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Chapter 423: Stone Forest Altar

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 423: Stone Forest Altar

    Others who saw this situation also couldn’t help feeling fear for a while.

    The Real Pellet State powerhouse, who was under severe injuries, was able to exhaust all the spiritual power of a Crystallization Period intermediate stage evil beast, then killed it easily.

    From beginning to end, the evil beast never touched his sleeve.

    If they really attacked as Lan Xi proposed, the consequences could be imagined.

    In this way, after a few people disposed of the two Crystallization Period evil beasts’ corpses, they immediately continued their journey.

    However, due to the fact that many people died in the previous fight, the atmosphere in the team naturally became more depressed.

    After a few more days.

    Seeing that the spiritual fluids in the gourd were about to run out, everyone finally walked out of the endless desert under the lead of Lan Xi.

    Without the disruption of the cold wind, everyone naturally began to fly in the low altitude to hurry.

    After flying past a small piece of rare plains with unknown low shrubs and a swamp filled with miasma, they entered a gray hilly area. They stopped in front of a dark mountain not far away.

    The mountain peak was not too high. It was about seven to eight thousand meters high. It was pitch black. The surrounding was filled with layers of gray white fog, making the mountain vague. It gave people a weird feeling.

    At this moment, the disk in the front of Lan Xi’s hand suddenly burst out a low buzzing sound, and it was flickering slightly.

    Seeing this, Lan Xi immediately looked down at it, then he announced with joy, “I have finally found another node! It’s as I expected, this node should be at the back of this mountain.”

    Then he rose into the air and flew forward impatiently.

    Others had already seen there was something odd on the disc in his hand. Most people had some speculations in their hearts. After they got the confirmation from Lan Xi’s words, they were naturally overjoyed and flew over.

    But Siren King saw this and suddenly looked down at Jia Lan, who was still in a coma. He frowned slightly without saying anything, but he still followed the group after a flash of blue light.

    Liu Ming looked at the black mountain in the distance, but his pupils shrank uncontrollably.

    For an unknown reason.

    The moment he saw this mountain, his heart suddenly had an inexplicably uneasiness.

    However, since the others had already moved forward, Liu Ming only hesitated for a moment, then he braced himself to follow.

    After all, in such a dangerous place, it would be too impractical to walk away from the group.

    But he secretly moved his position who was in the middle initially to the last one. His lips was slightly moving a few times as well.

    Xin Yuan, who was also flying in the middle of the team, suddenly heard Liu Ming’s voice in his ear. After his figure paused slightly, he continued to move forward as if nothing happened, but his speed was slowed down unknowingly. Not long after, he went to the back.

    However, Siren King turned around a moment later and glanced at Liu Ming unintentionally, then he continued to move forward without expression.

    Liu Ming’s heart was shocked!

    Judging by Siren King’s unfathomable strength, it was not impossible to say that he had a way to detect the previous voice transmission.

    As he thought so in his mind, his expression still looked usual. He just quietly followed behind the team and flew side by side with Xin Yuan.

    Half an hour later, everyone finally bypassed the previous black mountain and came to an open land behind the mountain.

    Whereas in front of the eyes, there was a gray and white stone forest standing. Looking from a distance, it seemed endless.

    When Liu Ming saw these pillars, he couldn’t help but be stunned.

    This stone forest even vaguely gave him a familiar feeling. It reminded him of Yunchuan Continent Yuanmo Sect’s location.

    Yuanmo Sect’s was also located in a large area of stone forest, and there was a strange black mist in the stone forest.

    It was just that the stone forests of Yuanmo Sect were all huge stone pillars imprinted with many black runes, and the mist came out of these rune spirit patterns.

    The stone forests here were just some irregular tall rocks, and there was no artificial sign at all.

    But even so, it made Liu Ming feel a little worse in his heart.

    But at this moment, Lan Xi stopped in front of the stone forest and looked down at the disc in his hand. He pointed to the direction of the stone forest without hesitation, then he said with certainty, “The node we are looking for is somewhere in front. As for the exact location, it should be known when we enter.”

    As he spoke, he took the lead and flew in the direction of the stone forest.

    The other slave miners were excited. They followed closely.

    When Liu Ming flew into the stone forest, his eyes flashed quietly, then he released a trace of mental power. As a result, the stone pillar seemed to be naturally formed, and it was disordered. There seemed to be no patterns at all, and there wasn’t anything strange with this place.

