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Chapter 426: Putuo Flame

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 426: Putuo Flame

    Siren King suddenly waved the short rule that was already shining brightly, and a faint blue light flashed in front of him. His figure vanished after a blur.

    Seeing this, the giant head on the opposite side didn’t care, but it was making a giggling laughter instead. After the head turned slightly, its mouth opened and spurted out black silks that surged like a tide. It was targeting the air by the side.

    As a result, an earth shattering noise sounded!

    A cluster of several ten meters silver flame sea rose up from the black silk net. It actually eliminated all the seemingly invincible black silks.

    In the center of the flame sea, Siren King in a white robe appeared while holding a lotus-like silver lamp flame with one hand. After making a strange smile at the giant head, he suddenly threw the lamp flame in his hand, leaving a series of silver phantasms in the air. His body was flying away as he was using a strange gaze looking at the opposite.

    The huge head almost subconsciously sucked in the silver flame, then it laughed and said, “I have cultivated this filthy divine light for god knows how many years. It can contaminate anything in the world. Once it touches any spiritual weapons, they would lose their spirituality. What else do you have? Just use all of them on me.”

    “No! Senior Guili, that thing is Putuo Flame of the Buddhist. You can’t swallow it!”

    After a huge movement happened below, Lan Xi, who was in the air, finally glanced below him. He saw the giant head swallowing the silver lamp flame, then he exclaimed in shock.

    “Putuo Flame!”

    After this giant head heard him, it was obviously startled. But before it could respond, there was a burst of Sanskrit music in its body.

    As soon as this voice came into the ears of the people present, all their worries were swept away.

    This Sanskrit sound seemed to have an incredible effect of purifying the mind!

    And at the same time. On the surface of the giant head, faint silver Sanskrit appeared one by one suddenly. They intertwined and condensed silver lotus in bowl-size. Every lotus bloomed and turned into clusters of silver flame. They combined and turned into a fierce silver flame sea.

    Silver flames were launched continuously, instantly overwhelming the entire head.

    The rock surface quickly melted at a rapid speed visible to the naked eye.

    Lan Xi, who was in the air, saw this scene in shock. He immediately turned around, then a silver light flashed and blasted away into the distance.

    However, Siren King snorted coldly, then he suddenly waved his sleeves and drew with his crystal clear ruler in the air. Eight blue long spears were cast. They formed a line that blasted at Lan Xi’s direction.

    But after a few crisp breaking sounds, a “came out!

    The light curtains on the surface of Lan Xi’s body were smashed by these several ice spears that were connected into a line. After the last spear penetrated Lan Xi’s shoulder, half of his body turned into an ice sculpture.

    Even though Lan Xi was extremely painful, he still crushed a jade pendant in his sleeve instantaneously. His body was wrapped in five-color silks, and he continued to fly away.

    But at this moment, a shrill sound came from the nearby air!

    A white light was blasting at him suddenly. After a flash, it directly penetrated the five-color glow and Lan Xi’s protective aura, and it went through his head and came out the other side with a trace of blood.

    The white light kept spinning until it turned into countless bone fragments and shattered.

    After screaming, Lan Xi fell directly from mid-air and fell heavily on the ground.

    At this time, Liu Ming in the distance took a long sigh of relief and retrieved the other few inches long spiritual weapon in his hand.

    This Lan Xi was killed by a Bone Wind Awl unexpectedly.

    The young man in white robe witnessed this scene with some surprises. However, he snorted, then he flicked his sleeves and launched an ice spear like a meteor.


    The green gas that just flew out of the mouth and nose of Lan Xi’s body was instantly blown away by the ice spear.

    Liu Ming’s expression was slightly moved as he saw this, but when he noticed that there wasn’t any sound coming from the silver flame, he couldn’t help but be horrified!

    “I didn’t expect… there are really Buddhist relics such as Putuo Flame. I thought it was only fabricated by those ancient believers.” The nearby Xin Yuan put the giant bow beside him, and he murmured with a surprise expression.

