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Chapter 793 - Dragon Lake Yielded

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 793 Dragon Lake Yielded

    “How dare he?”

    The battle at Dragon Lake not only shocked the world, but also angered the secret lands.

    Eight secret lands and alien races altogether, including the Christian Church, the Mermen and the Gold Clan, went to help. Each of them was powerful enough to suppress the Earth and destroy a large country. The Temple of Death was even said to have a True God.

    But Chen Fan didn’t show mercy and killed them all.

    “Chen Beixuan is provoking all the powerful races. We must eliminate him, or we’ll never be at peace!” a hardline member of the alien races yelled.

    The alien races had suffered a catastrophic loss.

    Dozens of Entities were almost half of all their members and it took thousands of years for them to have so many Connate Overlords, but Chen Fan killed them like slaughtering chickens. How could the secret lands and alien races not be furious?

    “If you want to fight, let’s fight!”

    This time, humans were also unyielding.

    Billions of people united and the politicians also spoke one after another, supporting Chen Fan and condemning both the secret lands and the alien races. After all, they knew who to support when something happened.

    The disciples of the North Qiong Sect and the Connate Cultivators started to go around the world to prevent the monsters from causing chaos.

    The seven Spirit Treasures, many Quasi-Spirit Treasures and Dharma Artifacts Chen Fan brought back made the North Qiong Sect become stronger. Thanks to this, they had become as powerful as if they had ten Connate Beings.

    The superpowers even targeted their nuclear weapons at the secret lands.

    Seeing what humans did, the alien races hesitated to make a move.

    In a thousand-meter black pyramid in the United States…

    A group of aliens wearing silver tights, who had blue eyes and blue veins under the skin, stood in front of a screen, watching how powerful Chen Fan was.

    “He’s Chen Beixuan, the human who killed our descendants on Earth?” their leader said.

    They were similar to the Wise Men and were apparently Mayans from outer space. This was their space battleship.

    “Yes, Chief! According to our intel, Chen Beixuan destroyed the battleship we left on Earth and caught the leader of the team,” someone behind said politely.

    “Even though it was an underdeveloped battleship built several thousand years ago, we can’t underestimate the power of this human.” The leader nodded and two flashes of electric light shone in his eyes.

    “However, no matter if he’s a Sky Immortal or not, he must pay for killing our descendants.”

    Flashes of lightning appeared in the eyes of the Mayans.

    There were dozens of Connate Divine Masters in that room. Together with the space battleship, their battling power was unimaginable.

    But Chen Fan had no idea about it.

    He was still dealing with the Dragon Lake.

    Dozens of Entities had died during the battle at Dragon Lake and many of them had already been swallowed by Chen Fan. He had also sealed some of their Divine Souls and flesh for making pills.

    “I can’t waste any of these pure-blood aliens.”

    Chen Fan’s eyes twinkled.

    The Mermen, the Gold Clan, the Light Race… All of their blood was pure and was as good as that of the Kindred and the son of God. Their Aether Qi could be used to make many Blood Pills.

    Although, these Blood Pills had only a small effect on Chen Fan at this point.

    He could create a group of Connate Beings if he gave them to the disciples of the North Qiong Sect and Kunlun. By then, China would have dozens of Connate Beings and would no longer have to worry about the secret lands. Even after Chen Fan left, they could also dominate the Earth.

    Chen Fan gazed at the Wolf Gods as he collected the blood and flesh of the Entities, and the Wolf Gods yelled with a terrified look, “Heavenly Chen, our blood isn’t pure. We can’t be used to make pills.”

    The Dark Wolves had no dignity at all. They immediately submitted to him when they knew how powerful Chen Fan was, unlike the other aliens who had been killed.

    “Oleg was my old friend. Since you killed him, you must hand over the murderer. Otherwise, I’ll exterminate the wolf pack.” Chen Fan grunted.

    The commander of the Russian Blood Wolf Guard, Oleg, was said to have been killed when the Wolf Gods attacked Moscow because he wasn’t willing to yield. In the end, the King of the Kremlin was forced to give in and Russia became a territory of the Dark Wolves.

    “Oleg is not dead. He’s a rare genius who almost evolved in a barren world. Why would we kill him? Our leader has taken him back to the ancestral ground and is about to give him pure blood,” a tall Wolf God said.

    “Oh, really? I’ll spare your life for now.”

    Chen Fan turned around and glanced over the other Entities. The seven Wolf Gods were instantly relieved, while the other surrendered local Entities immediately stood upright and were drenched in cold sweat.

    There were six local Entities who had surrendered.

    They weren’t from the secret lands or the ancient races. They only relied on self-exploration and self-inspiration to become Gods, so it was easy for them to surrender. The Elephant God even nodded and bowed when it saw Chen Fan.

    “Aren’t you the God of Brahmin? Why did you surrender? I heard that the Brahmin came from space and has a True God,” Chen Fan said.

    Tears covered the Elephant God’s face and it sweared.

    “This isn’t true. The Brahmins were all born on Earth. Unlike the Light Race and the Gold Clan, we’re humans who became Gods. We just look a bit different. I hope you understand.”

