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Chapter 425: Joint Attack

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 425: Joint Attack

    The girl of Golden Scale Clan, solemnly took a crystal ring from her finger, threw it to the top of her head, and made a gesture.

    The ring rolled around in the air and turned into a cluster of blue mist that wrapped her body. She was instantly being curled up by bluy rays.

    The woman flicked her ten fingers quickly, and the blue rays turned into blue anacondas that pounced forward.

    Seeing this, the remaining few slave miners also mustered up their courage and cast their most powerful attack.

    A Sea Creature Clan slave miner’s eyes flashed as his one hand grabbed forward. A giant bone bow appeared in his palm, and a purple arrow appeared in between his fingers as he shook his hand. He swiftly pulled and released. The arrows became a ten meters long purple ray that blasted out.

    A slave miner patted the leather bag on his waist, then he released several animal-shaped bones. He bounced up again upon landing, pouncing forward with a black gas on his body.

    There was another person who pulled out a broken talisman with a painful face. After he threw it out and made a gesture, it immediately turned into a green giant blade in the middle of the sky. After a thunderous sound, it struck down across the sky.

    And a Beastkin Clanslave miner immediately revealed his true form after rolling on the ground. He was actually a flame lion with red mane. As he roared, he shot out giant fireball continuously.

    The last person took out a bag full of black spirit patterns. After throwing it in front of him, a large group of black demon worms flew out from the bag. After hovering in the air, they became a dark cloud and swept forward. The buzzing sound kept coming.

    Being able to follow Lan Xi into this place alive, they were naturally not a weakling.

    After seeing the brutal means of this monster named Gui Li in front of them, plus the threat of such existence as Siren King. They naturally decided to fight desperately, and they no longer planned to reserve their strength.

    What’s more, they had no other option except death. Going all out might have a chance for living. After all, Siren King dominated the Sea Region for so many years, so he was naturally more threatening than the monster in front of them.

    Seeing this situation, the huge head laughed wildly. It immediately spurted out black purple rays that fluttered indefinitely like chains.

    As the rays passed through, the blue rainbow lost its light and fell after a flash’ the dense ice spears shattered in the air; the golden light that Xin Yuan released even dissipated silently.

    As for the puppets, light arrows, mystic arts, insect swarms, etc, they were swept away by the light without even the slightest struggle. They were all devoured.

    Then the silver flame suddenly froze in the eyes of the huge head. It opened its mouth and spurted out endless black silks as if a black tide that swept through.

    Seeing this, Siren King’s face changed. He wave the crystal ruler in his hand, and layers of blue cold light swept out, freezing the imminent black silks into giant ice.

    But at the next moment, these black silks came out of the ice with a tremor.

    However, at this time, after the young man in white robe blurred, he had already bounced backward. Jia Lan, who was wrapped in blue light in the air behind him, was following him closely like she was being enchanted with some kind of mystic art.

    Liu Ming already knew it was bad when he lost connection with his flying sword. He immediately for a hundred meters and dodged the black silks before reaching him. He was also secretly holding a Bone Wind Awl, looking at the front with a sullen face.

    Xin Yuan shouted. He was swinging the iron rod in his hand, turning it into a dense golden light that slightly trembled the black silks forcefully. He then took the chance to retreat not far away from Liu Ming. His back was drenched in cold sweat.

    The Golden Scale Clan girl was panicking. Although she used the water wall formed by the ring in front of her to resist it for a moment, it was penetrated by the black silks at the next moment. She was being bound tightly.

    The other few slave miners were shocked, and they also cast their spiritual weapons and talismans to resist desperately. With only one strike, the spiritual weapons and talismans all burst open after the black silk flashed.

    The moment these slave miners touched the black silks, they all passed out strangely.

    The huge head then dragged back these people including the Golden Scale Clan girl. The slave miners were being swallowed one by one. The giant head was chewing carefully as if it was tasting some kind of world delicacy.

    Liu Ming was so shocked at the moment. He immediately gave up the idea of summoning the Flying Skull and Bone Scorpion. As he thought quickly, he instantly had the idea to escape far away.

    Since this monster called Guili really had a strength far beyond its imagination, even Siren King, Real Pellet State, had no chance to win, so he naturally couldn’t wait to die here.

    And as long as he was alive, although his hopes were very slim, he may still be able to find another node in the abyss.

