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Chapter 298 - His Daughter Inherited 100 Billion Yuan!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 298: His Daughter Inherited 100 Billion Yuan!

    “We’re willing to make you the Lord of Ganzhou!” the hundreds of onlookers shouted. Their voices were like rumbling Heavenly Thunder, and it was majestic.

    Huo Sisi had a complicated expression on her face. She could not help but look at the silhouette standing proudly midair. He looked like a king that was accepting the people’s worship.

    Was that really the man that she had underestimated earlier?

    She had no idea that she was worth nothing to him. Her face turned rather pale as she thought to this point.

    Suddenly, she dared not look straight at Ye Chen.

    Huo Yushan of the Huo clan’s Tantric Fist was stirred. He sighed heavily. “From now on, Ganzhou no longer belongs to the Murong clan but to the Ye family.”

    It was a battle that made the Murong clan bow to him and all bosses in Ganzhou yield to him!

    Nothing was more shocking than that!

    Ye Chen had no expression on his face despite being surrounded by the people’s worship. Instead, he landed on the ground and said to the old man from the Murong clan who had spoken earlier, “Where’s Yu Shasha?”

    “She’s in the backyard. I’ll bring you there.” With a start, the old man led Ye Chen into the house. He was secretly grateful. He was grateful that he and the rest did not cross the line and do anything to Yu Shasha. Otherwise, they would be killed too.

    Including the garden and other facilities, the Murong residence was some 1,000 square meters large. It was approximately the size of a normal high school.

    Meanwhile, it was a ten-minute walk from the entrance of the Murong residence to the backyard. They would pass by many plants along the way.


    In the backyard of the Murong residence, Murong Xue had not left since she came. She was talking to Yu Shasha.

    When they heard the commotion coming from outside, Yu Shasha asked instinctively, “Sister Xue, what’s that noise?”

    “I’ve no idea!” Murong Xue looked outside. She wanted to go out, but she was worried that the two hunks guarding the door would not let her in again if she exited.

    “Can Ye Chen be here?” Yu Shasha said weakly while biting her lip. She was trying her luck.

    “Pfft, do you think that’s possible?” Murong Xue chuckled and responded angrily, “I’ve said before that he isn’t Murong He’s match. He definitely won’t dare to come, what more since the battle will take place in two days.”

    Yu Shasha’s pretty face turned pale hearing that.

    Murong Xue was in pain to see her like that, so she comforted her, “Don’t worry. I’ll think of a solution to get you out of here.” Although she said that, she had little hope. After all, she was just a member of the Murong clan’s branch family.

    “Sister Xue!” Yu Shasha suddenly looked at her. “I-I’m going to die. Can you not tell my parents? If my parents a-ask you about me, tell them that I’m studying abroad.”

    “Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to you.” Murong Xue had completely lost her rationale. She began sobbing while hugging her.

    Yu Shasha wiped her tears and forced a smile as she spoke, “I’m worried that my parents won’t be able to take it if they find out that I’ve died.”

    “It’s Ye’s fault. If not for him. How could you have been dragged into this?” Murong Xue said in an annoyed tone while crying. She secretly hated Ye Chen to her very core.

    At that moment, a calm voice came from outside, “Indeed, it’s my fault.”

    Both ladies were stunned to hear that.

    Subsequently, the door opened. A skinny silhouette walked in with his arms behind his back. He looked at both of them while smiling.

    Murong Xue and Yu Shasha stared with their eyes wide opened.

    “Ye Chen?” Yu Shasha rubbed her eyes. She was in slight disbelief.

    Ye Chen chuckled softly. “It’s me. I’m sorry to have scared you.”

    Murong Xue, on the other hand, did not think any further. Her expression changed and she said instantly, “Ye Chen, take Shasha away. Take her now!”

    She stretched her arms and untied the rope around Yu Shasha. She was panicking as she was afraid to waste another second.

