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Chapter 300 - Even If Ye Comes, He Can’t Do Anything to Me!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 300: Even If Ye Comes, He Can’t Do Anything to Me!

    In the Murong residence living room, two silhouettes sat on the couch. They would look out of the living room every now and there. Anxiety and uncertainty filled their faces.

    They were Huo Yushan and his daughter.

    Huo Sisi got up and walked around the living room impatiently. Eventually, she could not help but look at Huo Yushan next to her, “Dad, what does Ye mean? He took our thousand-year-old ginseng but hasn’t shown up until now.”

    “Be careful of your words!” Huo Yushan looked out of the living room immediately. He glared at her after realizing that there was nobody out there. “Not only is Sage Ye a Martial Dao master, but he’s also an Illuminating God Spell Master. You mustn’t be rude to him.”

    Huo Sisi only quietened down and mumbled, “Do you think he took our thousand-year-old ginseng without the intention of giving anything back to us?”

    One must know that the thousand-year-old ginseng was something that their Huo Clan Dojo had inherited. It was Huo Yushan’s most precious item, and he prohibited anyone from touching it. He was unwilling to eat it even after being injured from sparring with others.

    Just when Huo Yushan was going to speak, he saw Ye Chen walk over from outside the living room.

    “I’m sorry to make you guys wait.”

    “It’s nothing, it’s nothing,” Huo Yushan assured while smiling immediately.

    Huo Sisi secretly pouted.

    Ye Chen said with a light smile after gesturing at him to sit, “I wonder where you got the thousand-year-old ginseng, Master Huo.”

    “It’s something that my clan inherited. It’s said that our third generation ancestor won it from a Wushu competition,” Huo Yushan explained.

    Ye Chen nodded and said in a straightforward manner, “Since you are giving me something that your family has inherited, there must be something that you need my help with. You can just tell me what it is.”

    The thousand-year-old ginseng was extremely rare even in the cultivation world, let alone on Earth. Moreover, even though he had the Immortal Drift Bottle, it would take a very long time to cultivate a thousand-year-old ginseng.

    Huo Yushan got up, clasped his fists at Ye Chen, and said in all seriousness, “If I’m not mistaken, Sage Ye, you’re Mad Southern Ye who’s ranked No. 1 in China and No. 1 on the Heaven Leaderboard!”

    Huo Sisi, who was sitting aside, was completely stunned hearing that. She stammered as she spoke, “Dad, w-what did you say? H-he’s Mad Southern Ye?!” She could not be blamed for being shocked.

    Indeed, the people of the world only knew the name Mad Southern Ye. They had no idea that Mad Southern Ye was Ye Chen. Moreover, he had only been active in Tiannan, Jiangbei, and Beijing.

    Facing the duo’s stare, Ye Chen smiled calmly and admitted to that with his silence.

    “Legend has it that Mad Southern Ye is merely 30 years old and loves to destroy families. Seems like it’s true.” Huo Yushan sighed softly.

    Huo Sisi’s cheeks were blushing. After learning that Ye Chen was Mad Southern Ye, she was suddenly shy about being so close to her idol.

    ‘I love to destroy families?’ Ye Chen was in between tears and laughter upon hearing that.

    Huo Yushan took a deep breath and said, “Mr. Ye, I’ve been stuck below innate-stage for a long time. I shall be shameless enough today to seek guidance from you.”

    “You want to break through to innate-stage and become a Martial Dao master?” Ye Chen glanced at him and came to a realization that he had a peak-stage Illuminating Pulse cultivation base.

    Huo Yushan nodded immediately. That was every martial artist’s determined ambition throughout their lives.

    Ye Chen chuckled softly. “You might be able to break through to innate-stage, but I’ve got a condition!”

    “Do tell, Mr. Ye.” Elation flashed across Huo Yushan’s face.

    “If I help you break through to Martial Dao master, you must guide the Murong clan. Assist Yu Shasha for me. The time limit will be ten years. You’re allowed to leave after ten years,” Ye Chen said.

