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Chapter 790 - Killing the Dragon!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 790 Killing the Dragon!

    A thousand meters above the Dragon Lake.

    The world was split in two groups.

    On one side, there were dozens of fierce Entities and Saints who had been worshiped by thousands of people. There were also ten Overlords from the Deity Roll and two powerful dragons.

    Another side had only one person, who was running in the air.

    This didn't look fair and almost everybody felt hopeless, especially after the Ancestral Dragon showed up. Countless people stared at Chen Fan and tears started to well up in their eyes.


    A'Xiu looked anxious.

    "Don't worry. If Master can kill a hundred Deities in Kunxu, he certainly won't die here," Hua Yunfeng said as he clenched his fists.

    The scene when Chen Fan ran forward was filmed and marked in history! It became the most glorious moment in centuries of human history. Even though the opponents outnumbered him, he still wanted to fight until the end.

    "Kill him!" the Ancestral Dragon said with its cold eyes.


    An immortal from the Gold Clan stepped forward.

    It had an eagle head, a human body, and was about ten meters tall. There was a pair of wings on its back and its entire body was made of gold. It was wearing an ivory and grass skirt, and carried a golden bow. People could see the muscles on its body through the cameras.

    Red Sparrow quickly introduced the Eagle God, "Aztec the Eagle God. It's said to be a mid-stage Earth Level Deity of the Gold Clan and it is ranked eleventh on the Deity Roll. When the Gold Clan appeared, it killed hundreds of thousands of people in a small South American country, all by itself. The bow on its back is called the Aztec Bow, which was once used to destroy seventeen fighter aircrafts."

    Its power was second only to the Serpent God among the immortals of the Gold Clan.

    "Chen Beixuan, I'll kill you…"

    The Eagle God spread its wings and moved toward Chen Fan. Its eyes were shooting out flashes of golden light. The members of the Gold Clan could exist in many different forms, but every one of them had golden blood called the Blood of God and they had all sorts of Divine Powers.

    So, even though it knew that Chen Fan was invincible, it was still confident.

    "Go to hell!"

    Chen Fan threw a punch.

    Countless rays of light came out of his body and formed a light pillar. The pillar transversed the sky like a sword, causing fire and striking the Eagle God.


    The Eagle God couldn't resist in time; it couldn't even pull out the Divine Artifact "Aztec Bow" from its back. Its body exploded into pieces as if it were a cracker.

    After a punch, the Eagle God had died!

    The Entities were stunned and even the black dragon was terrified. Only the Ancestral Dragon continued to look down on Chen Fan.

    "Let's do it."

    Three immortals of the Mermen stepped forward.

    Each of them was a dozen meters tall and their bodies were covered with shiny green scales, like the brightest Divine Treasures. Their tails flicked in the air which created enormous waves. The tridents in their hands were made of iron; they could be used to control storms.

    Those three immortals were as powerful as the Eagle God; all of them were mid-stage Earth Level Deities. Any one of them could destroy countries and dominate a continent.


    They initiated their Dharma Artifacts and created a giant wave in the air.

    People on the ground saw the gigantic hundred feet tall wave in the sky and three immortals rushing towards Chen Fan with tridents in their hands.

    Such a scene frightened countless people.


    Chen Fan yelled with his cold eyes and fluttering white hair. While facing the attack of Mermen Overlords that could destroy cities, he reached out and slashed down.


    A beam of golden light split the sky like a sword.

    Chen Fan shot a golden light ray from his hand and struck the wave.

    The giant wave, one that could crush mountains, destroy buildings, flood cities and kill hundreds of thousands of people, was split in the middle.

    The golden sword had easily split the wave and slashed the three immortals in half together with their tridents.


    Screams were heard in the air.

    The upper bodies and the snake's tails of the three Overlords from the Mermen were separated; there was a scorching fire burning on their wounds, caused by Chen Fan's Divine Flame. They fell from the sky and were burnt into ashes in the end.

    Another three immortals had died!

