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Chapter 789 - Half a True God

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     789 Half a True GodAt Dragon Lake.

    Dozens of Entities stood on one side and only one person, who looked like a giant sun, was on the other side.


    An Overlord of the Mermen formed a black wave and the energy of other Entities also started to surge one after another.

    They were Entities worshiped by hundreds of millions of people. How could they tolerate being suppressed by Chen Fan?


    What was it like when dozens of Connate Overlords attacked together? People on Earth could see it that day.

    The trees in a ten mile radius were bent and the Martial Artists who came to watch the battle fell back a thousand feet, feeling breathless. Some of the weaker ones even trembled and knelt down.

    The Immortal State Warriors looked up.

    They saw dozens of colorful energy beams shooting into the sky like some towering pillars.

    All the pillars had been formed with the energy of Connate Overlords; it also represented their power.

    Ten of them were much thicker than the others. They seemed to belong to the mid-stage Connate Overlords on the Deity Roll.


    Even though the Entities were fierce, Chen Fan wasn't frightened in the slightest. He took a step forward.

    The aura around him shone brighter; the powerful energy of the Entities couldn't knock him down.

    The Overlords of the alien races didn't know Chen Fan had yet to use the power of his Essence Core; he had only used his Divine Body. And yet, they were still astonished.

    The largest Serpent God of the Gold Clan said, "Chen Beixuan, you're indeed a powerful Overlord comparable to our King and the Saints of the Christian Church. We're beings that stand on top of the world and we've lived a long life. Why do you have to fight for the sake of these ants? We can work together to rule this planet."

    It was fifteen meters long. Its upper body had a human form but its head was still a serpent's. It was holding a scepter in its hand and was hissing.

    All the people down the mountain and those in front of the screens were enraged by this.

    Being considered as the most evolved creatures in the world, they had been described as ants by a snake?

    "Humans on Earth might be just ants in your eyes, but you're the same in mine," Chen Fan said coldly.

    Even though the Serpent God could kill thousands of humans easily, Chen Fan had destroyed countless planets in his last life. The difference between the two of them was far beyond the gap between a Connate Being and a mortal in comparison.

    An Overlord of the Mermen said furiously, "How dare you! We were born to be Gods. How can you compare us to ants?"

    The Entities of the Mermen had a human head and a snake's tail. Their tails flicked in the air; they could easily harness wind and rain to create a storm and flood a city.

    Rumor had it that there was a city underneath the ocean built by the Mermen; many spirits and even humans lived there. The Mermen were superior in the city and their leader was the legendary "King of the Ocean!"

    "The Dark Wolves, the Light Race, the Serpents, the Mermen…"

    Chen Fan glanced around.

    These were all famous races in the universe, but only the Light Race was among the prominent ones. There were also a dozen local Entities on Earth.

    "How can you stop me?" Chen Fan flicked his fingers and said, "Move, or I'll kill all of you after destroying the Dragon Lake."

    "How arrogant!"

    This time, even the calmest Entities were pissed.

    They had been born to be Gods and were worshiped by countless people, so they had their own dignity.

    The leader of the Serpent Gods narrowed its eyes and was about to attack. Then, the sound of a dragon came from the Dragon Lake.


    The sound was so loud that it tore the eardrums of countless people within a hundred miles. Even the Immortal State Warriors were terrified by this and immediately fell back. There seemed to be a storm sweeping in all directions.

    "The old dragon is coming."

    The man with a sword looked over with a pale face.

    An enormous black dragon head came out of the Dragon Lake. It was as large as a mansion which was dozens of meters wide. Then, the body below the head started to emerge.

    Fifty meters, a hundred meters, a hundred and fifty meters… four hundred meters!

    When the dragon tail left the water, the entire body of this thousand-year-old dragon was exposed in front of everyone. It was four hundred meters long, as if there were a train hovering in the sky.

    Its horns were like swords and its claws were glittering. The black scales on its body shone like metals; it looked completely like a battling machine developed for killing.

    That white dragon in the Realm of Kunxu was only one of its descendants.


