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Chapter 787 - The Secret Lands Were Astonished

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     787 The Secret Lands Were Astonished

    Chen Fan returned and made a declaration.

    The entire world seemed to be extremely shocked. Humans around the world paraded on the streets to support Chen Fan.

    Well-known media outlets like BBC and CNN even gave Chen Fan the title of "hero" and praised him as the savior of mankind!

    "The meeting of the League of Deities turned into a hilarious drama once General Chen showed up. The Ancestral Dragon's plan to control the East was disturbed and the Overlords of mankind rose up."

    Wall Street News Agency published a review.

    The CIA immediately listed Chen Fan as the seventh Overlord at the Disastrous Level which was beyond the Deity Roll! And yet, some Overlords thought Chen Fan wasn't that powerful.

    On the other hand, the secret lands remained silent, especially the Dragon Lake. After losing so many monsters and descendants, the old dragon had yet to make a statement, which made people extremely anxious.

    "Are the Christian Church and Dragon Lake planning something?"

    Many human Overlords were trying to guess but they couldn't get any secret information, so they could only wait.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan didn't care about them at all.

    On the 150th floor of the Yinfeng Tower.

    The Overlords of Kunlun, the North Qiong Sect and China had gathered. Chen Fan was sitting on top with Ye Qincang and Chen Huaian flanking him. Even Hua Yunfeng and Xie Yan had to bow to them.

    Immortal State Warriors like the Ancestral Master of the Ba Ji Sect walked forward and greeted Chen Fan.

    "Greetings, Heavenly Chen. I'm Li Shuhuan from the Ba Ji Sect. May your power last forever."

    "Greetings Heavenly Being. I'm Sun Diange from the Xin Yi Sect."

    "I'm Dharma-rāja Lotus from Tantric Buddhism…"

    Some of these Immortal State Warriors had been hiding from the world for a long time and didn't have many more years to live, while some others had just reached that level in the last three years. Speaking of age, every one of them was old enough to be Chen Fan's grandfather, but they were respectful like elementary school students in front of Chen Fan.

    The person who stood at the top was the master.

    Chen Fan was the most powerful master!

    "There are many talented cultivators among the younger generation of China. Almost forty of them are Immortal State Warriors and all sects have Immortal State Grandmasters, same as the secret lands. If they give us a few dozen years more, we can have another ten Earth Level Deities and we'll be able to fight with the Christian Church. What a shame…" Ye Qincang shook his head.

    "There's nothing pitiful. Master is here to defeat all the secret lands and teach them what respect is," Hua Yunfeng said.

    Ye Qincang got up and thanked Chen Fan, "Senior Chen, thank you for saving me back then. If not, I'm afraid I'd be dead by now."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    He could have done something earlier, but Chen Huaian and his two disciples lacked battling experience. This was a great opportunity for them to fight against Deities. Chen Fan had such achievements after battling across the universe for five centuries, so he let Chen Huaian and the others go first.

    "But King Kaneha and the God of Hades are just small problems. Our biggest enemy is the old dragon. If it wasn't here, we would have already dropped a nuclear bomb and blown those Entities into pieces."

    Ye Qincang suddenly heaved a sigh.

    Many other Immortal State Warriors, including Fang Qiong and A'Xiu, also looked serious.

    Even though they had faith in Chen Fan, the old dragon was too powerful. It had lived for a thousand years; it was the ancestor of all the monsters and one of the six Overlords in the world.

    "Have you tried to use nuclear weapons already?" Chen Fan asked.

    "Almost all the large countries in the world are under the control of the secret lands. Only the five superpowers are still standing independently and their nuclear weapons are the reason for that. They're willing to die with their enemies if anything goes wrong," Ye Qincang said seriously.

    "Normal Entities or Saints can't survive the attacks of the nuclear weapons. Even the twelve Wolf Gods can't withstand a million-ton hydrogen bomb. When the world first changed, we killed many super beasts and Entities with nuclear weapons, which frightened the secret lands."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    Normally, Connate Beings could survive nuclear explosions.

    But those were small-scale nuclear weapons, like atomic bombs of the ten-thousand-ton scale. What the five superpowers had were million-ton hydrogen bombs which were a hundred times more powerful than atomic bombs. The epicenter of a hydrogen bomb explosion could reach a temperature of a hundred billion degrees and even pure Dark Wolves would be vaporized.

    "And yet, everything changed when the six Overlords appeared." Ye Qincang smiled wryly. "Our troops dropped a nuclear weapon of five million tons on the old dragon, but it survived without any injuries. We were completely stunned."

    Everyone was terrified. How powerful was it to survive a nuclear explosion?

    Many people glanced at Chen Fan.

    Three years back, Chen Fan had shocked the United States when he survived the attack of the hydrogen bomb, making the most powerful superpower on Earth yield to him. The old dragon was the same as him back then.

