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Chapter 301 - Brat, Do You Dare to Compete Speed with Me?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 301: Brat, Do You Dare to Compete Speed with Me?

    On the second day after settling the matter in the Murong residence, Ye Chen took the mother and daughter out of the house. They saw a red armored Renault Sherpa parked at the entrance.

    The body of the vehicle was like a machine. Ye Chen could not help but feel rather surprised. One must know that although the car was only priced at two million yuan, it was a standard armored vehicle used by the NATO force. It even took the whole world by storm in the Dakar Rally.

    Yu Shasha said while standing aside, “Brother Ye, it’s tough to drive on the mountain roads if you guys are going to Longnan. Use this armored vehicle.”

    Since Ye Chen had gotten her to take over the Murong clan, this girl had shown a side of her that she had never revealed. Although she was still a little immature, her determination and toughness surprised Ye Chen.

    Initially, the old people from the Murong clan were unwilling to obey her. However, all of them had to yield no matter what when Huo Yushan displayed his aura.

    “Thanks!” Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction. He carried the little girl and got into the car. Ye Wushuang was sitting in the passenger seat.


    After everyone took their seats, Yu Shasha was still reluctant to let them go. “Brother Ye, will you guys come back?”

    “No, we’re going straight to Lanzhou,” Ye Chen said while shaking his head.

    Yu Shasha said as her eyes turned red, “Brother Ye, Sister Su, Brother Wushuang, you guys must come back to visit me when you guys have the time. Or I can visit you guys too.”

    “Sure!” Ye Chen nodded and drove away.

    After Yu Shasha watched the car left, she stared into space. “Brother Ye, I know we’re from different worlds. I also know that everything I have today is because of your generosity. Don’t worry. I definitely won’t let you down. I’ll do my best to reach your level…”


    Surprisingly, the armored vehicle that Yu Shasha gave them was very sturdy. The roads became much bumpier just when Ye Chen drove out of Longxi county’s suburbs. However, the passengers in the car felt like they were riding on flatland.

    Su Yuhan, on the other hand, was covering her mouth. She felt rather sick.

    “What’s wrong? Carsick?” Ye Chen stopped the car and asked after turning his head.

    “A little. I’m not sure if it’s because of the new car, but I feel like there’s a smell in here that’s making me sick,” Su Yuhan said as her face turned pale.


    Noticing that her mother was sick, Mengmeng took out an orange and said obediently, “Mommy, here, have an orange.”

    “Give me your hand,” Ye Chen said while smiling.

    “What’s wrong?” Su Yuhan was stunned but she still stretched her arm out. Ye Chen held her tiny, soft hand and held his head low to kiss it. “Alright, you won’t feel carsick any longer.”

    “Go to hell!” Su Yuhan almost slapped him in anger. ‘I’m already feeling sick and you still have the mood to take advantage of me. Are you kidding me? Also, Wushuang is watching next to you.’

    However, she realized there was a warm stream flowing from her arm into her body. When it reached her chest, the sickness that she had felt was gone.

    Ye Chen said while smiling, “Now do you believe me?”

    “Go away!” Su Yuhan glared at him angrily, “Focus on your driving. I’ll call Mom and Dad to ask how they are doing.”

    Ye Chen could only begin driving again.

    He learned from Murong Yan that the Spiritual Medicine Mountain was located in Ganlu Town of the Longnan county. It was over 800 kilometers away from Longxi on the map. However, it should be some 1,280 kilometers if they were to calculate the exact route.

    The Spiritual Medicine Mountain had been in Ganlu Town since 200 years ago. They were experts in pill refinement and medicine.

    The locals viewed them highly. Anyone who came from the Spiritual Medicine Mountain would be made Immortal Masters, an existence that was like a living god.

    Although they merely located in a town, they were famous in China. In reality, it was how it would be in the cultivation world too.

    In the cultivation world, cultivators would stay away from the outside world. They would hide in mountains and rivers. Peace was not the most important thing. It was mainly because there were many trees in the mountain forests, and there was more spiritual energy compared to the outside world.

    The Murong clan was an example. Their power covered the entire Ganzhou, but they placed their ancestral residence in a county. Their Medicinal Pill Exchange saw all the bosses in Ganzhou travel all the way there.


    When it was close to 10 a.m., Ye Chen drove into a town.

    Figuring that Su Yuhan and the little Mengmeng had not had breakfast, Ye Chen parked the car at a restaurant. They dropped by a gas station for some gas after the mother and daughter had eaten.


    A ball of chewing gum came flying just when Ye Chen pulled the car over at a gas station. He raised his arm and waved, sending the chewing gum to land on the ground.

    He looked toward the direction from which the chewing gum had flown over with a grim expression.

    He saw a Land Rover parked before him. There was a young man dressed in Armani clothing and an old man in traditional attire. The young man had his back towards him.

    Seeming to sense Ye Chen’s glare, the young man stretched his head out to look at Ye Chen. He said in a sarcastic manner, “Yo, I’ve never thought I’d see a Renault Sherpa in this terrible place.”

    He could not help but ask Ye Chen, “Hey, where did you get that from?”

    Ye Chen had his eyes on the old man in the traditional attire for a moment and looked away, ignoring the young man. He realized there was a mysterious qi surrounding the old man in the traditional attire. He was clearly a Spell Master though his ability was not as powerful as Murong He’s.

    His ignorance irritated that young man who wanted to get out of the car by instinct, but the old man next to him said in his deep voice, “Master Yang, don’t stir up trouble.”

    Master Yang shut the car door while grumbling.

    Anyway, a Renault Sherpa was nothing, especially to him from the Yang family. He was just surprised.

    Soon, he had gotten enough gas for his car, so he started the car engine and left. Ye Chen then drove to the kiosk and pumped 60 liters of gas.

    In reality, he had an idea. He thought he would beat the staff at the gas station unconscious and pour some gas into a big bucket to put in his storage ring for backup.

    However, he gave up the idea after thinking about it. After all, that was a lowly act.

    Ye Chen drove out of the gas station after getting a full tank. He then continued on the mountain road toward Longnan.

    As he drove less than a kilometer out, a Land Rover drove from behind him and then next to him. The young man from before stretched his head out of the car and flipped Ye Chen off. “Brat, do you dare to race with me?”

    Ye Chen’s attitude earlier had pissed him off a little. He thought they would go their separate ways after the gas station, but he did not expect them to be driving on the same road.

    Therefore, he could not help but feel like his competitiveness was triggered.

    The old man in the traditional attire next to him spoke again, “Master Yang…”

    “It’s fine, Mr. Wan. I’m only racing with him.” Master Yang shook his head in an ignorant manner. He looked at Ye Chen again. “Brat, have you thought about it? Do you dare to compete with me?”