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Chapter 297 - How Dare You Kill Me?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 297: How Dare You Kill Me?

    “Ahh! Have I-I been poisoned?!” Zhang Mengqi shrieked in a high pitch while watching the bloody flesh in her hand.

    ‘Didn’t I take the antidote earlier? How am I being poisoned?! It’s impossible!’ Her face was filled with doubt.

    Zhang Haoxuan was also suffering incredibly. What looked like bloody holes formed on his face.

    Everyone retreated aside by instinct when they saw the seven-colored fog coming. Therefore, they were not poisoned. They were looking at both of them in shock.

    “Y-your face…” Zhang Zijian looked at them like he was staring at a ghost.

    “G-ghost!” Huo Sisi screamed in shock.

    Zhang Mengqi and Zhang Haoxuan looked extremely terrifying at that moment. The flowing blood on their face aside, their flesh and skin were scabbing off from their scratching.

    At the same time, Murong He, who was in midair, saw that too. His face was blank. Subsequently, he felt his body begin to itch. It was so itchy that it was hard to resist as if there were 10,000 ants crawling on his body.

    His hair began to fall, then his scalp peeled off too.

    “Impossible, this is impossible!” Murong He could not stop shrieking while fear was written all over his face. “I’ve consumed the antidote. How did this happen?”

    Everyone watched that horrifying scene blankly as they could not help but felt incredibly fortunate.

    “Haha.” Ye Chen smiled calmly. “Because I changed the so-called Toxic Dragon Miasma’s toxin slightly when I swallowed it.”

    “You know the Poisoning Method too?” Murong He reacted immediately. He looked gravely horrified.

    ‘That must be it! This brat is well-versed in the Poisoning Method. Otherwise, why did nothing happen to him after swallowing the Toxic Dragon Miasma? Instead, he even changed the Toxic Dragon Miasma’s toxin. It’s futile even though we’ve consumed the Toxic Dragon Pill.’

    Upon hearing that, the people looked at Ye Chen with fear in their eyes.

    Apart from the fact that he had beaten Murong He throughout the battle and was a double cultivator in martial arts and spells, now even the Toxic Dragon Miasma could do nothing to him.

    Could he not be so terrifying?


    At that moment, Zhang Haoxuan knelt hard onto the ground. He kowtowed to Ye Chen as if he was crushing garlic while scratching his body. “Ye Chen, Mr. Ye, I’ve underestimated you. I must be blind to have done that. Please help me. I don’t want to die…

    He was crying while kowtowing to him like a dead dog.

    Zhang Mengqi also knelt onto the ground and said in her shaky voice, “Mr. Ye, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have targeted you over and over again. I hope that you’ll save me for the sake of our Zhang family of Wannan.”

    Nobody was fearless of death, including her. She was filled with regret.

    If she had known that earlier, she would not have treated Ye Chen in such a condescending way. Even more so, she would not have wished for his death while gloating.

    The crowd was completely dumbstruck watching both of them kneeling on the ground.

    One must know that the Zhang family of Wannan was a medicine family that was well-versed in medicine for up to a hundred years. However, they were kneeling before Ye Chen at the moment.

    Facing the duo’s apology, Ye Chen stood with his arms behind his back while his expression was extremely cold. “The Zhang family of Wannan? What’s that?”

    “You… you…” Zhang Haoxuan growled in rage. He wanted to stand up by instinct, but in the next second, his body fell hard onto the ground and turned into a pool of blood.

    “No! I don’t want to die!” Zhang Mengqi screamed and she also turned into a mush of blood.

    There was dead silence as everyone held their breaths and watched everything blankly.

    What a devastating death!

    Murong He was the only one who was left poisoned there.

    At that moment, he was pressing down the toxin within him using his deep cultivation base. He stammered as he spoke, “Y-Ye Chen, I will no longer fight you. As long as you give me the antidote, I won’t go into the issue of you killing my Yang’er.”

    In his panic, he lost the powerful stance that he had taken on earlier. However, resentful, ferocious glow hid deep in his eyes as the hatred he had for Ye Chen was growing.

    ‘As long as I manage to escape, I’ll spend the rest of my life cutting you into pieces in order to resolve my resentment!’

    He planned to bow to Ye Chen for now. After securing his life, he would think of ways for revenge. With his connection, Ye Chen would definitely die if he got a few powerhouses on the same level to fight him by then.

    Everyone gasped.

    Did Murong He, who was on Illuminating God, put down his dignity and beg Ye Chen just to live?

    The people from the Murong clan had despair on their faces. The most powerful man in their family was like a dog now.

    Ye Chen looked at Murong He wryly.

    Murong He’s heart sank, then he raised his chips again. “Ye Chen, oh, I mean, Sage Ye, as long as you’re willing to give me the antidote, I’m willing to give all of the Murong clan’s fortune to you. I’ve collected many cultivation scriptures throughout the years. I’m even willing to be your dog…”

    “You talk way too much!” Ye Chen snickered and took a step out to charge at him. “What I hate the most is someone threatening me!”

    Murong He wanted to run by instinct. However, he realized that the toxin would spread as soon as he activated his power. He could not help but shriek, “How dare you kill me?”


    Ye Chen said nothing. Instead, he threw a punch at Murong He’s chest. As a loud thud came, Murong He fell with a gigantic crater in the ground.

    He stared with his eyes wide open. There was still resentment on his face. In the next second, his body turned into a pool of blood.


    “Old master!”

    The people from the Murong clan were devastated. They could not believe that their family’s pillar of support was killed just like that!

    The place was filled with pin-drop silence!

    The people were quiet like cicadas in the winter. They dared not move at all, but the shock in them lingered.

    They thought Murong He would have definitely won this battle. There was no question about that at all. Never had they thought Murong He would end up dead. Furthermore, he was killed by his own Toxic Dragon Miasma.

    “He killed Uncle. Let’s fight him!” one of the people from the Murong clan shouted and looked at Ye Chen with resentment.

    However, nobody responded to him.

    “Die!” Ye Chen pointed his finger at him.

    His body exploded into bloody mist instantly.

    The people felt a chill creep up inside of them. They could not help but condemn the man earlier for being a fool.

    ‘Didn’t you see that Murong He is dead? How dare you fight Ye Chen not knowing your own strength?’

    Ye Chen lifted his eyes to look at everyone from the Murong clan. “Who else wants to die? Please show yourself.”

    Everyone from the Murong clan held their heads down and dared not look at him hearing that.

    An old man from the Murong clan stood up and said while shaking, “Sage Ye, this is purely stirred by Murong He. It has nothing to do with most of us in the family. Since the mastermind is dead now, please don’t kill the rest of us.”

    Ye Chen said nothing as he glared coldly at him.

    The old man clenched his teeth and knelt before Ye Chen. “As long as you don’t destroy our Murong clan, we’re willing to make you our master, Sage Ye. We’ll make you the Lord of Ganzhou!”

    Everyone from the Murong clan knelt at the same time as soon as he was done speaking. “We’re willing to make you our master, Sage Ye!”

    Bang, bang, bang!

    In the next second, the onlookers also knelt on one knee. They said in unison, “We’re willing to make you the Lord of Ganzhou!”