    "The epicenter of a nuclear explosion is only a few hundred meters wide. It's difficult to blow them up as they're at least peak-stage Connate Beings or Core Formation Cultivators. And the heat and impact outside of the center aren't enough to threaten a Core Formation Cultivator."

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    He clearly knew about power according to different levels.

    The temperature of the epicenter could be as high as ten million degrees and one had to be at the Golden Core realm as a minimum to survive the explosion. However, normal Connate Beings and Core Formation Cultivators were sensitive, so it was difficult to hit them directly. Besides, nuclear weapons might be powerful but they mostly affected things within a few hundred meters around the center.

    "If you don't kill the old dragon, the threat from Dragon Lake will still be there. Senior Chen, you must be careful. The old dragon will take revenge on you. We attacked it with nuclear bombs back then and it killed all the soldiers in seven of our military bases. Now that you killed so many of its descendants…" Azure Dragon said.

    Before he finished, there was suddenly a beep.

    While everyone was confused, Red Sparrow raised the communicator in her hand with a serious look. "The Ancestral Dragon of Dragon Lake has spoken."

    The hall immediately went silent. Red Sparrow looked at Chen Fan with a worried face.

    "It wants General Chen to go to Dragon Lake and beg for mercy in three days. Otherwise…

    "It'll exterminate the North Qiong Sect and kill everyone in China."

    When Red Sparrow finished the message, the hall was silent at first. Then, everyone was enraged and many young Martial Artists' eyes were red with anger. They couldn't wait to kill that old dragon.

    But the experienced Immortal State Warriors like Li Shuhuan, Sun Diange and Ye Qincang had more concerns. They looked at Chen Fan, waiting for the opinion of this new Overlord.

    Chen Fan kept drinking tea calmly as if he hadn't heard anything.

    The Ancestral Dragon had requested Chen Fan to go to Dragon Lake and apologize, or they would exterminate his sect!

    This piece of news immediately startled the world. Many media published it with bold fonts at the most noticeable placements.

    Countless netizens were enraged.

    Chen Fan had returned to earth, immediately becoming the seventh Overlord, the pride of mankind and the backbone to all people on Earth, but the old dragon humiliated him like that? How could anyone be cool about it?

    "It's so arrogant!"

    "Who does it think it is? A True God or a Sky Immortal? Heavenly Chen can kill Entities and is just as powerful, but it wants him to apologize. This is a complete humiliation. Not only is it humiliating Heavenly Chen, but also China and the entire East!"

    "Fight with them! Smash the Dragon Lake and exterminate those alien races!"

    The Martial Arts forums, Weibo and WeChat were flooded with rage.

    Many of the calm people were worried.

    "The Ancestral Dragon isn't a fool. It's more than a thousand years old and its intelligence is way beyond that of humans. There has to be a reason for it to provoke such a powerful being like Heavenly Chen…"

    "The secret lands might be setting a trap to kill Heavenly Chen."

    "Don't be fooled!"

    But these comments quickly disappeared on the Internet.

    Billions of people had been irritated by what the old dragon said. Many celebrities even published their comments on the newspaper, provoking the old dragon.

    Countless people focused on the Yinfeng Tower and the North Qiong Sect, waiting for Chen Fan's reply.

    The officials of every country knew the old dragon had to be up to something, but mankind had finally become motivated and determined. If Chen Fan didn't agree, it would be difficult to raise people's spirits again.

    "General Chen, the President of Korea, the Prime Minister of Japan and the King of Thailand called and asked about your thoughts. General Li Wuchen also sent a message saying that our country will support your decision."

    Red Sparrow stood upright with a laptop.

    Everyone at the Yinfeng Tower looked at her.

    Those young Overlords, like White Tiger, immediately thought of the conspiracy behind the news and were drenched in cold sweat.

    "Senior, this will be a long fight between us and the secret lands. Don't mind its provoking message. We should wait until we're completely ready," Ye Qincang said sincerely.

    Chen Huaian also agreed.

    Even though they knew Chen Fan was tough, the old dragon was too fierce. Besides, the battle would take place at Dragon Lake which was the home of the old dragon, so it had to be planning something. Chen Fan shouldn't take the risk.

    "That's right, Xiao Fan. If it's this dangerous, then don't go…" Even Fang Qiong tried to convince him.

    Chen Fan put down the teacup and smiled.

    "I was just busy drinking tea.

    "Don't worry. How would a dragon scare me? No matter how many tricks it has, I'll be able to kill it!" Chen Fan said with disdain in his eyes.

    April 16th, 2016.

    Chen Fan claimed that he would go to the Dragon Lake to kill the old dragon and the monsters three days later!

    The secret lands were astonished by the news!