    This time, even the complacent alien races had to admit that Chen Fan's power wasn't something they could resist. The Ancestral Dragon narrowed its eyes, seemingly shocked.


    A white ship from the Entities sailed forth.

    It had obviously been sent by the Christian Church. Seven Saints stood on the white ship and were about to attack Chen Fan together. The ship was made based on the legendary Noah's Ark; it was said to be able to travel across the universe. It was a top Quasi-Spirit Treasure in the world and could even withstand the attacks of small-scale nuclear weapons.

    "Watch out!" Red Sparrow shouted, trying to warn Chen Fan about the tactics the sacred ship had.

    Chen Fan stomped his foot and the air shook.

    A terrifying energy swept across a thousand feet with his foot as the center; it made the sacred ship sway. The enormous white ship was like a little boat in front of Chen Fan.

    Then, Chen Fan slapped down with his hand.

    Beams of golden light came out between his fingers and a palm mark fell from the air. The power of a phenomenal-success Divine Body was shown; it was strong enough to crack Spirit Treasures and kill Golden Core Cultivators.


    A thunderous sound came.

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    The sacred ship—which was enveloped by a strong aura and surrounded by countless angels, and was said to be able to resist the attacks of nuclear weapons—had been effortlessly smashed by Chen Fan with his hand.

    The seven Saints were crushed and even their Divine Souls were destroyed.


    The world became silent.

    Even the other Entities froze on the spot.

    Nobody had thought that Chen Fan would be this powerful. Entities that dominated the Earth and could destroy countries were vulnerable in front of him. None of them could stop him from walking forward! Even the strongest and most arrogant Entities started to doubt themselves.


    Chen Fan was covered in layers of golden fire, like a warrior of the Heavenly Courts.

    He had become more vicious and his blood coursed with power around his body. He shouted without using his True Essence and some golden sound waves moved from his mouth to a thousand feet away.

    "Bang, bang, bang!"

    Eight weaker Entities were shocked to death immediately and the remaining ones were also severely injured. They fell back quickly with a frightened look. Even the Overlords on the Deity Roll spurted out blood and moved back. Only the Ancestral Dragon and the black dragon remained in position.

    He had repelled many Entities with a roar!

    Chen Fan was extremely fierce and the Entities were terrified.

    "It's impossible. How can he be so powerful? Not even our King is that strong!" The Serpent God turned pale and it quickly escaped.

    Chen Fan had lost interest in those worms. He stretched out his hand and made a clawing motion.


    Two enormous golden hands, each dozens of feet large, appeared in the air and clawed at the black dragon.

    "Save me, Ancestral Dragon!"

    The black dragon—which had posed as the Ancestral Dragon and was a peak-stage Connate Being—was completely frightened.

    Chen Fan was too powerful. Even if it was a peak-stage Connate Being, it could only resist a few attacks from Chen Fan. How could it go head to head against him? The black dragon struggled and shouted, "How dare you!"

    The eyes of the Ancestral Dragon were full of anger.

    The black dragon was its favorite descendant and the Dragon Lake had been under the protection of the black dragon while it slept for a thousand years. How could it allow Chen Fan to kill the black dragon right in its face?


    The Ancestral Dragon stretched out its claws towards the golden hands and it even flailed Chen Fan with its tail. Its hundred-meter tail was like a whip which almost cracked the air. It was strong enough to crush a mountain.

    Looking at the tail, even Ye Qincang was horrified.

    "Get out of here!"

    Chen Fan was enraged.

    Layers of aura appeared on Chen Fan's body and formed a golden sun. He stood in the giant sun with an indestructible energy like an immortal God.

    The Ancestral Dragon whipped the sun with its tail, but it didn't crush Chen Fan. It was pushed a thousand meters away and it was immediately injured.

    "This is?"

    Countless Entities and Martial Artists widened their eyes.

    At the same time, Chen Fan had already torn the black dragon apart; the black blood fell from the sky like raindrops. He had killed the black dragon easily, as if it were just a noodle!

    Just one attack and he repelled the Ancestral Dragon!