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Chapter 427: Troll Head

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 427: Troll Head

    When the golden armor rune soldier was being penetrated, the golden hurricane in front of it also scattered. It then returned to a talisman and fell down.

    “Yellow turban soldier talisman!” The black giant face seemed surprised and delighted when it saw the spirit patterns and little golden man picture on the yellow talisman from afar. A light surged from its mouth and brought this talisman for it to swallow.

    After a few seconds.

    When Liu Ming and Xin Yuan appeared again in front of the black giant face, they were like the previous Siren King; they couldn’t move at all.

    When the three of them looked at each other, they couldn’t help showing a bitter smile.

    Jia Lan, a woman who was being bound by the rune chain, was still unconscious. She didn’t seem to know anything happening in the outside world.

    At this time, Liu Ming had naturally recognized the chain that bound him. It was exactly the same rune chain of the ancient troll, “giant foot” that he met in the secret area of Yuanmo Sect, Monster Holding Tower. It was just that the previous rune chain was seven-colored, and this one was black.

    Other than that, the two were almost identical.

    Liu Ming’s face looked uncertain. He vaguely thought of something in his mind.

    But then, after losing the original stone body, this giant face did not seem to be interested in immediately eating Liu Ming and others.

    After it glanced at the prey in front of it, there was an undertone chant in its mouth!

    Liu Ming only felt that his body was light, and he immediately floated up, following the giant face to the mountain peak not far away.

    Lan Xi’s body was actually rolled up by the rune chain, and he also followed behind them.

    When the huge face approached the peak. Suddenly, a black and purple light surged out of its mouth and flashed into the peak.

    The huge mountain made a violent rumbling sound. A stone face that was ten thousand meters high appeared on the mountainside. It looked the same as the black face. It slowly opened its mouth and revealed a deep green stone tunnel with ten meters high.

    The black giant face shrank in size after all this. It became ten meters in size and flew toward the entrance.

    Liu Ming and the others entered the tunnel together involuntarily as they were pulled in.

    When several people entered, the light from behind suddenly became smaller and the entrance to the mountain gradually closed.

    Liu Ming and others then slowly flew along the tunnel when they were pulled by the black face.

    Several people went down and forward suddenly. After quite some time, their vision became bright after a few turns. They had arrived at a thousand meters giant stone cave.

    According to Liu Ming’s judgment along the way, this place should be in the center of the mountain’s belly.

    In the center of the stone cave, an island-like black altar, that was the same as the altar in Yuanmo Sect that sealed the giant foot, was hovering in the air. Above the altar was a giant array with countless giant spirit patterns.

    Above the array, a ferocious head, in the size of an attic, with its eyes closing was being sealed there!

    The giant head had a black horn. It had long silver hair. A layer of black scale covered most of the head. There was a hint of gray gas lingering on it which made it seem mysterious.

    There were rune chains penetrated at many parts of the head. One third of them had turned into black color.

    The huge array below was vaguely incomplete, and at the edge of the array, there were several deep claw marks. The marks were a few meters deep which looked very eye-catching.

    When Liu Ming clearly saw the giant head and the altar, his heart thumped.

    Siren King and Xin Yuan were naturally shocked when they saw this huge troll head.

    Obviously, both of them also recognized the origin of the sealed troll at a glance!

    Siren King’s face instantly became abnormally somber; Xin Yuan’s face was instantly pale!

    After the black face brought the crowd to this place, it turned into a black mist and went into the head.

    A few bangs sounded!

    Liu Ming and the other four people, plus Lan Xi’s body suddenly fell to the ground heavily.

    At the same time, the space, where the black face was at, had fist-size blood clusters. There was a faint of black gas on them. They were actually the blood essence of the slave miner that was devoured earlier.

    In addition, at the center of the blood clusters, a yellow talisman was floating among them. It was the yellow turban soldier talisman!

    After the black mist went into the giant head, the head opened its eyes slowly. Two silver flames were lit up. Its gaze was the same as the previous black giant face.

    The huge head glanced slowly over Liu Ming and others, then it finally stopped on the blood clusters in the air.

    Suddenly, its mouth opened and a black purple light surged out, sucking in all the blood clusters.

