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Chapter 792 - The World Was Stunned

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 792 The World Was Stunned

    The Ancestral Dragon surrendered!

    The old dragon, which had lived almost two thousand years and was said to be the closest to becoming a True God, had to beg and yield to Chen Fan.

    Everyone who saw this was astonished.

    Meanwhile, the entire Earth was speechless.

    “The Ancestral Dragon… lost just like that?”

    The Serpent God’s eyes popped out.

    Even though its race carried the Blood of God, dragons were also Overlords in space and none of the adult True Dragons were lower than the Golden Core Level. The Ancestral Dragon might not be a pure-blood dragon; it could be a True Dragon after the Thunder Tribulation and would be much stronger than other True Gods and Sky Immortals of the same level.

    Such a powerful old dragon had been attacked by Chen Fan like an adult smacking a child and he even stepped on its head to ask it to surrender. How could the Serpent God accept that?

    “It’s impossible. Who else can be more powerful than the Ancestral Dragon, other than a True God? Chen Beixuan is only twenty. How can he be so strong?” The Wolf Gods were stunned.

    But no matter whether they believed it or not.

    Chen Fan was standing there.

    He was so powerful and fierce! Under his foot was the Ancestral Dragon which was begging for mercy. Time seemed to have frozen at this moment!

    This moment had been filmed by countless cameras so that the most glorious scene of mankind could be recorded in history.

    Billions of people around the world were thrilled.

    “Heavenly Chen defeated the Dragon Lake and stepped on the Ancestral Dragon. How powerful! A man should be like that!”

    “I think I’m in love with Heavenly Chen… Oh no, I already have my idols, but I can’t resist him.”

    “Nice, Chen Beixuan!”

    Countless people commented on Weibo, forums and Facebook to express their joy. Not only China, those in Southeast Asia, Japan, the United States, Europe and the rest of the world were celebrating.

    Some people even ran on the streets naked and the onlookers only laughed about it.

    Humans had been suppressed by the alien races for too long.

    For thousands of years, humans had been ahead of all things and were the owners of Earth. When nuclear weapons were developed and rockets launched into space, they thought they were the only living things in the entire universe. However, when the secret lands and alien races showed up, people found that the Entities and Saints weren’t scared of nuclear weapons and their power was immediately taken from them.

    The Mermen, the Light Race, the Gold Clan…

    Those alien races claimed themselves to be Divine Races which were far superior than humans, so they despised mankind and killed whoever they wanted.

    The superior status of mankind instantly fell and humans became servants who could be killed at any time. Everyone had suppressed their anger and waited for a few years. Finally, they could finally be relieved!

    “Heavenly Chen, please level the secret lands, exterminate the alien races and show them what humans are capable of!”

    “Heavenly Chen, please level the secret lands…”

    “Heavenly Chen, please…”

    The sentence was expressed in different languages, words and voices. At that moment, more than two billion people commented on the Internet.

    Even though humans were small, the power they had when they were united was terrifying.

    All the alien races were frightened and dared not to say a word.

    And humans held their heads high.

    Not only did people speak on the Internet, some senators and politicians also announced publicly, “The alien races have ruled the Earth for too long. It’s time for us to take back control.”

    Hardline politicians and generals requested to send troops to help Chen Fan level the secret lands.

    The moderates suggested that all races could live peacefully on Earth, but both parties needed to sign an agreement to ensure the status of both mankind and the alien races.

    Some even suggested giving Chen Fan the title of the “Most Powerful Person on Earth” and the “Guardian of Mankind” in recognition of his contribution to the planet and the human race!

    “There used to be six Overlords in the world, but now, Heavenly Chen is on top of all of them. He’s no doubt the most powerful being on Earth! How can the Pope and the God of Gold compare to him? They should create another level above the Overlords, only for him!”

    Even though many alien races knew that Chen Fan was tough, they still couldn’t accept what happened.

    Everyone was waiting for the Overlords in the secret lands to speak up.

    In the cemetery of the Christian Church.

    The cemetery wasn’t as large as the one in the Realm of Kunxu, but it was surrounded by sacred light and the sound of angels singing. There were many tombstones made of white rock on the ground with names carved on them. Those were the names of the Saints throughout the last thousands of years.

    The soil in the cemetery was wonderful. It was full of positive energy and vitality.

    Saints who were close to the end of their lives slept under the ground. Their bodies were nourished by the mysterious soil and the power of sacred light, so they would be still intact and could be summoned to fight for the Christian Church when needed.

    “The Ancestral Dragon lost.”

    “Chen Beixuan’s power is way beyond our imagination. Not even the old dragon is a match for him. What should we do?”

