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Chapter 296 - Who Told You That I’m A Spell Master?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 296: Who Told You That I’m A Spell Master?

    “What? He’s fine?”

    The crowd was shocked to see that golden silhouette that resembled a rainbow. They were bewildered to the extent that they felt like their eyeballs were falling out.

    “How is that possible?!”

    The smile on Murong He’s face froze instantly. He secretly cursed when he sensed the golden fist coming at him. He performed the Flying Method in an attempt to dodge that.


    As the golden fist landed, it slammed into his back, hard. Murong He spat a mouthful of blood out after he was thrown to the ground directly.

    The place fell dead silent at that moment.

    As the blood splattered all over the sky, Zhang Mengqi and the rest looked rather pale and shocked.

    They thought that Ye Chen would definitely die with Murong He’s method. Never had they thought that besides being completely fine, he would have broken the giant black sphere and thrown Murong He out with a single punch.

    “How’s that brat so powerful?” Huo Sisi looked dumbstruck.

    Huo Yushan covered her mouth immediately upon hearing that, but his shock lingered.


    Murong He, who was thrown onto the ground, spat another mouthful of blood out. Subsequently, he got up from the ground and looked at Ye Chen with his messy hair. Disbelief filled his eyes as he demanded, “Aren’t you a Spell Master? How can you possess such compelling strength?”

    If he had not dodged in time earlier and merely taken 20% of the force of Ye Chen’s punch, he might have been dead now.

    “Who told you that I’m a Spell Master?” Ye Chen stood with his arms behind his back and looked at him in a condescending manner.

    Murong He was stunned at first, then he recalled something. Shock filled his face as he stammered, “You’re a cultivator of both spells and martial arts? A-are you a Martial Dao master?!”

    Everyone’s expressions changed at the same time. However, that was just a legend.

    It was just like the saying ‘biting off more than you can chew’. After all, a person’s strength was limited. One would need to spend their whole life to cultivate Martial Dao or spells. Why would anyone choose such an arduous path?

    Martial Dao master? Illuminating God?!

    Zhang Mengqi was feeling woozy.

    Indeed, Ye Chen surprised her over and over again. She could not accept it at the moment.

    Before that, she thought that Ye Chen was merely a peak-stage Dao Entry Spell Master. Never had she imagined that he would break Murong He’s Fire Consolidation Method with his hand and throw Murong He out with a punch.

    “H-How is that possible!?” Zhang Haoxuan, who had mocked Ye Chen over and over again, looked extremely pale at that moment. Incredulity filled his face.

    Huo Sisi was the most shocked. “Dad, that brat, I mean, is he really a M-Martial Dao master?”

    A Martial Dao master was a legend, so she had never seen one in her life.

    “He might be.” Huo Yushan closed his eyes, feeling moved. A presence that he had been going after was standing right before him. On top of that, the person was a young man who was not even 30 years old.

    “Hmph!” Murong He’s expressions changed a few times, then he suddenly chuckled. “Ye Chen, so what if you’re a cultivator of both spells and martial arts? I haven’t even given my all!”

    “What other techniques do you have? Show all of them!” Ye Chen gave a short response. His expression was extremely calm, thus one could not tell what he was feeling at all.

    “Toxic Dragon Miasma, go!”

    Murong He took out a medicinal pill and swallowed it. Subsequently, he slammed the green dragon-head walking stick that he carried along. As a loud crack came, the handle disintegrated.

    A seven-colored fog came out of the walking stick, resembling a rainbow as it grew. Eventually, it hovered like a soaring giant seven-colored dragon and covered the sky like a seven-colored cloud shrouding the ground.

    “It’s the Toxic Dragon Miasma!” In the crowd, Zhang Mengqi’s pretty expression changed.

    “The little girl from the Zhang family sure is knowledgeable!” Murong He smiled in pride upon noticing that someone recognized the seven-colored fog. “That’s right. It’s the Toxic Dragon Miasma.”

