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Chapter 788 - Defeating the Gods Alone

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     The Dragon Lake.

    It was a calm lake located deep in the Chang Bai mountain range.

    It was only a normal pond before the world changed. But then, the gate of the Dragon Lake opened and many monsters and dragons flew out of it. The energy of the world surged, filling this place with weird plants and animals like a spirit ground.

    Ever since the Ancestral Dragon appeared a thousand years ago, nobody dared to provoke them. And just then, people were gathering around.

    Countless human warriors came from all around the world to witness Chen Fan defeat the Dragon Lake and the secret lands. This was the first time mankind declared war on the secret lands, issuing a challenge to the legendary Ancestral Dragon; everyone was thrilled because of this.

    A man in a Chinese tunic suit at the foot of the mountain said, "Brother Gudao, you're here. Isn't the Broken Knife Sect in Southern Xinjiang?"

    Another man with a sword smiled and said, "It's a remarkable feat for Heavenly Chen to fight against the secret lands. Even though we've just entered the Transcendent State and can't help much, we can still cheer for him. Brother, are you coming?"

    Martial Arts had been thriving in recent days. All sects started to pass down their arts to people and the country even wanted to organize Martial Arts courses in schools. Sect Masters like the man with a sword were superior beings in a city.

    But at the moment, people like them were everywhere.

    There were countless Martial Artists, Japanese swordsmen, Southeast Asian Gong Tau Masters and Korean fighters down the mountain.

    This battle would determine which party the East belonged to, so other countries were also concerned about it.

    Not only humans, many members of the secret lands and alien races were there. A lot of military satellites and drones were filming and over two billion people were watching this battle through their TVs and laptops.

    "If Heavenly Chen can defeat the Dragon Lake, he'll become the dominator of mankind and gain an unprecedented reputation," the man in Chinese tunic suit said.

    "The old dragon is extraordinarily cunning. I wonder what trap was set for Heavenly Chen this time."

    The man with a sword frowned.


    Many people flew in the sky and each of them seemed to be powerful. They were apparently Immortal State Warriors, including Li Shuhuan and Sun Diange. They had traveled to watch the fight, but when they arrived three hundred meters away from Dragon Lake…


    Spouts of water were shot out from the Dragon Lake, slashing at the crowd like some giant swords. They struck down eight Immortal State Warriors; those who were severely injured almost died as their organs cracked.

    A man stepped out of Dragon Lake.

    He looked handsome and brawny, and seemed to have merged with the world.

    "Kill the trespassers!"

    When he said these three words…

    The trees in the nearby dozens of miles shook and water moved violently. Many weak Martial Artists suffered from headaches and even the Grandmasters were startled.

    "An Earth Level Deity?" the man with a sword said.

    The man in Chinese tunic suit narrowed his eyes and said, "It's Zhang Jiuya, another legendary Heavenly Being of the Zhang family. Although he's not on the Deity Roll, he's as powerful as the top ten. He's a descendant highly favored by the old dragon. It didn't even send him to the meeting of the League of Deities."

    Once Zhang Jiuya showed up, many Immortal State Warriors trembled and their eyes were full of fear.

    Even though there were dozens of Immortal State Warriors, Zhang Jiuya wasn't worried about handling them on his own. Everyone in the world could clearly see the disdain on his face.

    "So, this is an Earth Level Deity. Even though we have a lot of Immortal State Warriors, there's only a handful of them. Eight from the Dragon Lake died and there are still more of them. The Christian Church, the Gold Clan and the Mermen are even more powerful…"

    Countless people in front of the screens were worried.

    "Grandpa, don't worry. We have Heavenly Chen. He will certainly defeat the Dragon Lake and show them what mankind is capable of," a junior said.

    A new Immortal State Warrior of the King Kong Sect yelled, "Zhang Jiuya, all our Overlords are gathered here. Do you really think you can resist us by yourself?"


    Zhang Jiuya didn't answer; he only flicked his sleeve.


    A hundred-meter white mark shot across the sky like an invisible sword and struck the Immortal State Warrior of the King Kong Sect.

    The King Kong Sect was known for being unbeatable.

    This old monk was a Grand Elder of the sect and he had worked hard to enter the Immortal State. His body was strong enough to survive tank shells, but then, he was as fragile as glass and exploded into pieces.

    One attack and an Immortal State Warrior died!

    The world immediately went silent.

    Everyone clenched their fists and stared at Zhang Jiuya. The Martial Artists of the East were enraged, but none of them dared to step forward.

    The power difference between Connate Beings and mortals was too large. It wasn't something quantity could compensate.

    "You're mortals while we are Deities and Entities. How can you doubt us?" Zhang Jiuya despised the humans.

    "Zhang Jiuya, don't forget the mortals you mentioned killed King Kaneha and the Heavenly Snake King. We're now here to destroy the Dragon Lake!" Azure Dragon snickered.