    When the dragon expanded its momentum, the teeth of those who weren't Grandmasters started chattering and their legs trembled.

    "It… it's too powerful. The old dragon is much stronger than we had expected. It doesn't match with our information!"

    Red Sparrow was terrified.

    According to their information, the Ancestral Dragon was a peak-stage Earth Level Deity and was only two hundred meters long, which should be similar to the white dragon in the Realm of Kunxu. However, the dragon in front of them was obviously longer. Its power was also more than two times stronger.

    "I'm afraid we've been wrong since the beginning."

    Azure Dragon smiled wryly.

    Another black dragon flew out of the Dragon Lake. It was two hundred meters long; the two beasts stared at Chen Fan viciously in the air.

    "This is the real Ancestral Dragon! That's right, how would a peak-stage Earth Level Deity call itself invincible?"

    Director Xiao shook his head with worries in his eyes.

    In fact, many people around the world were extremely anxious at the moment. The plans they had made had become useless.

    "Ancestral Dragon, greetings on behalf of my King."

    The leader of the Serpent Gods bowed respectfully.


    The Overlords of the Mermen, the seven Wolf Gods, the Saints of the Christian Church and many other Entities bowed to the oldest Overlord on Earth.

    "Human, you're the first one ever who has dared to challenge the Dragon Lake throughout the one thousand nine hundred years of my life. Unfortunately, you're in the wrong place," the old dragon said.

    Its voice carried the sound of clanging metals, which shocked the mountains and rocks in the surroundings.

    Even though the dim scales showed how old the Ancestral Dragon was, the energy inside its body was strong enough to destroy the world.

    At this moment, even Ye Qincang was terrified.

    He had a feeling that this old dragon was more terrifying than dozens of Entities together. It was about to enter the next level and might become a True Dragon anytime soon.

    Chen Fan was also startled.

    He thought he would only fight with a fake dragon, but it was a Spirit Beast that was almost turning into a real dragon. This old dragon had already entered the Core Formation State and was only half a step away from becoming a Golden Core Being. It was much more powerful than the Cloud Heaven Thearch and the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect in the Realm of Kunxu.

    The body of the old dragon was especially strong and its True Essence was as powerful as the one found in a Golden Core Cultivator.

    Such a being could indeed be called invincible. Nuclear weapons were nothing against it.

    "And… so what?"

    Chen Fan looked up and said indifferently, "I've battled with a True Dragon in my previous life. So, even if you become one, I can also kill you!"

    Chen Fan's eyes were full of disdain.

    The black dragon next to the older dragon howled and stared at Chen Fan viciously.

    "Human, I'll spare your life if you beg me. You only have to be my servant for a century," the old dragon said again.

    The leader of the Serpent Gods said, "Ancestral Dragon, you don't have to talk to this kid. He's been brainwashed by the humans. He doesn't know how to respect us. You're almost a True God, how can he compare to you?"

    "Chen Beixuan, the Ancestral Dragon is half a True God. It's your honor it's letting you be its servant. On your knees, quickly!" the Overlord of the Mermen yelled.

    A few of the other Entities also pitched in.

    In their eyes, Chen Fan was lucky to become the Ancestral Dragon's servant, as it was a being that would very soon become a True God. It might reach that level someday and Chen Fan would also be able to leave this planet with them when the time came.

    "So annoying!"

    Chen Fan stepped forward with anger in his eyes.

    "I've changed my mind. I'm not going to turn you into a snake feast. You're too old. I should just make you my mount! The most glorious thing for you and the dragons is to become my ride."


    Once Chen Fan said that…

    All Entities were furious, especially the black dragon. Even the Ancestral Dragon became more vicious and its golden eyes were glittering.

    "You want to ride me? Who do you think you are? A True God or a Sky Immortal?"


    Chen Fan burst into laughter and walked in the air. Every step he took shook the world. "True Gods and Sky Immortals are nothing. I've killed many Golden Core Cultivators! Let me show you what I'm capable of today!"

    He sped up and turned into a golden light wheel, running across the sky.

    Ahead of him…

    There were two dragons and dozens of powerful Entities.

    One against dozens!