    This made him slightly relaxed, then he and Xin Yuan followed the rest without saying anything.

    As a result, they came to an empty place in the stone forest after a while. There was a boxy tall altar with the height of two hundred to three hundred meters. The altar was covered in a thick layer of dust. It seemed to be here for a long time.

    At the center of the altar, there was a black stone monument with vague dark purple spirit patterns on it.

    “What is going on?”

    “How can there be such a weird thing here?”

    At the sight of the thing in front of them, someone was naturally surprised. He could not help but question Lan Xi.

    “Hmph, how do I know! I’m also here for the first time, maybe it’s just a coincidence. But I can be sure that the node is above this altar.” Lan Xi shrugged and denied.

    Afterward, he flicked the disc in his hand over the altar and made a gesture. A white light flashed into the round disc.

    Runes appeared on the surface of the disc. After a tremor, a white light beam shot out. It flashed and went above the altar.


    There was a violent space fluctuation in the air, and immediately a hazy white vortex vaguely appeared. But after a blur, it condensed into a layer of light curtain.

    Sure enough, it was where the node was.

    “According to my experience, this node is already very fragile because it is there for a long time. You don’t need to save spiritual power at this time, just attack with all your strength. The exit is right in front of you!” Lan Xi said solemnly, then he waved his hand to signal everyone to attack.

    After the slave miners saw the white vortex just appeared in the air and clearly felt the space fluctuation emanating from it, they no longer doubted Lan Xi’s words.

    Everyone immediately channeled all their spiritual power as they were excited. They cast their spiritual weapon mystic arts and launched a fierce attack at this node.

    For a time, various lights shone on the spot. The rumbling sound was deafening. Various spell, blade lights went into the light curtain, causing a light to flow on its surface.

    However, while others were attacking with all their power, there were still a few who did not do it!

    In addition to Liu Ming and Xin Yuan standing behind the crowd, the third person was the Golden Scale Clan woman named Zhi Ming.

    The fourth person who didn’t make a shot was naturally Siren King holding Jia Lan!

    Except that when she first saw the ancient altar, her eyebrows trembled slightly, then she stood there without moving.

    Liu Ming looked at the dark purple spirit patterns on the monument that seemed familiar, and his eyes were flickering.

    Seeing this, Lan Xi’s face looked sullen. After slowly glancing at the four people, his gaze finally stopped at the Golden Scale Clan girl, and he asked coldly,

    “Zhi Ming, why didn’t you attack yet? Don’t you want to go out?”

    The Sea Creature Clan girl, who seemed to be very respectful to him, looked a little uncertain after hearing him. After looking at Liu Ming, Xin Yuan and Siren King who were not far away, she suddenly sneered and said aloud, “Attack? Is it that you want to kill us easily when we expend all of our spiritual power, then you can sacrifice all of us?”

    She didn’t speak very loud. Her sound was almost overwhelmed by the crowd’s attack, but it was as loud as thunder when the other slave miners heard her.

    The people who were attacking were shocked, and they stopped their attacks in unison. They all looked at Lanxi with a doubtful look.

    “What sacrifice? What are you talking about, you don’t want to leave this place anymore.” Lan Xi’s face did not change. He just said lightly.

    “Hmph, at this time, you still want to deceive me. You really think no one knows that you were secretly building that altar in the secret cave? I have seen this altar myself before. As compared to this one, it is smaller. Except there is a monument on top of it, the other characteristics are obviously generally the same.” The Golden Scale Clan girl said with sarcasm.

    As Lan Xi heard this, his face changed slightly for the first time. But before he wanted to say anything, Siren King, who had been silent beside him, suddenly said, “Lan Xi, just summon that thing. Although my spiritual power is now greatly reduced, I can still clearly sense its existence.”

    As soon as the young man in white robe said, his eyes glanced below the altar.

    At almost the same time, the seemingly solid ground near the altar suddenly became soft like sand. Under a violent tremor, “boom“, a giant deep hole appeared in a collapse with the altar as the center.

    But the altar itself still stood steadily.

    A few slave miners who were at the front immediately retreated in shock.

    But at this moment, a sizzling sound came out!

    A black light flashed!

    Countless black silks suddenly shot out from the depths of the ground, and the silks penetrated the bodies of a few slave miners like lightning.

    Suddenly, several miserable screams came out. The few slave miners immediately fell to the ground.