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Chapter 786 - The Revelling World

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     786 The Revelling World

    "Chen Beixuan is back!"

    When Chen Fan finally revealed himself, everyone on earth recognized him and knew he had returned.

    Although Chen Fan had disappeared for three years, the memory of him was still fresh in everyone's mind. The once most powerful man on Earth had disappeared in the Realm of Kunxu.

    Most people welcomed his return.

    The suspense had kept the people in the east on the edge of their seats, but even as they were waiting anxiously for their fate to be decided, Chen Fan returned and turned the tables on those alien Deities. The audience felt their blood boil and a lust for battle surge.


    "Well done!"

    "From today on, I am Chen Beixuan's biggest fan!"

    Many Chinese among the audience cheered.

    Chen Fan's former friends and families, such as Jiang Tanqiu, Xu Haoxuan and Qi Wangsun jumped up from their chairs, waving their fists in the air.

    However, a handful of them were disheartened by the turn of events.

    Yan Jin, the peak of North Mountain.

    The Wang family had weathered the storm well and remained as one of the five major families in Yan Jin. It had survived by capitulating to the Dragon Lake of Chang Bai. Things had been going smoothly for the Wang Family. The Old Lord Wang had retired, leaving Wang Keqin in charge.

    Wang Keqin was playing with an antique snuff bottle and sauntered into the family mansion. His face was awash with confidence and smugness.

    The Wang Family had been doing well under his lead, but it could be even better. Once the Fey Ancestor defeated the North Qiong and Kunlun, the Wang family would finally claim the seat of power in China.

    "Father, King Kaneha led fifteen deities and descended upon the Chen Family. They are doomed, we can finally avenge my mother and my son."

    He walked into the main hall, and found that Wang Zhongguo stood rigidly in the middle of the room, eyes glued to the television.

    "What's wrong?"

    Wang Keqin sensed something was amiss. He looked at the screen.

    On the screen, he saw a young man in white outfit standing by the Yellow Dragon River with hands behind his back. Around him were limbs and bodies of perished deities, and among them was the jarring carcass of the divine snake. Wang Keqin knew the face of that young man. It was a face that had been permanently tattooed onto his mind.

    "Chen Fan!"

    Wang Keqin's face paled, dropping the snuff bottle to the ground.

    His shock was shared by many other families, such as the Xiao family, the Han family of Yan Jin, and the Qin family. All of them had knelt before the Dragon Lake.

    A moment before, the world was in his grasp, but just a moment later, he felt his pride and strength slip away. Memories of Chen Fan's ruthless methods flooded back into their minds, filling their hearts with fear and anxiety.

    In contrast, the Martial Arts world revelled in his return.

    "Chen Beixuan is back!"

    "OMG! Not even Kunxu could stop him. He really lived up to his reputation. He killed fifteen Deities as soon as he returned. The Mystic realms need to be ready for Chen Beixuan's ire."

    "Invincible! Heavenly Chen is invincible!"

    Be it the Martial Artists from the East or the Extraordinary Ones from the West, they all relished in Chen Fan's return.

    During Chen Fan's absence, the mystic realms and the Forbidden Lands had taken over the Earth, pinning even the five major superpowers under their thumbs.

    Of all the mortals on Earth, only Ye Qincang and a handful of others still resisted them.

    Chen Fan's timely return had turned the situation around when the Earth nations were on their last legs. People quickly forgot about his past bouts of slaughter on earth and revered him as a savior.

    This change in sentiment was particularly palpable in the CIA's forum.

    After a few server updates, the forum had become the world's most authoritative platform for news about the Martial Arts world.

    "He has won back our dignity!"

    "Go Chen Beixuan Go! Keep at it! kill the old dragon for us!"

    "At least one of us is their equal!"

    Posts poured into the forum to express their joy. Some requested Chen Fan to be more proactive and sack all the mystic realms, leaving no lives behind. However, most people thought that was impossible even for Chen Fan.

    "Welcome back, Chen Beixuan."

    The Observer only posted those brief words.

    Meanwhile, the cultivators from the Mystic realms looked troubled.

    Fifteen deities, including a few overlords from the Deity Roll such as King Kaneha had been killed by Chen Fan within seconds. This was the most catastrophic defeat they had ever suffered.


    "We need to strike back!"

    "I request the Fey Ancestor's intervention and the assembly of all the saints from the Christian Church. We need to kill this brazen fool!" many connate cultivators screamed.

    However, most of them furrowed their brow and hung a heavy look on their faces.