    “Sister, what’s the Toxic Dragon Miasma?” Zhang Haoxuan asked.

    Zhang Mengqi took a deep breath and said, “I heard that there’s a Toxic Dragon Mountain deep in the Lingnan old jungle. It has seven-colored miasma lingering around it all year round. It’s said that there’s a Toxic Dragon cultivating there, and that’s what releases the miasma. Regular people turn into a pile of blood if they sniff it. It’s devastating.”

    She was from the Zhang family of Wannan, and she had been in touch with all sorts of medicines since young. She was also able to recognize 10,000 herbs. She could also recognize miasma, poison gas, and mirage. The most popular one would be the Toxic Dragon Miasma.

    Everyone’s expressions changed while they retreated a few steps back at the same time. The toxic cloud above their heads was just too big, so they could not dodge it.

    Someone said while feeling like crying, “Old Master Murong, this is the grudge between you and Ye Chen. Please don’t drag us into it.”

    ‘Don’t worry, guys!” Zhang Mengqi smiled and said at the critical time, “My family from Wannan has the antidote. You guys won’t be intoxicated as long as you consume it.”

    She took out a purple gourd as she spoke and gave out blue pills to the people.

    They were relieved after consuming it. They said in utter gratitude, “Ms. Zhang, you’re indeed generous. Now, we can watch the battle between Old Master Murong and Ye Chen at a close range.”

    Zhang Mengqi was secretly grinning.

    Among everyone present, Ye Chen was the only person who did not consume the antidote. The reason was that she wanted the people to see what would happen to him.

    ‘Haha. Ye, I’d like to see how you’re going to handle the Toxic Dragon Miasma.’

    “Ye Chen, you’ve seen my technique. I’m giving you a chance now. Give me the medicinal formula and then destroy your cultivation base. I’ll consider keeping your dead body in one piece.” Murong He laughed out loud, feeling over the moon.

    Ye Chen shook his head slightly. “Do you really think this miasma can harm me?”

    “Hmph! You sure are stubborn!” Murong He’s smile turned cold. He then performed a hand seal and sent it out at Ye Chen after lifting his arms. “Go to hell!”

    As soon as he was done speaking, the seven-colored cloud above his head turned into a cyclone and charged quickly at Ye Chen.

    “How are you going to survive that?” Zhang Mengqi could not help but smirk. She seemed to be able to envision what would happen to Ye Chen after being covered by the miasma and being turned into a pool of blood.

    “How unfortunate!” Many people shook their heads.

    When the cyclone that was transformed by the toxic cloud got closer to Ye Chen, he opened his mouth suddenly and sucked. A great suction force came from his mouth. In the next second, the cyclone shrunk significantly. It turned into a seven-colored stream that Ye Chen sucked into his mouth.

    However, nothing happened to him.

    “What?” Everyone rubbed their eyes as if they had seen a ghost.

    “How is that possible?!” Murong He and Zhang Mengqi exclaimed at the same time. Shock colored their faces.

    Did he suck all of the Toxic Dragon Miasma?

    “I-is he still human?” Huo Yushan and his daughter were shocked.

    Ye Chen looked at Murong He mysteriously. “That technique of yours is much more powerful than Murong Yang’s. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on me.”

    “Y-you…” Murong He was shocked and enraged.

    “It’s my turn now!” Ye Chen chuckled and opened his mouth again. A seven-colored fog was spat out of his mouth. “I’ll let you guys try the so-called Toxic Dragon Miasma.”

    “Haha, did you forget that I’ve consumed the antidote?” Murong He scoffed by instinct and let the seven-colored stream come to him.

    Zhang Mengqi stood where she was, shaking her head while thinking how foolish Ye Chen was. However, her face suddenly felt a little itchy. She scratched a piece of flesh with skin onto her hand and was stunned.

    Subsequently, she released an extremely terrified and devastating shriek! “Ahh!”