    When Liu Ming heard the words, his heart was moved. As he was about to ask, the young man in white robe, who was standing in front of the silver flame, suddenly changed his face. He stomped on one foot suddenly, then his body flashed backward in a blur. With two flashes, he returned to his original position, and he held Jia Lan who was floating in the air and turned into a rainbow that flew toward the direction he came from.

    Siren King’s movements were extremely fast. It happened in a split second.

    Just when Liu Ming and Xin Yuan were surprised at this, the strange laughter of the giant head came out again from the fierce silver flame, “Tze tze, I didn’t expect you to have a Buddhist spirit flame in your hands. If my body is really a pure ghost creature, I’m afraid I can’t escape from death. But what a pity is that my current look is just an avatar condensed by the negative qi of this place.”

    As it spoke, a buzz sound suddenly came from the silver flame. After that, it shot out a black rune chain that traveled for a thousand meters in just a flash. It was pursuing the young man in white robe who had run far away.

    Siren King who was holding Jia Lan was channeling all his spiritual power to escape. Feeling the wind behind him, his face looked terrified. The crystal clear ruler appeared in his hand again. As he injected it with spiritual power, he threw the ruler behind him. It became a hundred meter huge. Then, it spun wildly and raised a monstrous blue cold wind that went toward the incoming black rune chain.

    As the crisp sound kept coming, the black rune chain was frozen by the gale. It became a glittering blue icicle like a long dragon that exuded a faint cold air.

    Siren King took this opportunity to use a talisman, and his escaping speed increased several times. In an instant, he flew out a thousand meters more distance.

    But at this moment, there was a series of crisp sounds not far behind him. The icicle shattered in just a second.

    After the black rune chain became blurred, it disappeared into the air again.

    The young man in white robe was shocked. But before he could react to it, the black rune chain came out in a space fluctuation nearby, and it transformed into phantasms that pursued him.

    Siren King felt that his arms were tight and his body was stagnant, then he and Jia Lan were bound tightly. They could no longer move. Then they were pulled back by a strong force.

    In just a few seconds, Siren King and Jia Lan appeared again in the position before they escaped.

    At this time, Siren King’s pale face was very gloomy. After being tied up by the rune, an astounding aura burst open from his body for a few times and his body also flashed wildly in blue light, trying to break out of the binding.

    But this chain was strange. Whether it was his powerful physical strength or the pure spiritual power in his body, they couldn’t be used. His power was disappearing like a mud cow falling into the sea.

    At the same time, the monstrous silver flame that was burning fiercely suddenly vanished. A cloud of black mist appeared in it, then it condensed into a large and distorted face.

    Only this time, the face was condensed by the black gas. It was showing a smug smile, and it seemed a little vague!

    Such an astounding change naturally exceeded Liu Ming and Xin Yuan’s expectations!

    However, the two were not ordinary cultivators. They also responded quickly. When Siren King ran without notifying them, they also immediately turned around and ran.

    A black mist surged on Liu Ming’s body. It wrapped him and the golden puppet and flew away in a cloud of black gas!

    Xin Yuan shook the black giant bow in his hands without thinking, then it turned into the black iron rod again. With a groan, he bent his arm and threw toward another direction.


    The black giant rod blasted away in a black phantasm, then it increased in size along the way.

    Xin Yuan’s figure was blurred. The next moment, he had appeared on the giant rod a hundred meters away. He was shooting away like a crossbow.

    This time, the black giant face didn’t say any nonsense. It groaned, then it spurted out two rune chains from its mouth. The chains disappeared in front of it immediately after that

    Xin Yuan only heard a whistling sound, then he was bound tightly by the rune chain that appeared in the space nearby. After the spiritual power in his body condensed, he fell from the sky with the giant rod.

    After Liu Ming sensed a spatial fluctuation coming from behind, he was startled immediately. He made a gesture, then the golden armor rune soldier instantly grew in size. Its arm became blurred, and it pounced backward. At the same time, countless golden fist shadows were launched. It vaguely formed a golden hurricane that blocked behind Liu Ming.


    The black rune chain that came from behind flashed through the golden hurricane like it was nothing, and it penetrated through the head of the golden armor rune soldier. After the chain turned blurred, it strangely appeared behind Liu Ming and retrained him together.