    “Gather all the secret lands and resist Chen Beixuan together.”

    The Saints of the Christian Church were anxious.

    They used to have nothing to worry about, but Chen Fan was too terrifying. His energy, which allowed him to lash at the ground with the old dragon had frightened all of them.

    “Don’t be afraid. We’re God’s shepherds. God will protect us,” a white-haired elder wearing a linen robe said slowly. He was in an outfit of the ancient Roman times and his eyes were as peaceful as the ocean.

    Someone asked the elder, “My Lord, would you be able to fight with him?”

    The other Saints also looked at him.

    This elder was Saint Peter, the first Pope of the Christian Church, a disciple of God who was said to be the most powerful Saint. He carried a massive amount of the power of light and seemed to be unpredictable. He was the backbone of the Christian Church. The Christian Church would never decline with him present.

    The elder pondered for a while and shook his head.

    “Even though Chen Beixuan isn’t a True God, he’s really close to that level and I’m not as powerful as he is.”

    The Saints were startled after hearing what he said.

    Not only the Christian Church.

    In the ancestral ground of the Dark Wolves, the temple of the Gold Clan, the city of the Mermen and other places where the Entities slept…

    Many Overlords had watched the battle. Even the arrogant God of Gold, Guao, had to admit that he was no match to Chen Fan. If even the Ancestral Dragon had been used as a whip, how could he be strong enough to fight with Chen Fan?

    All the beings in the secret lands were shocked.

    Those complacent Overlords had to run back to their territories, not daring to do anything anymore, even though they were unwilling.

    The planet had never been so peaceful before.

    At Dragon Lake, the battle continued.

    An Entity with an elephant head and human body said respectfully, “My dearest Heavenly Chen, congratulations on getting your mount. We’re just here to watch the battle. We’ll leave now.”

    It was the Elephant God, God of the Brahmin in India, and was said to have enough power to lift a mountain. It was a dozen meters tall and had strong muscles all over its body.


    Chen Fan stepped on the old dragon and the Ancestral Dragon had no choice but to fly in the sky. Chen Fan was like an immortal when he stood on its head.

    Chen Fan snickered as he stepped on the dragon.

    “Do you think I’ll let you come and go whenever you want? Anyone who offends me has to die!”

    “You mean?”

    The Serpent God looked terrified.

    “Surrender and beg for mercy, or die!” Chen Fan said with his cold eyes.

    “All the Overlords from the secret lands and large races on Earth are gathered here. Do you really have to be the enemy of all the secret lands?” What Chen Fan said startled everyone.

    There were dozens of Entities in the battle.

    Even though many had died, there were still around forty of them. Each of the Entities and Saints were powerful. Even the top Overlords had to run when they worked together, let alone the terrifying forces before them.


    Chen Fan stepped forward.


    A horrific energy fell from the sky. Chen Fan wasn’t hiding the power of his phenomenal-success Divine Body anymore.

    The Entities found it difficult to breathe and the Essence Qi around them seemed to have condensed.

    The aura around some weak and injured Entities vibrated violently and they seemed to be a bit overwhelmed.

    “Boom, boom, boom.”

    Chen Fan walked in the sky.

    Each step he took shook the world and compressed the air. In the end, the pressure in a mile radius was like being under the sea; even a hammer would have been pressed into a pancake.


    Someone was overwhelmed.

    The weakest Entity of all exploded and turned into drops of light. The frightened Divine Soul of the Entity could still be seen.

    Then, the second one, the third one…

    “Boom, boom, boom!”

    Many Entities exploded one after another. They were mostly Connate Beings like the Gu God and the Lord of Beimang, who had cultivated for thousands of years and were close to the end of their lives, so there was no way they could bear Chen Fan’s power.

    “We surrender!”

    The other local Entities knelt down and begged with a pale face.

    In the end, only the Overlords from the large secret lands like the Mermen, the Gold Clan and the Christian Church—the more powerful ones or those protected by Dharma Artifacts—were still unwilling to yield.

    “Kill!”Chen Fan didn’t say anything else.

    To deal with those alien races and secret lands, how could he make them obey if he didn’t kill some of them? Chen Fan was surrounded by golden fire. He then killed one of the Mermen with a finger and destroyed a sacred ship of the Christian Church with a punch.

    The Ancestral Dragon had no choice but follow him. Those subdued local Entities were also forced to stand on his side.

    On that day, the Dragon Lake was overflowing with blood. Countless Entities and Saints had died. Except for those who surrendered and the Overlords who went to help, the others were annihilated; no one escaped.

    This battle was called the Death of Gods!

    Chen Fan became the biggest enemy of all the secret lands!

    They hated Chen Fan and were frightened of him at the same time!