake, was almost invincible. The troops sent by the consortiums were annihilated by those Entities. The Elephant God worked the hardest among all and the other alien races said that it was licking Chen Fan's boots.

    The killing continued for three days.

    Hundreds of thousands of people were eliminated and the world was completely stunned. Those traitors who dared to support the alien races were regretting it and were begging for mercy.

    "Master, fifty six sects and families in China have been eliminated, as well as twenty seven consortiums abroad. The Lee family of the Samsung Group and the Mitsui family in Japan were also exterminated. The Japanese and the Korean governments said they will send troops to help us," Yukishiro Sa reported.

    She had never felt so uplifted before. Yukishiro Sa might be of Japanese origin, but the people in Japan despised her and called her a traitor. But at the moment, everyone welcomed her when she returned to Japan, regarding her as a hero.

    And it was all because of Chen Fan. Thinking of this, the eyes of Yukishiro Sa became brighter.


    Chen Fan sat on top with his eyes narrowed.

    East Mountain had become the focus of the world at the moment.

    Billions of people around the world, including those in the secret lands, had all their attention in that place. Every move Chen Fan made could cause a furor across the planet.

    The Entities and disciples around him looked at Chen Fan in awe.

    Who was the most powerful person on Earth? He was!

    Yukishiro Sa sneered and said, "The messengers from the Qin family, the Xiao family and the Han family are outside East Mountain, waiting to see you. They're asking for your forgiveness."

    Those large families had supported the Zhang family because they were powerful before, but they changed their tune and were currently trying to please Chen Fan. The world was never so easy.

    "Their leaders only sent messengers instead of coming here in person?"

    Hua Yunfeng grunted as he walked out and bowed to Chen Fan. "Master, please allow me to go to Yan Jin and catch all the leaders. I'll make them kneel before you and apologize!"

    In the past, not even the North Qiong Sect or Ye Qincang would dare to provoke the top families in China, including the Xiao family and the Han family.

    But at the moment, nobody would say anything even if they were killed.

    "What about the Wang family?" Chen Fan asked calmly.

    Yukishiro Sa hesitated and said, "The Wang Family… didn't send anyone."

    The hall immediately went silent; no one dared to say a word. There was only the sound of Chen Fan tapping his fingers on the table. After a while, Chen Fan said, "I was thinking about sparing them for Mom's sake, but… they just don't want to live anymore."

    At a mansion in Yan Jin's North Mountain.

    Wang Keqin quickly walked into the mansion and many seniors of the Wang Family behind him were anxious. The North Qiong Sect was slaughtering all across the East, looking for those who turned to the alien races.

    The Wang family had been the first to turn to the Zhang family of Chang Bai among the others.

    A senior member of the Wang family said, "Don't worry. That bastard has the blood of the Wang Family. Do you think he'd really kill us? That's killing his own family members. How could he bear such a burden?"

    The other senior members of the Wang Family were also relieved.

    Wang Keqin walked into the study and saw Wang Zhongguo sitting on the couch. There was a white-haired man sitting opposite to him.

    "Strange, what time is it now? We still have a guest here?"

    Wang Keqin wondered. And yet, he couldn't wait to talk to Old Lord Wang.

    But when Wang Keqin walked forward, he found something was wrong. Wang Zhongguo was so sad, as if he were looking at a person who had passed away.

    He turned his head and finally saw the face of the white-haired man.


    Wang Keqin fell on the ground with fear in his eyes. Wasn't the white-haired man Chen Fan?

    Chen Fan put down the teacup and said, "Uncle… This will be the last time I call you that. After today, all the scores will be settled. I've returned the favor the Wang Family has done for me and I'm going to take away what you deserve. Some mistakes can only be paid with your life."

    "Got it," Wang Zhongguo closed his eyes and said.

    This old man, who was on the top of China, seemed to have aged ten years instantly and his hands were shaking.

    Wang Keqin suddenly yelled like crazy, "No, father. Plead with Chen Fan… no, Heavenly Chen for me. I was just confused at that time. I never wanted to turn to the Zhang family…"

    But neither Wang Zhongguo nor Chen Fan listened to him.

    Chen Fan got up, then nodded at Wang Zhongguo and left. When he stepped out of the door, Yukishiro Sa and the others entered with their swords.

    On that day.

    Forty seven members of the Wang Family who had connections with the alien races were killed.

    The Wang family announced that they would move from North Mountain and would never return to Yan Jin.

    The Wang family of Yan Jin disappeared.

    After exterminating the Wang family, the killing was coming to an end.

    "Xiao Fan, what are you going to do next?" Fang Qiong wondered.

    "I'm going to the secret lands and make them pay for what they did to mankind!" Chen Fan said calmly.