    As a result, the giant head would flash a blood light as a blood cluster went into it. Its aura also increased slightly.

    As all the blood clusters were swallowed, the troll’s head’s eyes were flickering, and it began to struggle like crazy.

    The original static array on the altar was buzzing immediately. White rune chains were emitting seven-color crystal light, and it began to shrink quickly.

    The huge head suddenly appeared painful, but there was a thunderous roar in its mouth…

    Bang” “” ““!

    After a few minutes, the three white chains were forcefully broken by the giant head!

    The giant head opened its mouth and spurted out a few faint black demonic flames. The flames instantly rolled up the broken chains and refined it on the spot.

    The original glittering white rune chain became to expand and shrink rhythmically under the black demonic flame. The rune chains became dimmed bit by bit.

    In just a few moments, these broken chains became black.

    After the giant head laughed strangely, it sucked the demonic flame that refined the rune chains!

    The spiritual weapon, that the ancient cultivator used to seal the troll’s head, actually turned into the head’s weapon.

    “This turns out to be the place where the head of the ancient troll is sealed.”

    Siren King and Xin Yuan were shocked and angry as they knew the origin of the chains that restrained them!

    However, Liu Ming’s thoughts turned quickly. He simply closed his eyes and focused his mind into the sea of consciousness. He immediately re-examined the Celestial Tablet!

    At the moment, on the black and white stone tablets, the lower part of the golden hourglass pattern was already covered with thick silver gravel, but only a quarter of the upper part was left.

    After Liu Ming had the two experiences of absorbing the energy of the troll’s limbs, he naturally knew that his only hope of being alive now was whether he could activate the mysterious tablet.

    He poured all his spiritual power into the Celestial Tablet.

    At this time, after the three talismans were refined by the troll head, it looked at Lan Xi’s corpse. It opened its mouth and sucked Lan Xi’s body. It was chewing vigorously, making a terrifying snapping sound.

    After a while, the troll’s head shook and opened its mouth again. It spat out a ten meters bloody meat ball.

    A pungent, bloody smell suddenly filled the cave.

    Such an astounding scene, not only Siren King’s and Xin Yuan’s eyes flashed. Even Liu Ming opened his eyes abruptly to carefully look at the meat ball.

    On the surface of the bloody meat ball, there were dense bloody veins on it. As it fell and rolled on the ground, it stopped on the spot after a tremble.

    Then the bloody meat ball contracted as if it was alive, and the sounds of heartbeat coming from it.

    After a few seconds, the beating sound became clearer and clearer, and the frequency became faster and faster.

    In such a weird scene, even Siren King’s face couldn’t help but turn a little blue.

    As the bloody meat ball trembled, its surface started to shoot out several bloody light beams. As the light beams became more and more dense, it gradually formed a cluster of bloody light that wrapped the bloody meat ball in it.


    The bloody light faded away, and the original bloody meat ball was gone. However, there was a pungent blood mist in its original location.

    In the blood mist, there was vaguely a thin figure struggling to stand up.

    When the blood mist drifted away, Liu Ming and others were stunned to find that Lan Xi, who was certainly dead, suddenly stood up again in front of everyone.

    At this moment, Lan Xi’s original body was completely intact, but his gray robe was already worn out. There were many sticky blood stains on it. He was surrounded by waves of black gas.

    His appearance looked much more ferocious than before. The skin on his body was covered with light black spirit patterns. A thin layer of green scale appeared on his arms and legs which flickered in a strange light. However, his eyes looked dull; there wasn’t any vigour in them.

    As soon as Lan Xi Fang appeared, he made a beast-like roar. Looking at Liu Ming and the others who were restrained in front of him, it was filled with bloodthirsty impulse. He had completely lost his mind! He even lost his ability to speak!

    He was actually half demonized directly!

    At this time, the giant head devil sneered and spoke to the demonized Lan Xi, “Friend Lan, I promised you that as long as you help me, it will help you to become a Real Pellet State cultivator. Now that you are dead, I will use the puppet that is transformed by your flesh as my first avatar. In the future, you will have the strength of the Real Pellet State. By that, I’m not really considered as lying to you.”