    “I promise, I promise!” Huo Yushan agreed to that almost without even thinking about it.

    Ten years!

    Merely ten years!

    Not only would he become a Martial Dao master, but he would also enjoy being worshipped by the Murong clan. It was just too good to be true, so nobody would reject that offer.

    “Can you really help my dad break through?” Huo Sisi looked shocked.

    As Ye Chen smiled, a red pill appeared in his hand. “This is the Martial Alliance’s Breakthrough Pill. I don’t think I need to tell you about the effect, do I?”

    “What?” Huo Yushan was stunned as he was in slight disbelief. “Is this the medicinal pill that can help an Illuminating Pulse martial artist break through to innate-stage directly?”

    “Whether it is or not, you’ll find out after you consume it.” Ye Chen smiled and flicked his fingers before the pill landed in Huo Yushan’s hand.

    The pill was nothing to him, but it was no different from a magical pill to others.

    After Huo Yushan accepted it, he swallowed it right away in excitement. Subsequently, he felt the pill turning into extremely pure energy flowing in his body. Perhaps because it was too overbearing, his clothes were ripped apart from his growth while countless openings appeared on his skin from the cracks.

    “Dad!” Huo Sisi’s expression changed.

    “Don’t worry. He’s too impatient.” Ye Chen shook his head and flicked his fingers. A whiff of spiritual energy shot into Huo Yushan’s body and suppressed the insane energy that was exploding in his body.

    Some 20 minutes later, terrifying energy exploded out of Huo Yushan’s body as a series of explosions were heard. His gray hair turned black instantly while the wrinkles on his face faded. If he looked like he was 50 years old before, then he now looked like a 30-year-old muscular hunk.

    “Hahaha!” Huo Yushan opened his eyes as a gleam exploded from his eyes. His aura was stunning, and he could not hide the elation on his face.

    “Dad, have you broken through?” Hup Sisi was over the moon.

    Huo Yushan nodded before clasping his fists and bowing to Ye Chen in all seriousness. “Thank you for fulfilling my wish, Mr. Ye. You just gave me a new life. I’ll definitely fulfill my promise.”

    At the same time, he was stirred inside.

    What Ye Chen did was create a Martial Dao master with his very own hands.

    Would that not mean that he could create more such as 10, 100, and even 1,000 Martial Dao masters? By then, how terrifying would that be?

    A thousand aside, even if 100 masters were to fight together above an island, they could destroy a country. Of course, that was just theoretically possible.

    Although Martial Dao masters were powerful, they were afraid of missiles.

    However, he was overthinking it. Ye Chen only had a few Breakthrough Pills. Apart from that, he got it from the Martial Alliance vault. Although he could refine them, he was lacking materials.

    Moreover, the Breakthrough Pill could only be used on an Illuminating Pulse expert. It was impossible for him to find up to a hundred loyal Illuminating Pulse experts at once.

    Huo Sisi was also grateful as she said, “Thank you, Master Ye.”

    “No need. We merely take what we need.” Ye Chen shook his head and said, “The both of you will move into the Murong residence. You can bring your dojo over too.”

    Huo Yushan nodded in acknowledgment.


    At the same time on the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, Yao Bingyue stared blankly at the video on her phone. It was the battle between Ye Chen and Murong He. There was even the scene of Ye Chen killing Murong He.


    Her body trembled and her phone fell to the ground. Paleness and intense fear filled her face.

    Murong He was dead!

    One must know that he was an Illuminating Pulse expert just like her grandpa. Since Ye Chen had killed him, would that not mean that he could kill her grandpa too?

    Deep regret was growing in her.

    “Now that Murong He is dead, Ye Chen will definitely come to me.”

    Her face was getting paler as she thought to this point. However, a grin then took over her features.

    “No! The Spiritual Medicine Mountain has a lifesaving technique! Even if Ye comes, he can’t do anything to me!”