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Chapter 428: The Demonized Lan Xi

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 428: The Demonized Lan Xi

    Liu Ming and others discovered that the demonized Lan Xi in front of them not only preserved the realm of the Crystallization Period early stage, but the aura he exuded was more powerful than before.

    After the giant head said, it looked up and down at Lan Xi smugly for a while, then he glanced at Liu Ming and the others.

    When it looked at the young man in white robe, a smile appeared on its face, and he nodded with satisfaction; when it looked at Xin Yuan, it ignored him; but when it looked at Yang Ming, its nose moved a little, then it suddenly exclaimed.

    Lan Xi, who originally had a dull look, suddenly walked up to Liu Ming, ripped the leather bag around his waist, and opened it on the spot.

    As a result, two black gas burst out. Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull appeared from it.

    As soon as Bone Scorpion landed, it generally knew the current situation after seeing Liu Ming’s appearance now. Two clusters of green light flashed. As it made a strange hiss, it turned into a phantasm and flickered. The “snake head” behind it blurred and turned into countless black silks that launched at the demonized Lan Xi.

    Demon Flying Skull also looked ferocious as well. Its hair turned into a net that covered the demonized Lan Xi.

    The demonized Lan Xi groaned as he saw this. His arms became blurred under two black lights.

    “Bang” “bang“, two consecutive loud noises sounded.

    Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull were knocked out for several ten meters after being hammered by the knuckle full of black spirit patterns.

    The two rolled in the air a few times which made them look embarrassed, but their hidden ferocity was also evoked. They adjusted their direction and charged at Lan Xi.

    But at this moment, Demon Flying Skull that was being bound by the rune chains glared, and a black gas rolled out of it. It released a terrifying demon pressure which made them breathless. Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull paused in the air and fell down heavily.

    The demonized Lan Xi walked slowly without expression. His two giant palms easily grabbed Bone Scorpion’s tail and Demon Flying Skull’s hair. He lifted them up, then he shook his arms, releasing a terrifying shockwave. As the two were paralyzed, he turned around.

    When he reached the giant head, its two arms stretched out; Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull could no longer move.

    The giant head flashed a silver light in its eyes. After it carefully assessed Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull, it murmured in a weird expression, “It’s incredible! It’s just a low rank demon, but it actually has my aura. The other is just a low rank ghost creature, but it gives me a feeling of closeness. It actually gives me a sense of my descendant. Let me think… Right, my little finger was cut off by a powerful enemy in the place with negative qi. This ghost creature must have swallowed my little finger. Only then there will be such a variation. Boy, have you ever seen my other parts being sealed in other places?”

    In the last sentence, the giant head was actually shouting at Liu Ming fiercely.

    Liu Ming heard this, and he felt a little enlightened.

    It turns out that Bone Scorpion can be so outstanding because of such opportunity. Not only it can continue to evolve, but it can also summon an abnormal thunder calamity. It is far from comparable with other similar ghost creatures.

    “Yes, I did see your other parts that are sealed!!” Liu Ming admitted after being silent for a while.

    As soon as he said this, Xin Yuan next to him couldn’t help but look surprised; Siren King also glanced at him in surprise.

    When the giant head heard the words, it immediately moved its attention away from the Demon Flying Skull and Bone Scorpion in front of it, and it hurriedly asked, “Very good! You quickly tell me the whereabouts of my other limbs. If you tell the truth, I may let you live! But if you dare to lie, I will make you suffer a living hell!”

    The huge head seemed a little nervous, but there was a hint of excitement in the words.

    Liu Ming saw this, and there was a trace of strangeness in his eyes. He slowly answered, “That was when I was traveling in a place called ‘Yunchuan Continent’ earlier. When I was exploring a secret place with others, I accidentally found a space node in a remote corner. I was curious and wanted to enter. After all, as a result, an altar similar to the one here was found there, and a giant foot was sealed on the altar.”

    Liu Ming casually spoke half-truthfully to delay some time, while carefully recalling the situation when he encountered the huge troll foot in the Yuanmo Sect’s secret realm. At the same time, he was a little uneasy in his heart. Now that he saw the troll’s real body, why the mysterious bubble didn’t appear this time?

