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Chapter 294 - There’s No Need to Wait for Three Days. I Can Kill You Right Now!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 294: There’s No Need to Wait for Three Days. I Can Kill You Right Now!

    In the lounge of the Murong residence, many martial artists were seated. Most of them had a powerful aura, especially the four men sitting on the grandmaster chairs in front. Besides their stunning aura, they also had bright eyes.

    The lounge was currently noisy as it was filled with chatter and discussion.

    Three silhouettes sat far away. They were Zhang Mengzi, Zhang Haoxuan, and Zhang Zijian.

    At that moment, Zhang Mengqi lifted her eyes to look at the four of them on the grandmaster chairs. There were slight surprise and seriousness on her pretty face. “I can’t believe that the King Kong Sect Leader, Wu Di, the Iron Fist Sect Leader, Nie Wenyuan, the Flying Dagger Sect Leader, Lu Feng, and the Little Overlord, Fei Santong, are here.”

    “It’s them!” Zhang Haoxuan who was standing aside exclaimed softly.

    Not only were the four of them famous in Ganzhou, but they were also a powerful presence in the northwest because they were powerhouses at the peak-stage of Illuminating Pulse. They were merely half a step away from becoming Martial Dao masters.

    For instance, Wu Di of the King Kong Sect had mastered the External Body Refining Method, so no saber or bullet could enter his body. Meanwhile, Nie Wenyuan from the Iron Fist Sect could punch through a metal board by activating both of his fists, and Lu Feng from the Flying Dagger Sect had seven flying daggers that could destroy everything accurately.

    The Little Overlord, Fei Santong, had extraordinary talents. He was 2.3 meters tall. Given that he was muscular, he looked like a giant.

    Just as Zhang Mengqi inhaled and was going to speak, a series of applause came. The lounge immediately went silent.

    Subsequently, Wu Di from the King Kong Sect stood up to clear his throat. He looked around and said, “Everyone, I’ve discussed with Sect Leader Nie from the Iron Fist Sect and the rest. In reality, to kill Ye Chen, there’s no need for Old Master Murong He to do it himself. The four of us can kill him.”

    The people were shocked. An old man could not help but ask while clasping his fists, “Sect Leader Wu, are you serious?”

    “Of course! It’s been a day since Old Master Murong He has announced the challenge, but Ye has been quiet. I’m guessing that he doesn’t dare take up the challenge.”

    Wu Di nodded slightly and smiled with pride as he put his arms behind his back. “I suggest that the Murong clan recall the letter of challenge. At the same time, pretend to be at peace with whatever that has happened so that Ye Chen will have his guard down. Then, we’ll continue to find out his whereabouts. As soon as we find him, the four of us will kill him.”

    “That’s right!” Nie Wenyuan from the Iron Fist Sect said while smiling, “Since Ye is afraid of Old Master Murong He, his cultivation base is definitely not that of Illuminating God. He’s at peak-stage Dao Entry at most. Meanwhile, the four of us are at the peak-stage of Illuminating Pulse. We can definitely kill him by working together.”

    “I wonder what’s the price our family will have to pay,” one of the people from the Murong clan asked by instinct.

    Lu Feng from the Flying Dagger Sect smiled while caressing his beard. “I heard that your family is close to the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. So, I’m thinking of asking your family to get the Spiritual Medicine Mountain to refine some medicinal pills to boost the cultivation base for us.”

    The four of them had been stuck on peak-stage Illuminating Pulse for years. After discussing among themselves, they realized they only had hope of breaking through to innate-stage with the help of medicinal pills.

    “My family can consider that, but we’ll have to speak to the old master first,” the Murong clan member who had spoken earlier said.

    “Hahaha!” Someone laughed. “Four powerhouses fighting together! That Ye will definitely be killed by then!”

    Everyone nodded instantly.

    “I’m just worried that Ye won’t show up because he’s too cowardly,” someone said in concern.

    “If I were Ye Chen, I’d come to ask for forgiveness. His dead body might stay whole just by doing that.”

    Wu Di scoffed. Just when he was going to speak, a deafening voice suddenly came from outside, “Murong He, I, Ye Chen, am here. Get out to accept your death now!”