    However, Ye Chen remained standing still. She could not help but snap angrily, “Why are you still standing there? Remove Shasha’s rope for me now. Take her away. None of you will be able to run if someone finds out about this.”

    She thought that Ye Chen had secretly fought off the men guarding the door to save Yu Shasha when the Murong clan was not looking.

    “Why run? She’s safe now.” Ye Chen smiled lightly and waved his arm. The rope around Yu Shasha automatically unraveled.

    Just when Murong Xue was going to speak, she suddenly saw an old man in traditional attire walking over.


    Her face turned pale because she recognized that the old man was Murong Yan. In the Murong clan, his status came merely after Murong He’s.

    She fell onto the ground. This was the end!

    Now, nobody could escape.

    Next to her, Yu Shasha looked in despair too.

    However, the old man clasped his fists and bowed at Ye Chen in the next second. He said, “Although we captured Ms. Yu Shasha, we didn’t torture her.”

    The two ladies were dumbstruck. That was the No. 2 in the Murong clan, but he was so respectful of Ye Chen. Were they not sworn enemies?

    Murong Xue said while stammering, “M-Master?”

    “That’s right!” Murong Yan nodded and said in all seriousness, “Our Murong clan has made Sage Ye our master.” He added, “Oh, yeah, Murong He is evil and almost brought disaster upon our family. Master has killed him!”

    Murong Xue and Yu Shasha were shocked to hear that.

    “I’m sorry to have caused you to be captured for so long. Let’s go. We’ll speak as we eat,” Ye Chen said while smiling at Yu Shasha.


    Ye Chen sat in the main seat at the dining table. Su Yuhan sat by his side while the little Mengmeng was in her embrace. He had picked up the mother and daughter earlier.

    All of the Murong clan’s higher management were present. They looked cautious.

    Facing the extremely sumptuous food on the table, Murong Xue and Yu Shasha were shocked throughout the entire ordeal. They could not believe it when they heard what happened, especially Murong Xue, whose heart was pounding madly.

    Ye Chen had killed Murong He.

    He had even gotten the Murong clan and all the bosses in Ganzhou to yield to him. All those crushed the guard that she had put up against Ye Chen.

    Murong Yan handed a document over and said while smiling, “Master, this document is the transfer of property ownership agreement that our family has gotten the Shiming Law Firm to set up. It includes all of our family’s property. As soon as you sign your name, all of the properties and profit from our family will belong to you.”

    The Murong clan members were sad while Murong Yan was actually in pain.

    One must know that the Murong clan had hundreds of companies under them. It had been so many years since they ran those businesses, and their properties that had turned into a consortium were worth up to 100 billion yuan now. Alas, now all that would belong to someone else!


    Murong Xue was so shocked that her chopsticks fell onto the floor. She stared with her beautiful eyes wide open.

    Ye Chen glanced at her and subsequently nodded. He said kindly to Mengmeng in Su Yuhan’s embrace, “My darling, I’m giving you 100 billion yuan, alright?”

    “Daddy, how much is 100 billion?” The little girl had grease all over her lips. She said while blinking her eyes, “How many spicy snacks and ice-cream can I buy with that?”

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    Su Yuhan took a napkin and wiped her daughter’s lips while saying indignantly, “Look how chubby you are now. All you do is eat.”

    Ye Chen was stunned at first, then he said in between tears and laughter, “You can buy tons of them. No matter what, you’ll have an endless supply of snacks.”

    “Yay! That sounds great, Daddy.” The little girl was over the moon now.

    Ye Chen nodded and picked the document up. He held the little girl’s hand and signed her name with a pen. He even imprinted her fingerprint and said while smiling, “Remember, if anyone says that you’re poor, tell them that you’ve inherited 100 billion yuan. You’re a rich girl.”

    The place fell dead silent.

    Murong Xue’s eyeballs almost fell out.

    That was all of the Murong clan’s property that was worth up to 100 billion yuan. However, he had just given it to a kid just like that?

    Could he not be so ridiculous?