    "Him? He's digging his own grave!"

    Zhang Jiuya grunted.

    Suddenly, a cold voice came from afar.


    Then, Zhang Jiuya looked up and saw countless clouds form a giant hand, flying towards him.

    The hand was enormous.

    Nobody could describe it with words. It covered the sky above the entire Dragon Lake, as if there were a city falling from the sky.

    "Damn it. How can he attack from a few hundred miles away?"

    Zhang Jiuya immediately flew towards the Dragon Lake, but it was too late. The world seemed to have frozen and he couldn't use any of his Essence Qi.

    The giant hand grabbed Zhang Jiuya and clenched.


    Zhang Jiuya was crushed into pieces by the giant hand. He was a mid-stage Connate Cultivator who had the blood of dragons and controlled many Divine Powers, but he was too vulnerable at the moment.

    The giant hand then smacked down on Dragon Lake.

    If it wasn't for the water curtains, the runes and arrays, the Dragon Lake and the thousand-meter mountain would have shattered.

    "This… this is?"

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    The eyes of many Overlords, masters of the secret lands and alien races popped out.

    "It's Heavenly Chen. He's the only one in the world that's so powerful."

    The Martial Artists of the East were thrilled.

    In comparison, those from the secret lands were frightened. Chen Fan had yet to arrive but he had already killed Zhang Jiuya at a distance. Such a power was earth-shattering! They were blaming their Overlords for not showing up right then.

    Soon, the Overlords of the alien races arrived.

    First, there were many white ships sailing from the West. There was the sound of angels singing and they were enveloped in an aura. Many elders wearing white robes appeared on the ships.

    The man with a sword said seriously, "The sacred ships of the Christian Church. I heard that they defeated the British and French armies with these ships and shocked all of Europe. Since then, they've been using them to destroy sects and countries."

    After that, there were beams of golden light in the south. Those were Gods in golden armor, surrounded by golden aura. Each of them was like the sun and they had different shapes. Most of them were snakes with wings, which were called the Serpent Gods.

    "The Overlords of the Gold Clan in South America."

    The man in Chinese tunic suit also looked startled.

    All the humans present became much more serious.

    But this was only the beginning.

    There came the sound of howling wolves.

    Seven ten-meter werewolves came from the north.

    In the east, the Overlords of the Mermen, who had green scales on their skin, webbed fingers, hair like seaweeds, snake's tails for legs and a trident in their hands, came with raging waves and a storm.

    The God of Death came from the southwest area. He was wearing a golden crown and a linen robe while holding a golden scepter…

    Many Connate Overlords from the secret lands or the alien races came from all directions. Every one of them was fierce, shining brightly. Their energy was way beyond that of the Immortal State Warriors of mankind and they were apparently Entities.

    Besides, each secret land had a group of Overlords.

    The entire sky had been filled with their Overlords and something strange started happening in the world. There was a thunderstorm, a mirage, beams of golden light and wolves howling at the moon. Dozens of Entities had gathered.

    In comparison, Chen Huaian, Ye Qincang and two others seemed to be much weaker.

    "Where's Chen Beixuan? Is he here yet?" a God with green hair and snake's tail said loudly, making the Martial Artists fall to the ground.

    "Haha, he'll defeat the secret lands? How arrogant! Let's see what he's capable of today." the Serpent God said. Every word he had said appeared with a golden aura in the sky and cracked giant rocks like sharp knives.

    The God of Death said, "Those who disrespect God must die!"

    His voice was like a deadly whisper. Dozens of human warriors ahead of him choked and died.

    The Entities expressed their stance one after another.

    "The Christian Church, the Mermen, the Gold Clan, the wolf pack, the Temple of Death…"

    As the man in a Chinese tunic suit pointed them out, people around him gradually turned pale. Almost all the secret lands on Earth had sent their men there.

    The audience in front of the screens was completely speechless.

    Looking at those fierce Entities, who wouldn't be scared? Even though there were only dozens of them, they left the one hundred thousand Martial Artists out of breath. The old dragon of Chang Bai had yet to show up, but these Entities were enough to destroy the Earth.

    "How can Heavenly Chen handle so many Entities?"

    While everybody was wondering and the alien races were smiling…

    The world suddenly turned dark.

    Then, a golden sun rose. No words could be used to describe it. It shone over the land and everything in a hundred miles could be seen clearly. Compared to it, the Serpent Gods were the moon.


    Everyone looked over.

    An immortal walked out of the giant sun.

    He had white hair and was wearing golden armor. There were three flames in his eyes and the crimson fire around him turned into a cape, covering the sky and the sun. He walked down from the sky. The entire Chang Bai Mountain seemed to be overwhelmed by his power. The mountains shook and the Entities fell several feet as if there were something heavy on their backs. All of them were suppressed by just one person!

    Chen Beixuan was there!