    The expression on everyone’s faces in the lounge froze. They thought they had heard it wrong, so they failed to react at that moment.


    At the entrance of the Murong residence, as Ye Chen’s majestic words boomed, Huo Yushan, his daughter, and the two hunks guarding the door were shocked.

    “You…you…” Huo Sisi was the one who snapped back to her senses first. She looked at Ye Chen in disbelief and stammered, “Y-you’re the same Ye Chen who killed Murong Yang?

    A wave of horror swept through her. She could not get over the shockr. Initially, she thought Ye Chen was just someone that they had coincidentally bumped into on the street. Never had she thought he was Ye Chen whose name had been mentioned so often lately.

    On top of that, she had challenged him earlier!

    Huo Yushan was stunned for a moment, then he clasped his fist at Ye Chen in all seriousness. He forced a smile. “I must have been blind to not have recognized you.”

    “Go, let’s report to the old master!” The two hunks rushed into the villa after snapping back to their senses. Soon, a series of rushed footsteps came from inside.

    Subsequently, a slightly plump middle-aged man walked out after breaking away from the crowd inside. He looked at Ye Chen and yelled in rage, “Ye, you finally show up!”

    “Where’s Murong He? Get him out to accept his death!” Ye Chen said calmly.

    “How dare you?!”

    The scoff came from an old man dressed in Spiritual Medicine Mountain attire. He glared at Ye Chen with a grim expression. “Ye Chen, you killed Old Fu from my Spiritual Medicine Mountain. You must explain this to the Spiritual Medicine Mountain!”

    The man was a beginner-stage Illuminating Pulse martial artist. Just because he had many people on his side, he underestimated Ye Chen.

    “Sure, I’ll give you an explanation now!” Ye Chen smiled instead of being mad. When he stretched his arm out and grabbed him, the man was then caught in his grip. Just when he was going to speak, Ye Chen slammed his palm, crushing the man’s head with a thud.

    The place fell into dead silence immediately.

    Huo Sisi was shocked as she watched with her eyes opened wide.

    The expression on Zhang Mengqi and the other two people’s faces changed. Clearly, they had never expected a beginner-stage Illuminating Pulse ancient martial artist to die from merely one blow. One must know that such a powerhouse was someone that their Zhang family of Wannan worshipped.

    “Ye Chen, how dare you kill someone right before us? You’re too much!” The King Kong Sect Leader, Wu Di, was enraged. He curled his palm into a fist and threw it at Ye Chen. That punch was like a ferocious tiger charging in the forest and was extremely powerful.

    Ye Chen smirked in disdain. He did not dodge it and he threw a punch out too.


    Crushed by his punch immediately, Wu Di turned into blood rain that poured down.

    Everyone was stunned instantly.

    Crushing an Illuminating Pulse expert with a punch? Could he not be so terrifying?

    Ye Chen moved again and charged at the Iron Fist Sect Leader, Nie Wenyuan, and the other two.

    Nie Wenyuan’s expression changed. Before he could react, he felt a hard blow on his chest.


    His body exploded instantly.

    Another master was killed!

    Ye Chen did not even pant!

    Lu Feng from the Flying Dagger Sect and Little Overlord, Fei Santong’s expressions changed drastically. They attempted to run, but Ye Chen caught up with them, and soon, their bodies were smashed into pieces.

    The four powerhouses, who had been full of confidence before, were killed just like that. They did not even have the chance to fight back!

    At that moment, the entire lounge fell into silence.

    At that moment, Ye Chen conquered the place with his overbearing power. He was destructive and agile.

    How could he be so powerful?

    Zhang Haoxuan and the other two, as well as Huo Sisi, were completely dumbstruck.


    A black dragon conceived from black energy came in from the staircase of the fourth floor. It was rushing directly at Ye Chen.

    “Ye Chen, it hasn’t been three days yet. Why are you in such a rush to be killed?” Murong He appeared at the staircase, looking at Ye Chen with an utterly grim countenance.

    Ye Chen said coldly, “Old thing, there’s no need to wait for three days. I can kill you right now!”