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Chapter 302 - The Speed Prince of Hong Kong!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 302: The Speed Prince of Hong Kong!

    Ye Chen frowned as he met Master Yang’s provocative stare and said, “How do you want to do this?”

    “It’s simple!” Master Yang grinned and extended two fingers as he announced, “2 kilometers. Whoever reaches 2 kilometers will win. If you lose, your Renault Sherpa will belong to me, and vice versa, my Land Rover will belong to you.”

    “What if you lose?” Ye Chen said while smiling.

    Master Yang said with full confidence, “I won’t lose. You must know that I, Yang Feiyu, am named the Speed Prince of Hong Kong.”

    Cough, cough, cough!

    The old man in traditional attire next to him could not stop coughing.

    Yang Feiyu only realized that he had exposed his name and where he came from. He could not help but feel annoyed. “So, are you coming?”

    “If you lose, you won’t be bothering me any longer and you’ll stay far away from me,” Ye Chen said calmly.

    “Sure!” Yang Feiyu could not stop nodding as his car came to a stop.

    “Ye Chen…” Su Yuhan wanted to stop the race by instinct. The mountain road was narrow at merely five meters wide. It was only sufficient for two cars to drive at the same time. It was also very steep, thus getting into an accident was easy.

    “Don’t worry, trust me.” Ye Chen gave her a comforting expression, and then he said to Mengmeng, “My darling, Daddy will drive faster later. Are you scared?”

    “I’m not scared when Daddy and Mommy are here with me.” The little girl kept shaking her head. Instead, excitement filled her eyes.

    “Are you ready? I’m counting down,” Yang Feiyu urged.

    Ye Chen nodded slightly.

    “Three! Two! One!”

    Yang Feiyu floored the pedal as soon as he was done saying ‘one’. The Land Rover suddenly accelerated, charging like an arrow leaving its bow. It was over ten meters ahead of Ye Chen’s car within the blink of an eye.

    “Hahaha!” He could not help but laugh out loud. “Brat, I must’ve scared you, huh? Your car will be mine!”

    However, the wheels of Ye Chen’s car began spinning at high speed in the next second. The engine seemed to be struck by lightning as the car bolted at him.

    “Oh no! You’re pretty good!” Yang Feiyu’s eyelids twitched hard. When he stepped on the pedal again, the car accelerated. However, he realized that Ye Chen’s car drove him past instantly. He was completely left behind now.

    “Holy sh*t, how is this possible?” Yang Feiyu could not help but cuss. He was so shocked that his jaw almost dropped.

    When did this car become so fast? It was like a rocket!

    ‘No! I’m the Speed Prince of Hong Kong. I mustn’t lose!’ He clenched his teeth and floored the pedal all the way to catch up with Ye Chen like a mad man. No matter how much he accelerated, he was getting further away from Ye Chen.

    What he had no idea about was that there was a halo invisible to the naked eye surrounding the armored vehicle when Ye Chen drove. Given that he had the help of spiritual energy, Ye Chen would be ashamed if he lost.

    Even the old man in traditional attire could not help but feel slightly stunned. He then looked away. To him, Ye Chen’s car must have been modified. No matter whether it was the engine or the clutch, Yang Feiyu’s Land Rover could not compare with it.

    A few minutes later, Yang Feiyu finally caught up with Ye Chen. He was rather pissed off to see that Ye Chen was waiting for him at the destination. “You’re really something, bro. I surrender. You win. I’ll keep my promise.”

    He drove away after saying that. He really fulfilled his promise of not bothering Ye Chen any longer.

    “At least, he knows his limit!” Ye Chen shook his head. He was prepared for Yang Feiyu to go back on his word and get the old man in the traditional attire to take revenge on him. However, Yang Feiyu did not do that. He was not all that shabby.

    Otherwise, there would be two more wandering souls on this road.

    The journey later was rather boring. Su Yuhan sat in the back while carrying her daughter and fell asleep. She dreamed of herself entering the palace from before again. Countless monsters were worshipping her, and she was then pushed onto the skeleton throne blankly.

    When Ye Chen woke her up, they had arrived in Ganlu Town. Realizing that it was just a dream, she released a long sigh. “Ye Chen, we’re here so soon?”

    “Was it quick? It’s been five hours,” Ye Chen said and drove into Ganlu Town. Eventually, he pulled over at the entrance of a car wash.

    Just when he was getting out of the car, a surprised voice came, “Bro, it’s you again. So, we meet again. What a coincidence.”

    He turned his head to look to see Yang Feiyu and that old man in traditional attire. Ye Chen frowned at that moment.

    Noticing his frown, Yang Feiyu knew that he had misunderstood. He immediately said, “Don’t misunderstand. Our car was ahead of you. We aren’t bothering you.” He continued asking again, “Say, bro, we’re fated to be meeting each other again. Where are you guys going?”

    “What about you?” Ye Chen asked him back.

    Yang Feiyu snickered and the words slipped out by instinct, “We’re going to the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. You should’ve heard of that, haven’t you?”

    It was too late when the old man in traditional attire coughed, trying to remind him not to spill the beans.

    Ye Chen could not help but feel surprised. Clearly, he did not expect them to be going to the Spiritual Medicine Mountain too.

    “Don’t tell me that you’re going to the Spiritual Medicine Mountain too? Damn!” Yang Feiyu seemed to have noticed his expression and was surprised by that conjecture.

    Ye Chen nodded.

    “That’s great. We’re going the same way. We can talk about racing later.” Yang Feiyu was over the moon.

    The old man in traditional attire next to him said in his deep voice, “Master Yang, we don’t know where they’re from. They can’t go with us.”

    “Mr. Wan, you’re overthinking this. Nothing will happen.” Yang Feiyu waved his hand in ignorance.

    Mr. Wan had been quiet along the journey, but Yang Feiyu felt like he was going to explode. Now that he found out Ye Chen was going to the Spiritual Medicine Mountain too, how could he be calm?

    “Bro, why don’t we go together? I happen to know the way to the Spiritual Medicine Mountain,” Yang Feiyu said while smiling.

    Ye Chen hesitated, but he agreed to that anyway because he had no idea how to get to the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. Since there was a free tour guide, it was only natural that he would not reject that offer.

    The smile on Yang Fei’s face was even brighter now upon seeing Ye Chen agree to that. “Oh, yeah, let me introduce you guys. This man next to me is Mr. Wan. He’s a master from Hong Kong’s Southern Sect. I wonder how should I address you.”

    “Ye Chen.”

    Mr. Wan glanced at Ye Chen coldly. “You’re a regular man, so why are you going to the Spiritual Medicine Mountain?”

    Ye Chen smiled lightly and said nothing more.

    Mr. Wan could only scoff and say in an unkind manner, “Let me be straightforward here. There are many venomous bugs and ferocious beasts around the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. There are also formation barriers. We’re not responsible if something were to happen to you.”

    “Bro Ye, let’s go. Please follow us closely,” Yang Feiyu said with a grin, “Mr. Wan is right. There really are venomous bugs and ferocious beasts along the way.”