    Liu Ming’s face looked uncertain. When he was about to take action, he and Xin Yuan’s ears had the voice transmission from the young man in white robe, “I have something that can definitely damage this monster. But before that, you have to help me distract that Lan Xi’s attention. Otherwise, if he reminds this monster, we will be in trouble.”

    Liu Ming and Xin Yuan were surprised when they heard this.

    Liu Ming was somewhat suspicious.

    Xin Yuan, who was not far away, actually nodded slightly after his eyes flashed. He threw the iron rod in front of him and made a gesture, then the two ends of the iron rod bent. After its surface was being wrapped by runes, it actually became a giant black bow.

    Xin Yuan groaned. As he exerted force on both his arms, he pulled the bow. A dazzling golden light arrow appeared on the giant bow. It was exuding a powerful aura that even a Crystallization Period powerhouse dared not to ignore it.

    Lan Xi, who was on top of the giant head, immediately looked shocked.

    Because the direction of the golden light arrow was aiming at him.

    Seeing this situation, Liu Ming laughed bitterly and kept away the Bone Wind Awl, which was originally in his hand. He took out a and then quietly took out the yellow turban soldier talisman from Sumeru Snail and threw it out.

    At the next moment, a golden armor puppet that looked like Liu Ming appeared while holding his fists on the side.

    Siren King couldn’t help but be surprised as he glanced at it, but he turned and looked at the giant head indifferently. The crystal ruler in his hand was emitting layers of faint blue light. He seemed to be charging some kind of power.

    Liu Ming did not look at Siren King much. He just took one step forward, then there was a dragon roar and tiger growl coming within his body. After a black gas surged out of him, the black gas transformed into black mist dragon and black mist tiger.

    After circling the top of Liu Ming’s head, they went into his two arms, forming two black marks.

    Liu Ming’s wrist shook, and both his arms enlarged after a snap sound. The two fists even had layers of dragon scale on them which made the two fists look ferocious in black purple colour. After they turned blurred, countless black purple fist shadows appeared and surged toward Lan Xi wildly.

    On the other side, a golden light flashed in Xin Yuan’s pupils, and he released the bowstring in his hand. ““, a dazzling light arrow shot like a thunderbolt under a violent gale.

    Even though Lan Xi knew that the other party was just the existence of two Condensation Period intermediate stages, he didn’t dare to take them lightly. After a groan, he turned his hand, and a ten meters long big flag that was embroidered with an unknown silver flower. As he waved, palm-size silver flowers bloomed immediately, and they flashed and transformed into layers of silver light curtain, protecting him in it. He didn’t intend to counterattack at all.

    Obviously, this Crystallisation Period powerhouse was only thinking to defend this wave of attacks, then he could let Guili deal with them.

    At the next moment, the golden rainbow transformed by the golden light flashed and hit on the light curtain released by Lan Xi.

    A loud, deafening loud noise!

    The place where the light arrow landed had an explosion in an instant. Golden light and silver light appeared simultaneously.

    But in just one second, the silver light was diminished sharply and was completely overwhelmed by the gold light.

    Several crisp sounds came out!

    The light curtain in front of Lan Xi was being smashed for six layers in a moment, and the remaining light curtain buzzed wildly!

    And when the golden light disappeared, countless fist shadows hit at the remaining light curtain along with a dragon roar and tiger growl.

    There was a continuous “bang” sound on the light curtain. In a moment, these layers of light curtains simultaneously showed numerous white marks. After a loud explosion, all the light curtains burst at the same time.

    Seeing this, Lan Xi was so shocked that he couldn’t think about it. He turned the big flag in front of him. He poured all his spiritual power into it and cast numerous silver flowers again. Only then he could barely withstand the remaining fist shadows. However, his body was also blown back by the residual power.

    With the combined efforts of Liu Ming and Xin Yuan, they almost hurt Lan Xi, the Crystallisation Period powerhouse.

    However, because of this, Lan Xi couldn’t care about Siren King for a while after his cold sweat came out. He was just staring at the direction of Liu Ming and Xin Yuan with a vigilant face. He then waved the blue flag in his hand again, casting several layers of silver curtain to block in front of him.

    At the same time, the huge head underneath ignored what happened at the top of its head. It was just simply tasting the good food in its mouth.

    After it swallowed the last coma slave miner into the mouth and chewed, seven slave miners, including the Golden Scale Clan woman, were all dead.

    At this moment, Siren King, who had been looking at this side coldly, finally made a move again.