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Chapter 791 - I“m Invincible in the World!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 791 I“m Invincible in the World!

    He killed the Entities, repelled the Ancestral Dragon and killed the black dragon!

    This scene was clearly shown in front of two billion humans through satellites and cameras. More and more people went on the TV channels and internet media to watch the battle.

    All the forums, Weibo and Facebook were flooded with users.

    What Chen Fan had done was crazy! Three years back when the world changed, the Entities showed up and treated humans like ants. That day, someone had finally stepped on their heads and slaughtered them as if they were chickens.

    “It’s amazing. I can’t believe this would happen to those Entities!”

    “What Entities? They’re only a group of slightly stronger aliens. Their bodies weren’t even developed completely. The human race is the most powerful race on Earth and in the universe!”

    “Take down the Ancestral Dragon. I want to see Chen Beixuan ride on it!” countless people commented.

    The posts about the battle at Dragon Lake were pushed to the top and there were over one billion of them. Many netizens commented in Xu Rongfei’s Weibo account, asking her to go after Chen Fan.

    “Goddess, go! A peerless beauty like you is meant for a hero like Heavenly Chen.”

    “Ah, I’ll let Heavenly Chen have you, Fei Fei. You have to miss me!”

    Everyone was thrilled.

    But the battle at Dragon Lake was still in full swing.


    The Ancestral Dragon let out a cry; its eyes were blood red and the scales on its body stood. It was visibly enraged.

    Not only because of the death of the black dragon, but also due to the humiliation and the dignity it had lost.

    “Chen Beixuan, I’ll catch you and make you my servant. You’ll be imprisoned for a thousand years!” The old dragon’s terrifying voice shook the world and endless gravel fell from the mountains.

    “Really? I think it’s better for you to become my ride.”

    Chen Fan took a step and was already above the Ancestral Dragon. He stomped his foot.


    It sounded like a mountain dropped from the sky.

    Beams of golden light shot out from Chen Fan’s foot. He didn’t use his True Essence, only the power of his body.

    Even though the old dragon was enraged, it wasn’t stupid. It quickly dodged to avoid the attack.


    It escaped Chen Fan’s attack with only a thousandth of a millimeter between; Chen Fan’s stomp continued and fell on a mountain. Then, there came the sound of an explosion.

    Countless people witnessed this with unveiled horror.

    The mountain exploded as if a nuclear bomb had been buried inside it. The entire mountain turned into endless gravel which shot outwards. The world shook and a small mushroom cloud rose to the skies.


    Even the old dragon gasped.

    It only felt how powerful Chen Fan’s body was, but it didn’t know he could level a mountain so easily. What was that? He was like a Sky Immortal!


    Then, Chen Fan threw another punch.

    A ray of golden light shot across a thousand feet and the old dragon flew back a thousand meters.

    The punch missed it and hit the ground.

    A gap that was a few kilometers long appeared on the ground, leaving a crack between the mountains. The ground shook and mountains shattered as if it were the end of the world.

    “Fall back now!”

    Countless Martial Artists and those from the secret lands escaped; not even the Immortal State Overlords dared to stay there.

    The battle between Chen Fan and the old dragon was frightening. He was like a giant that broke mountains and shook the world. The impact of the battle could kill hundreds of thousands of people.

    The Entities from the alien races had already run far away.

    “Bang, bang!”

    Chen Fan was like a bulldozer. His moves made mountains collapse and rivers crack and flood. He chased the old dragon to the deepest part of the Chang Bai mountain range and said sarcastically, “You only know how to escape? Why don’t you just be my ride? I might help you enter the Golden Core Level and find you a True Dragon as your wife.”


    The old dragon was enraged.

    It didn’t hide this time. Its entire body was enveloped in a black aura; it shot out a beam of black light from its mouth as an attempt to fight with Chen Fan. After all, the old dragon had cultivated for almost two thousand years.

    During that span of time, not only did it achieve a body similar to the Golden Core Body, but its True Essence and power were also comparable to a Golden Core Cultivator of the human race. How powerful would its attacks be?

    There were countless black thunderbolts surrounding its body and the air was filled with Essence Qi. As the old dragon attacked, the world seemed to have become a grinder.


    Chen Fan raised his hand and his fist was covered with golden glitter.


