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Chapter 299 - I Asked You to Scram. Didn’t You Hear Me?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 299: I Asked You to Scram. Didn’t You Hear Me?

    The people at the dining table were dumbstruck. Nobody expected Ye Chen to give the 100 billion yuan estate to his daughter. Su Yuhan was also shocked.

    At that moment, they had complicated feelings, especially Murong Xue who could not hide the envy in her eyes when she looked at the little girl, Mengmeng.

    ‘This kid isn’t even five and she’s already a billionaire? If the news spreads, she’ll enter Forbes Top 10 Richest Women in the World. It’ll be a piece of cake for her to rank No. 1 on the list.

    Nevertheless, Ye Chen ignored the people’s stares. Instead, he said while looking at Yu Shasha, “What did you major in school?”

    “Business admin and finance.” Yu Shasha was stunned by the random question and asked, “What’s wrong?”

    “I’ve dragged you into my personal trouble. To show my sincerity, I’m giving you two options.” Ye Chen smiled calmly and said, “The first option is that I’ll give you 100 million yuan directly as your compensation for mental damage. The second option is for you to take over the Murong clan.”

    “W-what did you say?” Yu Shasha was dumbstruck.

    Besides her, the rest of them were flabbergasted too.

    Murong Yan forced a smile. What he did was consider taking the power of the people from the Murong clan away from them. After all, he did not trust them. However, he felt more indifferent now. Although he was loyal to Ye Chen, it did not mean that he would accept a girl who knew nothing to ride over his head.

    Murong Xue was so shocked that she almost screamed. Clearly, she did not expect Ye Chen to come up with such a decision. She then felt a little pissed off.

    ‘Why? Why do you only give Yu Shasha benefits and not me? I’ve helped you, after all. No matter my ability and knowledge, I’m much more powerful than Yu Shasha is.’

    Ye Chen said nothing as he studied Yu Shasha. He had gotten that idea out of nowhere. He needed a representative. Although the Murong clan had yielded to him, he definitely could not let them take care of their own family.

    Meanwhile, he knew nobody in Ganzhou. After giving some thought to it, he chose Yu Shasha in the end. He was not worried that she was incapable or convincing enough. Instead, he was worried that she would not accept the offer.

    To everyone’s shock, Yu Shasha suppressed the shock in her and said while shaking her head, “I won’t pick any of those options.”

    Even Su Yuhan could not help look at her, her interest piqued.

    “Why not?” Ye Chen said calmly.

    Yu Shasha said after biting her lip, “Ye Chen, I admit that I’m interested in taking the 100 million, as well as taking over the Murong clan. I know you’re doing that to compensate me, but it’s alright. Neither am I a person who does things for rewards, nor am I someone who doesn’t know her limit.”

    She smiled again as she spoke to this point, “If you really want to thank me, treat me to a good meal.”

    Murong Xue was secretly over the moon to hear that. She wanted to stand up by instinct to tell Ye Chen that she could take up the mantle.

    “You’re the one!” Ye Chen said to Yu Shasha in determination while looking at her.

    He turned his head to Murong Yan after saying that. He said while pointing at Yu Shasha, “She’ll be my representative from now on. You guys must follow whatever she says without retaliating. If you can’t do that, there’s no need for the Murong clan to exist.”

    Murong Yan secretly jolted when he sensed the threat in his words. He said immediately, “I’ll definitely assist her. Don’t you worry about it.”

    On the side, Murong Xue was so mad that she almost spat blood when she could only watch Yu Shasha become the master of Murong clan out of nowhere given that she was an outsider. She wanted to ask Ye Chen why, but she had no courage to do that.


    After the meal, one of the Murong clan members walked over quickly and said respectfully, “Master, there are many Ganzhou bosses out there asking to see you. Oh, yeah, they’ve brought many expensive gifts too. One of them even brought a thousand-year-old ginseng.”

    “Tell them that I’m busy and get them to leave the gifts behind.”

    Ye Chen carried Mengmeng, not even turning his head. He added, “The person who brought the thousand-year-old ginseng can stay.”

    The person was stunned for a while before he left.

    Ye Chen only looked at Murong Yan then. “What’s the Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s address?”

    “I-it’s in Longnan.” Murong Yan was shocked. He clearly figured that Ye Chen was going to attack the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.

    Su Yuhan frowned from the side. She said, feeling a little upset, “Ye Chen, are you going to Longnan?”

    ‘We’re supposed to return to Tiannan to get married after settling the matter in the Ghost Rider Sect. This guy is hopeless. Hmph, guys are fools.’

    Upon hearing her complaint, Ye Chen said in between tears and laughter, “Someone owes me something. I must ask for the payment myself.”

    He must go to the Spiritual Medicine Mountain and check out the last medicinal pill refinement sect that was left in China because there might be herbs that he could use.

    Moreover, did they really think that they could go back on their word?

    Murong Yan left with the rest after telling Ye Chen more about the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. They left the space to Ye Chen’s family.

    On the other hand, Murong Xue stayed intentionally. After Yu Shasha left, she turned her head to look at Ye Chen while struggling as she spoke weakly, “A-actually, I can take over the Murong clan.”

    She had been wanting to say that for a long time. Nobody was willing to be controlled, especially her.

    Yu Shasha was less than her no matter what. Although they were good friends, she was the one who could call the shots.

    However, her good friend had suddenly crawled over her now. How could she accept that?

    Therefore, she stayed back on purpose without letting Yu Shasha know. She wanted to change Ye Chen’s mind.

    However, Ye Chen gave a short response and said in a neutral manner, “I know. You may leave now!”

    Murong Xue was slightly stunned, but she said, unwilling to let it go, “Shasha can’t handle those old people in the family, but I can. You should really consider that…”

    She could not help but feel a little proud as she spoke about this point.

    “I asked you to scram. Didn’t you hear me?” Ye Chen lifted his eyes to look at her. His voice was also extremely cold.

    Murong Xue frowned. “You…”

    “I admit that no matter whether it’s your maturity, ability, or looks, you are better than Yu Shasha. You’re much better than her when it comes to those.” Ye Chen chuckled softly and the look in his eyes was deep. “But so what? I don’t like you. Your intelligence is merely wit to me. What I want isn’t a capable person, but someone who listens to me.”

    “I can do that!” Murong Xue insisted immediately.

    “You can’t!” Ye Chen interrupted her, and his smile was rather cold. “In the entire Ganzhou, you and Yu Shasha are the closest to me. However, after I killed Murong Yang and your family came after me, Yu Shasha was the only one who was in trouble. On the other hand, you were fine. Don’t tell me that you were fine just because you’re from the Murong clan? Don’t you think I don’t know what kind of role you’re playing in this?!”

    Murong Xue panicked a little as she faced his stare. She dodged his piercing gaze.

    In reality, she wanted to betray Ye Chen the day when he had been exposed as the murderer. She would then get the opportunity to enter the Murong clan’s higher management. However, Yu Shasha had dragged her into trouble instead.

    She forced a smile and left without saying a thing. She thought that in Ye Chen’s eyes, she could not hide any secrets at all.

    ‘Hah. He’s right. My intelligence is just wit to him. It’s merely child’s play!’

    After she left, Ye Chen got Murong Yan to see him and asked, “Where’s the person who brought the thousand-year-old ginseng over?”