    "Who is he? Why have I never seen him? He killed seven deities with one shot. Not even the Fey Ancestor or the God of Gold could pull it off. How could someone so powerful slip under our radar?"

    Chen Fan's display of strength had terrified everyone.

    Many alien deities or saints thought that no one on Earth would pose a threat to them; never did they expect someone like Chen Fan to turn up out of the blue.

    "He is Chen Beixuan, the sect master of the North Mystic Sect. He is the most powerful man on earth, who rose to power by bringing down the Christian Church and the United States," a Warg explained.

    The Dark Wolf race was a major clan in the ancient times. They presided in the depths of the Siberian Tundra where twelve Wargs had been slumbering. They were considered among the most powerful Mystic realms.


    Many Mystic realm cultivators were shocked.

    They had heard Chen Fan's name many times, but never did they think that he would be a threat. After all, there had been only a few Connate Cultivators on earth in the past three years. When the cat's away the mice will play. In their minds, Chen Fan was nothing but a strong mouse. Some Merman Overlords even doubted that Chen Fan could defeat the weakest among them.

    However, after the battle, Chen Fan had proved to be much more powerful than an Earth Level Deity. He was invincible.

    "Who would have thought that he could become this powerful in three years," a senior deity exclaimed.

    The listeners' hearts sank to the bottom.

    By then, there were only six supreme overlords on Earth and they all came from Mystic realms. Chen Fan's presence would bring the earth to the same status as the Mystic realms, to become their equal.

    "The balance of power is about to shift," many people thought to themselves.

    Thus it was, the world had been changed profoundly the moment Chen Fan turned up.

    In the Christian Church, the Gold Clan, the Mermen and many other mystic realms, Overlords rose to their feet and looked to the East. Some sent representatives to China, hoping to get in contact with Chen Fan.

    Meanwhile, the Yellow Dragon River regained its serenity while many people stood by the shore, reflecting on the battle.

    "Is… Is he really Chen Beixuan?" White Tiger stammered out his surprise.

    Nearly all the Overlords in Kunlun had shown up, including Azure Dragon and Ye Nantian. Over the years, White Tiger had reached the Immortal State and Azure Dragon had made it to the Divine Roll.

    Red Sparrow was in her usual tight suit, wearing the same flaming lipstick.

    She didn't answer her colleague. Instead, she looked up at the man in the sky. Her eyes were filled with complex and strong emotions.

    "I had finally forgotten about you, why did you show up again?"

    Red Sparrow heaved a sigh.

    Meanwhile, Han Juntu and Xian Xuan's faces changed color and their body shook uncontrollably.

    Chen Fan's return started the final countdown to their inevitable demise. They could only imagine the horrifying methods Chen Fan would use to end their pathetic lives for betraying their own kind.

    "Impossible! He entered the Realm of Kunxu, how could he be back?" Xian Xuan screamed in his mind.

    He clenched his fist, diggin his nails into his palm. He fixed his gaze at Chen Fan, wishing he could burn him alive.

    "Young Lord Xiao, we underestimated him after all."

    Han Juntu let out a wry smile.

    They indeed had, and so had the many other major families and financial groups. Mitsui Yuto from the Mitsui Group collapsed the moment he saw Chen Fan's face.

    However, Chen Fan didn't so much as spare a glance.

    Under millions of shocked eyes, Chen Fan descended from the sky and arrived at the shore.


    People made way for him, creating a hundred meter long path. At the other end of the path was the lovely Fang Qiong.

    Chen Fan ambled past the crowd, letting their fear multiply and fester. He walked past Xian Xuan and Han Juntu, and then the Lee Family of the Samsung Group.

    Chen Fan only paused a second when he saw Xu Rongfei. He nodded and carried on. When he finally reached Fang Qiong, he smiled broadly and wrapped his arm around her waist, turning around and then announcing in a booming voice, "Earth belongs to mankind, not to any other alien races!

    "I swore that I would kill whoever invaded our territory!"

    This moment was witnessed not only by the tens of millions of residents in Zhong Hai, but also by billions of people before their television sets.

    The announcement was followed by a moment of silence, and the deafening cheers erupted from the shorelines of the Yellow Dragon River, echoing across China.

    Mankind had been under oppression for far too long. Their hero had finally returned and it was about time to end the suffering.

    Tears welled in Xu Rongfei's eyes as she gazed at the young man and his glowing body. He was the savior and he was her man.

    "Maybe that's why he is so charming!" Xu Rongfei mumbled.