    The punch broke the black light ray and the protection energy on the old dragon’s body. There came the sound of bones breaking and the dragon was knocked away several kilometers; it crashed against a mountain in the end.

    “Oh my god!”

    Countless onlookers were dumbfounded.

    Many Entities stood in utter disbelief; the invincible old dragon of Chang Bai couldn’t even withstand a punch.


    The Ancestral Dragon rose from the ground and its voice made the mountains shake. A giant fist mark five meters large appeared on its body. Its bones were fractured and its body was mutilated.

    When had it been this embarrassed in the close to two thousand years?

    A more terrifying energy surged out of its body, enveloped in layers of black aura.

    The old dragon began to use its full strength.

    But it was useless.


    Chen Fan smacked it again.

    Rays of golden light came out between his fingers and he struck the old dragon’s waist.

    “Boom, boom!”

    The thunderbolts that could crack mountains and shatter cities made contact with Chen Fan’s hand, but he didn’t move one bit.

    On the other hand, the old dragon let out an earth-shattering cry.

    Its body was bent; countless scales, bones and organs had cracked. Its light green blood spurted out into the sky which then turned into Spirit Qi.

    The old dragon had been smacked down to the ground. A body that weighed a few hundred tons had fallen like a small battleship, creating a large pit!


    Not even the thick skinned and invincible dragon could withstand such an attack.

    The old dragon fell from a thousand meters in the sky. It looked horrible and everyone could see the giant hand mark left on its body.

    The palm mark was as large as a mansion.

    The attack had almost bent the old dragon’s body and its organs were torn. Chen Fan had severely injured this thousand-year-old dragon.

    But it wasn’t enough.


    Chen Fan came down from the sky and stepped on the old dragon’s head, stomping it back into the ground.

    “Get out of my way!” the Ancestral Dragon shouted!

    The glitters in its eyes became black fire and its anger almost made it tremble. It had never been so angry before. Being an unstoppable, supreme dragon, nobody had ever stepped on its head.

    “Surrender, or die!”

    Chen Fan’s eyes were full of coldness.

    “I’d rather die than surrender!” the old dragon yelled and cracked the rocks in a hundred meter radius. Then, a pearl in its body lit up; it looked bright and crystal clear.

    An endless burst of energy surged out of the pearl and filled the dragon’s body, increasing its power by several times. It was like a spaceship that was about to flash forward and knock over Chen Fan.

    This was apparently the power of the old dragon’s Essence Core.

    It started to risk its life.


    Chen Fan grunted and beams of light came out of his body.

    Some loud voices came from Chen Fan’s body as if his blood were howling. All Golden Core Cultivators were like space battleships; their bodies carried an energy that could destroy countries. So, everyone could imagine how powerful Chen Fan’s phenomenal-success Divine Body could be.

    Even ten thousand ancient elephants couldn’t compare with Chen Fan!


    A loud noise came.

    The old dragon couldn’t escape and its head was pushed more than ten meters into the ground. Its power was nothing in front of Chen Fan.

    After that…

    Chen Fan grabbed its tail and pulled it out from the ground, slamming it everywhere as if its whole body were a whip.

    “Surrender or not? Surrender or not?” Chen Fan yelled as he kept slamming the dragon.

    “Bang! Bang!”

    The mountains collapsed and the ground cracked.

    It seemed as if an ancient beast were running wild deep in the Chang Bai mountain range. Chen Fan whipped once, then he immediately shattered a mountain and cut off the water flow of a river. Countless people were terrified, wondering if there was an earthquake.

    If the dragon wasn’t powerful enough, it would have been smashed by the onslaught. And yet, its bones were also fractured and it almost died. In the end, Chen Fan stepped on its body and shouted, “Surrender or not!”

    His voice shocked the world.

    “I… I… surrender!”Finally, the Ancestral Dragon begged Chen Fan.

    All Entities and humans in the world were watching. The man enveloped in golden aura was fierce and nobody could look into his eyes. Even the Ancestral Dragon had to beg for mercy. Nobody in the world could fight with such a being.

    “From now on, nobody on Earth will ever dare to go head to head with Senior Chen,” Ye Qincang said.

    Nobody refuted and even the Entities turned pale.

    April 19th, 2016.

    Chen Fan defeated the Entities, killed dragons and became the top cultivator on Earth at Dragon Lake!

    The world was astonished!