    Entities on Earth were divided into two types.

    One type came from the outside world and had their own home-planet, like those from the Christian Church and the Gold Clan, and Chen Fan had heard about them in his previous life. The other type was those evolved from humans on Earth like the Elephant God, so they were weaker and it was harder for them to develop.

    Even so, Chen Fan was still worried so he had set a restriction on the Divine Souls of each Entity.

    After that, the Elephant God turned into a bald man following Chen Fan. It was fast and had ample information about the secret lands that Chen Fan had never heard of.

    “Among the six Overlords, the Ancestral Dragon is the most powerful one, but the truly strongest is the Temple of Death. Rumor has it that Anubis, Egypt’s God of Death, is still sleeping in its world. It’s been a True God for a few thousand years, but it was severely injured by its enemies and has since been sleeping on Earth. And yet, it has never showed up, so we’re not sure if it’s dead or alive,” the Elephant God said.

    Chen Fan nodded and looked at the old dragon.

    The Ancestral Dragon said without energy, “Master, what do you want? Just tell me.”

    “Why? Aren’t you happy about being my ride? Do you think you don’t deserve this?” Chen Fan said.

    The Ancestral Dragon didn’t say a word, but its golden eyes had shown its attitude.

    “I told you I’d find a True Dragon for you to be your wife in the future. I’m not joking. The Golden Core is nothing when you’re with me. Conquering planets and flying with the Kun Peng aren’t difficult things for us anymore.”

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    He was a Celestial Lord. Countless Divine Beasts and Sacred Beasts across the universe would die to be his ride.

    “Are you really that confident? Anubis isn’t dead. Although it’s severely injured and can’t leave its territory, it can still show up in a different form. You killed so many Gods and Overlords. They will definitely take revenge on you someday,” the Ancestral Dragon said.

    “It’s just a True God. I can kill it even if it were in top condition, let alone while injured.” Chen Fan smiled with disdain.

    Seeing how arrogant Chen Fan was, the Ancestral Dragon thought, “Has this man really become a Sky Immortal?”

    Then, the Ancestral Dragon suddenly became respectful and started calling Chen Fan Perfected Cultivator.

    With the lead of the Ancestral Dragon, entering Dragon Lake wasn’t difficult anymore.


    The Fulong Array on Dragon Lake closed slowly. The lake split and a water tunnel appeared. Chen Fan stepped into the Dragon Lake with Ye Qincang and those from the North Qiong Sect.

    This was their first time entering this mysterious land and they were extremely excited.

    “Is this the Dragon Lake? It’s so big. I thought it was just an underground space. I didn’t expect it to look like a wonderland.” Everyone was astonished once they got out of the water tunnel.

    In front of them was a vast world.

    The sun was shining over their heads and there was a giant lake like a mirror. The water tunnel was connected to the lake as if there were a water pillar from the sky to the ground. Fish that were a hundred meters long swam in the lake and enormous birds flew in the sky. There were cities around the lake which seemed to have humans living inside.

    The Ancestral Dragon introduced with pride, “This is the Realm of Monsters, a world founded by my ancestors. The gate is located beneath Dragon Lake and the realm has a thousand miles area. Many monsters and humans live here and the Zhang family exists because of the marriage between humans and us.

    “Our realm might not cover a five thousand miles area and have a hundred Deities like Kunxu, but it’s an underwater world on Earth second only to the Mermen’s.”

    Many monsters and beasts from the Realm of Monsters stood upright proudly.

    Even though a dozen Connate Beings had been killed by Chen Fan, there were still a lot of Spirit Beasts in the Realm of Monsters. After all, the realm was quite massive.

    “Yes, Kunxu is indeed very large. It has a population of billions of people.”

    Chen Fan nodded.

    The Ancestral Dragon then asked, “Perfected Cultivator, I have a question. I heard that you went into the Realm of Kunxu. How did you get out? Didn’t the Deities in Kunxu do anything to you?”

    The other Entities, including Ye Qincang, looked over.

    The Realm of Kunxu was said to be the top secret land and the most powerful world. There were hundreds of Earth Level Deities and might even have Sky Immortals, but Chen Fan could enter and leave such a place so freely. How would anyone not be curious? Many wondered if Chen Fan had submitted to the Realm of Kunxu. The Spirit Beasts of Dragon Lake even looked jealous as they had never seen someone as powerful as Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan smiled and remained silent, but A’Xiu had already spoken, “Master suppressed the Realm of Kunxu and has become the King of Kunxu!”

    “What?”The Entities were stunned and even the old dragon was startled.

    Chen Fan conquered the Realm of Kunxu, the home of a hundred Deities? Who wouldn’t be afraid of him? An idea came into everyone’s mind.

    “Even if the other secret lands worked together, they aren’t powerful enough to fight with Chen Beixuan.”

    “Old dragon, is the King of Kunxu qualified to be your master?” Hua Yunfeng smiled and said.

    The Ancestral Dragon finally lowered its head with heartfelt admiration.

    “I submit to you.”

    All the other local Entities and Spirit Beasts of Dragon Lake bowed respectfully.