    Looking at the current situation, he didn’t seem to have much time to delay.

    “Yes! That must be my foot. Go on, have you found the others?” The giant head nodded, and a smile appeared on its face.

    “After discovering it with my companions at that time, we were amazed by the powerful aura it exuded, so we didn’t dare to get close to it. We just made a little observation, then we left the place directly. In addition to this, we didn’t…”

    Liu Ming’s appearance did not change, but he finally released a mental power toward the Celestial Tablet in the sea of ​​consciousness and activated it.

    Although he did not know whether this approach was really effective, in the current situation, this was the only chance to wake up the mysterious bubble.

    As a result, at the next moment, a soft sound, “poo“, came. Then, there was a movement in his sea of consciousness. A bean-sized clear bubble appeared in a flash, and it was spinning quickly after flashing. The Celestial Tablet in his sea of ​​consciousness suddenly shined. A strange purple rune appeared on the tablet, and it was fluttering wildly.

    “Junior, you are looking for death!”

    The giant head that was still smiling immediately sensed the strange aura from Liu Ming. It shouted in anger. As it opened its mouth, a thick black silk was shot from it. After a few flickers, it was already in front of Liu Ming. It was about to penetrate his head and kill him.

    At the same time, the black rune chain that originally restrained Liu Ming also tightened suddenly. A huge force was about to tear his body into several pieces.

    Liu Ming’s body trembled, and suddenly a black flame rolled out from his body. The rune chains were burned to ashes with just a touch. Then his forehead shined, a bubble that was slowly spinning appeared there silently.

    The thick black silk flashed and went directly into the bubble phantasm after a “poo” sound. It disappeared completely.

    The giant head saw this scene, and it was shocked. There was an ominous hunch in its mind. It groaned without thinking much, then it released all the purest true demonic qi that it accumulated in its body for many years.

    A wave of black gas condensed on top of its head, then it circled and turned into a monster black current that surged toward Liu Ming.

    For a time, the entire huge cave was filled with an incredibly powerful tyranny aura!

    Siren King’s face looked stern in sight of this.

    And Xin Yuan could only snort under such a terrifying breath, then his face became red.

    However, the clear bubble phantasm in front of Liu Ming’s forehead just spun, then the black current was being sucked by a strange force when it got close to the bubble. It flowed inside the bubble endlessly.

    This monstrous true demon qi was absorbed in a blink of an eye!

    Xin Yuan and Siren King couldn’t help but look relieved when the demonic qi was absorbed. Xin Yuan looked at Liu Ming’s eyes with a hint of horror, while Siren King’s face remained unchanged like he was thinking about something.

    “It’s impossible!” The giant head was shocked. It couldn’t believe what it saw!

    But at this time, the mysterious bubble phantasm just made a tremble, and it released a crystal clear white light that covered the giant head in it. The white light pulled out a little green man forcefully from the top of the giant head.

    The little man’s face looked the same as that of the giant head, but its body surface was wrapped with a dozen black mini rune chains. It was desperately resisting the pulling of the white light, but it still flew toward the bubble bit by bit.

    This little green man was the soul that was left in the troll’s head previously. It grew to such a powerful strength after training for such a long time due to the seal. It only had part of the memory of the ancient troll.

    The giant head who lost its soul, the silver flames in its eye sockets vanished. Although it still looked horrifying, it lost its original vitality.

    The little green man’s face was full of disbelief. After it groaned, the demonized Lan Xi who was originally standing still, slammed Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull to the ground, then it pounced right toward Liu Ming after turning into an afterimage.

    Obviously, the soul of the giant head also knew that the crisis could be solved as long as Liu Ming was dead.

    For some reason, the mysterious bubble phantasm didn’t respond to the demonized Lan Xi who was rushing toward Liu Ming, and it was still just pulling the little man unhurriedly.

    Liu Ming only a malicious wind, then the demonized Lan Xi had appeared in front of him. His demonic hand blurred and went straight to Liu Ming’s chest like a sharp blade. It was quick as lightning, Liu Ming was unable to react to it.

    A loud sound.

    Liu Ming felt hot in his chest. His body was like being crushed by something, flying out like a sandbag.